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Frequently asked Questions:

Why is there only one z in Sci-Fi Jaz?

My name is Jaz. I spell it with only one z. My website name is a play off of my name, so it has one z also. However, as this confuses some people you can also get to Sci-Fi Jaz though

Why isn't insert sci-fi series included on Sci-Fi Jaz?

Only Sci-Fi series that I feel are worthy get a spot on the site. I have recently added the Best of the Rest page to include more Sci-Fi series that did not make my top 4 list. I have seen a lot of sci-fi TV series but have not seen them all. It is possible there is a great Sci-Fi series that has not been added because I have not discovered it yet. There are also many great TV shows that some people may classify as Sci-Fi but I do not. Examples being, superheroes and vampires.

Why isn't Enterprise included on Sci-Fi Jaz?

When the series was originally on TV, I didn't like it so didn't include it on Sci-Fi Jaz. However, I have recently given it another chance and found that I really like it. It will be added to Sci-Fi Jaz soon!

Why isn't Star Trek 2009/2013 included on Sci-Fi Jaz?

Short answer: What movies?

Longer answer: I am a true Star Trek fan. This movie essentially changed the time line so badly that it made all Star Trek series and movies that came before it incorrect/obsolete. Hence in my mind these moves do not exist.

Why did insert villain win against insert villain in the Ultimate Villain Death Match?

I did my best to weigh all possible advantages/disadvantages of each villain match up to come to the most likely winner. However, if you feel strongly that an outcome is incorrect please feel free to present your argument to me. If I agree I'll change it.

Why isn't insert whatever included on Sci-Fi Jaz?

Sci-Fi Jaz is actively being updated and improved. The site will probably never be done. I'm always open to suggestion. Please email me with any suggestions you have that would improve my website.


Sci-Fi Jaz: The Webmaster

I'm a huge Sci-Fi fan, Trekkie,and general all around nerd. I build websites for fun and for the enjoyment of other sci-fi fans.