The History of the World According to Star Trek

Time is the fire in which we burn

    Distant Past Early Space Travel Early Federation TOS and Movie Era Pre-TNG Era The Present

Trek-Line: The Distant Past (Until 1966)

15 billion years ago
The universe is formed in the Big Bang, which is used by at least two members of
the Q Continuum as a hiding place (VOY: "Death Wish")

More than 5 billion years ago
The Guardian of Forever is asked its last question prior to 2267
- "before your sun burned hot in space" (TOS: "The City on the Edge
of Forever").

4 billion years ago
The first humanoid civilization explored the galaxy, but found themselves alone
. They spread their genetic material throughout many planets of the galaxy, so
that life would develop similar to them (TNG: "The Chase").

4 billion years ago
Q and Q begin their more or less romantic involvement (VOY: "The Q and the

3.5 billion years ago
On Earth, in a region later known as France,
amino acids combine to the first proteins (TNG: "All Good Things").

2 billion years ago
A civilization thrives on Tagus III (TNG: "Qpid").

400 million years ago
In the Devonian age, eryops, the last common ancestor of cold-blooded and warm-blooded organisms,
lives on Earth (VOY: "Distant Origin").
The episode was fantastic, but screwed up paleontological periods. Eryops
actually lived in the Permian period, 300 million years ago.

100 million years ago
The D'Arsay civilization launches the archive of their culture (TNG:

65 million years ago
In the Cretaceous era, hadrosaurus has become the most advanced cold-blooded
, but is wiped out in a mass
extinction (VOY: "Distant Origin").

20 million years ago
Recorded Voth history in the Delta Quadrant begins (VOY: "Distant

Millions of years ago
The inhabitants of Organia evolve to beings of pure energy (TOS: "Errand of

600,000 years ago
The Tkon Empire becomes extinct when their central star goes
supernova during a period known to the Tkons as the Age of
Makto (TNG: "The Last Outpost").

600,000 years ago
Sargon's people establish colonies throughout the galaxy. (TOS: "Return to

Over 500,000 years ago
The first civilization flourishes on Bajor (TNG: "Ensign Ro").

500,000 years ago
Sargon's civilization is destroyed when the atmosphere is ripped off the planet.
Very few survivors can save at least their consciousnesses in a cave deep
beneath the surface. (TOS: "Return to Tomorrow").

Since 500,000 years ago
The planet Exo III becomes uninhabitable after the sun has
begun to fade. The inhabitants resettle beneath the surface and construct
androids to serve them. (TOS: "What are Little Girls Made of?").

Hundreds of thousands of years ago
The population of Talos IV is largely wiped out in a war.
Forced to living beneath the surface, the Talosians develop their mental
powers, while neglecting their technological knowledge and skills. (TOS:
"The Cage", TOS: "Menagerie").

200,000 years ago
The Iconian civilization is destroyed in a large-scale orbital bombardment of
their homeworld. Their interdimensional gateways have given the Iconians the
possibility to bridge any distance in no time and surprise their enemies.
Iconian influence is still visible in many languages, such as Dewan, Iccobar, and Dinasian
(TNG: "Contagion", DS9: "To the Death").

More than 100,000 years ago
The subspace network which will be later claimed by the Hirogen
is constructed by an unknown race (VOY: "Message in a Bottle",

More than 100,000 years ago<
The ocean planet, later home of the Monean civilization, is
created by extracting all water from a Class M planet and containing it (VOY:
"Thirty Days").

50,000 years ago
Horta of Janus VI begins her latest cycle of rebirth (TOS: "Devil in the

50,000 years ago
Bele begins to chase Lokai, who has led a revolution on the planet of Cheron
(TOS: "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield").

50,000 years ago
The planet killer begins its long travel through intergalactic space (TOS:
"The Doomsday Machine").

45,000 years ago
Extraterrestrial visitors, known as the "Sky Spirits", visit a people
on Earth who should become the indigenous inhabitants of America (VOY:

Over 30,000 years ago
A stone tablet is created at the place on Bajor later occupied by B'hala,
prophesizing the Emissary's battle with a Pah-wraith. It will be excavated in
2374 (DS9: "The Reckoning").

