1983 - 89 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.85 : 1
US release date: February 04, 1983
Canadian Film Development Corporation (CFDC)
Famous Players, Filmplan International
Guardian Trust Company, Victor Solnicki Productions
Budget: $5,952,000 (estimated)
Opening Weekend: $1,194,175 (USA) (600 Screens)


Sleazy cable TV programmer Max Renn encounters a strange new program known as "Videodrome". Under its mysterious influence, Max's fantasies seem to come to life as strange things begin to happen and reality is not what it seems.


Max Renn - James Woods
Bianca O'Blivion - Sonja Smits
Nicki Brand - Deborah Harry
Harlan - Peter Dvorsky
Barry Convex - Les Carlson
Brian O'Blivion - Jack Creley
Masha - Lynne Gorman
Bridey - Julie Khaner
Moses - Reiner Schwartz
Raphael - David Bolt
Rena King - Lally Cadeau
Brolley - Henry Gomez




Director - David Cronenberg

Writing credits

Writer - David Cronenberg


Executive producer - Pierre David
Producer - Claude Héroux
Associate producer - Lawrence Nesis
Executive producer - Victor Solnicki