Velocity Trap

2000 - 86 minutes - Color - 1.85 : 1
US release date: March 14, 2000
Unified Film Organization (UFO), Velocity Trap Productions Inc.


In a desolate and treachorous region of space known as the Velocity Run, a heavily armored ship passes every six months. It carries billions of Universal Dollars between the colonies and the Central Bank on Earth. Hard currency has returned due to rampant electronic crime. Now a team of highly trained mercenaries are about to commit the perfect crime in a place where evidence and witnesses have no chance of survival. In this deadly corridor of space, a single man must stop them.


ED Officer Raymond Stokes - Olivier Gruner
Beth Sheffield, FED 397 Navigator - Alicia Coppola
Nick Simmons, Endeavor's Commander - Ken Olandt
Alice Pallas - Jorja Fox
Capt. 'Turd' Fenner, FED 397 aka Atlantic - Bruce Weitz
Delacruz 'Cruz' FED 397 - Ray Oriel
Simms, Endeavor Crew - Jaason Simmons
Fallout, Endeavor Crew - Victor Love
Franklin J. Robinson, ED Officer - Yannock Bisson
John Dawson, RMC Corp. - Craig Wasson
Dana, Dawson's Contract Wife - Anna Karin
Hilyard, Dawson Henchman - James C. Burns
Dunn, Dawson Henchman - Tom Ardavany
Samuel Nelson, Chief of Security - Harry Wowchuk
The Assassin / Computer (voice) - Kathy Lambert




Director - Phillip J. Roth

Writing credits

Written by - Patrick Phillips
Written by - Phillip Roth


Associate producer - Lana Cohn
Associate producer - Melanie J. Elin
Executive producer - James Hollensteiner
Associate producer - Gretchen Kinder
Producer - Christian McIntire
Associate producer - Amy Murray
Executive producer - Thomas Neidermeyer
Producer - Ken Olandt
Producer - Phillip J. Roth
Associate producer - Rebecca Seeley
Producer - Elizabeth Weintraub