30,000 years ago
The Verathan civilization,
originally from the Verath system in the Gamma Quadrant,
reaches its height, spanning two dozen star systems (DS9: "Q-less").

25,000 years ago
The site where the stone tablet would be found in 2374 is abandoned. The city of
B'hala will be built on its ruins (DS9: "The Reckoning").

22,000 years ago
The first of at least 947 archaeological expeditions
is conducted at the ancient ruins on Tagus
III (TNG: "Qpid").

22,000 years ago
The TNG-Trill begin life as a joined species (TNG: "The Host").

20,000 years ago
The city of B'hala on Bajor falls into oblivion until 2373 (DS9: "Rapture").

12,000 years ago
An artisan on Kurl, during the Fifth Dynasty, creates small ceramic figurines, called
naiskos, that embody that culture's belief that within each person
is a community of individuals, each with its own desires, views, and voices (TNG: "The Chase").

10,000 years ago
The machine/god Vaal on Gamma Trianguli VI is built (TOS: "The Apple").

10,000 years ago
A species of intelligent spacefaring organisms which form
symbiotic relationships with humanoid life forms that
live within their bodies, become nearly extinct. Gomtuu is the last known
survivor (TNG: "Tin Man")

10,000 years ago
When their sun is about to go nova, the Fabrini leave their system on an
propelled asteroid now known as Yonada (TOS: "For the World is Hollow and I have Touched the

10,000 years ago
The Q Continuum begins a new era of discovery, celebrating learning, dialog, and even humor from all across the
universe (VOY: "Death Wish").

10,000 years ago
The Kalandan outpost, an artificial planet, is built. Its whole population,
however, is wiped out by a virus, only leaving an automated defense system (TOS:
"That Which Survives").

10,000 years ago
Gint, the first Grand Nagus, codifies Ferengi cultural
values in a book he calls the Rules of Acquisition.
(DS9: "Bar Association", "Body Parts"). 

10,000 years ago
The first of the Orbs is discovered by the Bajorans in the sky above their planet.
Over the next ten millennia, a total of nine of these extraordinary objects will
be found, inspiring revelations
that shaped Bajoran theology (DS9: "Emissary").

Thousands of years ago
According to Klingon mythology, Kortar, the first Klingon, destroys the gods who
created him (DS9: "Homefront", VOY: "Barge of the Dead").

6,000 years ago
Landru of Beta III creates a powerful computer system to
guide and protect his people after his death (TOS: "Return of the Archons").

6,000 years ago
Unknown aliens take several humans from Earth to be raised on a distant planet,
to prevent Earth from destroying itself. Gary Seven will be one of their
descendants (TOS: "Assignment: Earth").

6,000 years ago
An ice age on Sigma Draconis VI splits the population into two halves: the
advanced but unintelligible female Eymorg and the primitive male Morg (TOS:
"Spock's Brain").

5,000 years ago
Vulcans begin with the mental suppression of emotions (VOY: "Random

5,000 years ago
Earth is visited by aliens who settle in the Mediterranean area and demand to be
worshipped as gods (TOS: "Who Mourns for Adonais?")

5,000 years ago
The planet Sarpeidon experiences an ice age, in which Spock and McCoy have to
survive for a short time, together with Zarabeth who has been exiled to this
time (TOS: "All Our Yesterdays").

4,000 to 3,000 B.C.
The Aldeans build a cloaking shield around their planet (TNG: "When the Bough

3834 B.C.
The immortal Flint is born in Mesopotamia on Earth.
He will be known under several different names,
including Merlin, Leonardo da Vinci, and Johannes Brahms (TOS: "Requiem for

Around 2600 B.C.
The pyramids of Giza are being built, witnessed by anthropologists from the year
2769 (ENT: "Cold Front").

2500 B.C.
The star known as Sahndara goes nova, and a number of inhabitants
of the star system manage to escape (TOS: "Plato's Stepchildren").

Around 850 B.C.
The Vulcan monastery of P'Jem is built (ENT: "The Andorian

630 B.C.
Bajoran prophet Trakor encounters the Orb of Change for the first time (DS9:

400 to 200 B.C.
Survivors from Sahndara spend some time on Earth, where their leader, Parmen,
becomes a great admirer of the philosopher Plato. After leaving Earth, they
settle on a planet they name Platonius, where they begin to develop telekinetic
abilities (TOS: "Plato's Stepchildren").

Prior to 250
Spock's ancestors adopt a ceremonial ground that remains in their family at
least until the 23rd century (TOS: "Amok Time").

Around 250
The inhabitants of Vulcan engage in terrible and destructive
wars, a result of the violent passions and emotions that govern the Vulcan
people. It is a savage time, even by Earth standards. Myths from this period
describe a terrifying weapon of war called the Stone of Gol, that kills with the
power of the mind (TOS: "Balance of Terror", "Amok Time", "All Our
Yesterdays", TNG: "Gambit").

Around 250
Surak leads the Vulcan people on a path of peace and logic. His writings are
collected in an artifact called Kir'Shara. His katra will be preserved in a
special vessel (TOS: "Amok
Time", "The Savage Curtain", "Star Trek II", TNG:
"Gambit", ENT: "The Forge", "The Awakening",
In ENT: "The Forge", "The Awakening" and
"Kir'Shara" the time of Surak is consistently set 1800 years before
the episode. It is also shown that the devastating wars on Vulcan took place
during Surak's lifetime. We may ignore the (by Vulcan standards) small
inaccuracy of +/- 50 years. The date 100 years would exactly coincide with the
supposed departure of the Romulans from the planet, but the latter must have
happened later.

Around 250
The society on planet 892-IV evolves on a path similar
to that of Earth and develops a culture similar to
Earth's ancient Rome, a remarkable example of Hodgkins' Law of parallel planet
development (TOS: "Bread and Circuses").

Around 360
Dissenters who don't agree with Surak's principles of logic have left Vulcan.
They settle on various planets, including Calder II, Dessica II, Draken IV,
Yadalla Prime and Barradas III, the latter being the home of the Debrune
civilization. They will later be known as the Romulans (TOS: "Balance of
Terror", "The Enterprise Incident", TNG: "Unification",

Around 370
The humanoid Vidiian Sodality in the Delta Quadrant falls victim to a deadly
viral disease, the phage, which consumes their bodies. The Vidiians survive only
by harvesting organs from non-Vidiians to replace their own tissues (VOY:
"The Phage").

Around 372
The Founders, weary of being hunted and killed by non-shapeshifters, found the
Dominion which should become a vast interstellar empire (DS9: "To the

Around 770
The Metron who appeared to Captain Kirk and the Gorn captain is born (TOS:

Prior to 870
The people of Kaelon II introduce the custom of the Resolution,
a ceremony in which individuals commit suicide at
the age of 60 to avoid being a burden to their society (TNG: "Half a

Around 870
A war breaks out on Solais IV which will last until the 24th century
(TNG: "Loud as a Whisper").

Around 900
Kahless defeats the tyrant Molor and unites the Klingons. He fights
with his brother Morath for twelve days and nights, when Morath has brought dishonor to his family.
Kahless creates the first bat'leth. At the end of his
life, he points to a star in the sky and tells his people to look for him there.
(TNG: "Reunion"., "Birthright", "Rightful Heir",
DS9: "The Sword of Kahless").
The statement from "Rightful Heir" is that the Klingons have been waiting
for the return of Kahless for 15 centuries. On the other hand, in DS9:
"Soldiers of the Empire", Worf makes this logbook entry:
"Rotarran Combat Log: The fifty-third day in the year of Kahless
999. We have reached the Cardassian border and begun our search for
the B'Moth." Maybe the 1500 years refer to human years, while Klingon years
are 50% longer.

Around 1200
The Vissians develop warp drive (ENT: "Cogenitor").
This was said to have been "nearly a thousand years"
prior to the episode (2152).

Around 1300
All life on Zetar is destroyed in a cataclysm. A number of inhabitants survive
as energy patterns (TOS: "The Lights of Zetar").

Around 1300
The civilization on the planet Golana vanishes (DS9: "Time's Orphan").

Around 1350
Promellians and Menthars destroy each other
in an interstellar war (TNG: "Booby Trap").

To solve their environment and overpopulation problems,
the inhabitants of Ventax III are
said to agree to a pact with a supernatural being called Ardra who would return
in 2367 to enslave the planet (TNG: "Devil's Due").

Around 1368
The sun of the planet Kataan goes nova. Prior to that a probe is launched to
preserve the memory of the civilization (TNG: "Inner Light").

Around 1371
A group of humanoid space travelers are stranded in
the Gamma Quadrant, on an interdimensional planet they call
Meridian (DS9: "Meridian").

Around 1371
A group of explorers from another galaxy, the Nacene,
visit the Ocampa homeworld in the Delta Quadrant where their technology causes
an ecological disaster, leaving the planet as a desert. Two of the Nacene stay
behind to take care of the Ocampa (VOY: "Caretaker").

Around 1372
The Klingon homeworld is raided by race called the Hur'q who steal the Sword of
Kahless (DS9: "The Sword of Kahless").

Around 1372
The hedonistic festival of Rumarie ceases to be observed on Vulcan (VOY:

The Vaadwaur homeworld is destroyed in a massive orbital bombardment. Only a few
hundred Vaadwaur survive in cryogenic chambers beneath the surface (VOY:
"Dragon's Teeth").

A thousand years ago
The Hirogen introduce their current way of life (VOY: "The Killing

Centuries ago
The inhabitants of Thasus still have bodies of solid matter, but slowly evolve
to forms of pure energy (TOS: "Charlie X").

Centuries ago
The ruling family of the Ramatis star system is discovered
to lack the gene required for the sense of hearing. A system is developed
where a "chorus" of interpreters both hear and speak for members of the ruling
family (TNG: "Loud as a Whisper").

Centuries ago
The people of Ardana build a magnificent city, Stratos, in the clouds (TOS:
"The Cloud-Minders").

Centuries ago
A civil war breaks out on Daled IV. The planet that rotates only once per year,
so that one hemisphere is in perpetual light and the other in eternal darkness,
which has lead to the evolution of two very different species (TNG: "The

Centuries ago
The T'Lani and Kellerun people declare war on each other. (DS9: "Armageddon

Around 1570
The Skrreean people, living in the Gamma Quadrant,
are enslaved by the T-Rogorans,
who will force the Skrreeans to live as laborers and
servants for centuries (DS9: "Sanctuary").

Around 1570
Bajoran explorers travel in solar sailing ships some of which may have even
reached the Cardassian homeworld (DS9: "Explorers").

A man named Ronin is born in Glasgow on Earth who will
become the host of an anaphasic lifeform
(TNG: "Sub Rosa").

Isaac Newton formulates his Laws of Motion, inspired
by a member of the Q Continuum who has caused an
apple to fall on Newton's head (VOY: "Death Wish").

Around 1669
Guinan's father is born (TNG: "Rascals").

Xavier Maribona-Picard, an ancestor of Jean-Luc Picard,
takes part in the suppression of the Pueblo Revolt
of Native Americans (TNG: "Journey's End").

18th century
A group of alien anthropologists known as the Preservers relocate American
Indians to another planet to preserve them from extinction (TOS: "The
Paradise Syndrome").

Prior to 1770
Sandrine's Bar opens in Marseille, France (VOY: "The Cloud").

Around 1770
The war between Eminiar VII and Vendikar begins. To avoid the mutual destruction
of their civilizations, the two parties later agree on computer simulated attacks
upon which the calculated victims are to report to disintegration chambers
(TOS: "A Taste of Armageddon").

Around 1770
The two moons of Peliar Zel are colonized and will subsequently engage in
hostilities that last until the 24th century (TNG: "The Host").

Around 1770
Hundreds of condemned criminals from the star system Ux-Mal
are imprisoned on a moon of the planet Mab-Bu VI, where their consciousnesses
will separate from their bodies some unknown time later (TNG: "Power

Around 1800
After spending around 1500 years to rebuild their society, Vulcans build first
starships to explore the stars (ENT: "The Forge").
Actually, 1500 years after Surak would be rather around 1750. On the other
hand, going exactly with the dates from "The Forge" would give us
1850. Since it was never meant to be an accurate statement, taking the average
seems appropriate.

An ancestor of Capt. Picard takes part in the Battle of Trafalgar ("Star Trek:

Writer John Keats dies in Rome on Earth.
Much of his work has been inspired by a non-corporeal entity called Onaya (DS9:
"The Muse").

Around 1850
The Suliban homeworld becomes uninhabitable. As nomads, Suliban begin to settle
down in many other star systems (ENT: "Detained").

Around 1850
The last of several wars between the Denobulans and Antarans takes place,
leaving 20 million Antarans dead and leading to centuries of mistrust and hatred
(ENT: "The Breach").

>A member of the Q Continuum rescues the injured
Thaddius "Ironboots" Riker from a battlefield in the
American Civil War (VOY: "Death Wish").

Around 1865
Humans are abducted from Earth by the Skagarians (ENT: "North Star").

Around 1871
The Cardassian Union is formed (DS9: "Defiant").

Prior to 1890
Guinan settles on Earth, concealing her alien origin (TNG: "Time's Arrow").

Devidians from the 24th century steal neural energy from inhabitants of San
Francisco. Data accidentally time travels to the year 1893 too, followed by
several of the Enterprise-D crew who successfully prevent the Devidians from
further actions in Earth's past. They also meet Guinan and Samuel Clemens aka
Mark Twain (TNG: "Time's Arrow").

Union leader Sean Aloysius O'Brien is murdered a week before the end of
a coal miner's strike in Pennsylvania (DS9: "Bar Association").

On the search for Sisko, Bashir and Dax,
Kira and O'Brien materialize in San Francisco for a brief moment
(DS9: "Past Tense").

Edith Keeler dies in a road accident. In an alternative timeline McCoy avoids her
death. Edith Keeler's pacifism enables Germany to win the Second World War,
and Earth history from then is completely altered (TOS: "The City on the
Edge of Forever").

Seven women are killed in Shanghai, China by an entity
previously known as "Jack the Ripper" and later
known as "Redjac" (TOS: "Wolf in the

The first short story featuring fictional detective Dixon Hill is
published in Amazing Detective Stories Magazine
(TNG: "The Big Good-Bye").

Another Dixon Hill detective story,
The Long Dark Tunnel, is published in Amazing Detective Stories
Magazine (TNG: "The Big Good-Bye").


Over 300 humans, including aviator Amelia Earhart nd her navigator
Fred Noonan who disappear over the Pacific Ocean, are abducted by an alien
race called the Briori to the Delta Quadrant. Later, a revolt of the humans
succeeds, but the ship that could have taken them home is
destroyed (VOY: "The 37's").

In July of this year, a Ferengi shuttle crashes near Roswell, New Mexico.
The passengers are taken prisoners by the US military, but they
manage to escape. Official government records deny the existence of the aliens
and their spacecraft (DS9: "Little Green Men").

While observing the launch of Sputnik, a Vulcan ship crashes on
Earth, costing one fatality. The survivors are eventually retrieved by another
Vulcan ship, but one of them, Mestral, decides to stay on Earth where he will live
the rest of his life unnoticed (ENT: "Carbon Creek").

Around 1966
Scientists on Miri's planet begin a "life prolongation project," creating a virus
intended to halt the aging process. The project is a disaster and results
in the deaths of all the adults on the planet. The children survive, aging at a reduced rate,
although the virus causes their death upon entering
puberty (TOS: "Miri").

Trek-Line: Early Space Travel (1967-2160)

    Distant Past Early Space Travel Early Federation TOS and Movie Era Pre-TNG Era The Present

The timeship Aeon from the 29th century crashes in the High Sierra
in California, and is salvaged by Henry Starling who will exploit its technology
to found the company Chronowerx and initialize
the computer revolution (VOY: "Future's End").
This may be an alternate timeline. It is possible that, after the time loop
has been broken in "Future's End", Starling's Chronowerx
never existed.

The Enterprise travels back to the Earth of this time where
Gary Seven is on a mission to prevent a nuclear war. In the course of the events
a nuclear warhead explodes only 100 miles above Earth's surface, as a warning to
humanity (TOS: "Assignment: Earth").

Late 1960's
On the search for Sisko, Bashir and Dax, Kira and O'Brien materialize in San Francisco
for a brief moment (DS9: "Past Tense").

The Enterprise accidentally travels back to Earth when passing by
a black star, an effect that will later be known as the slingshot effect. The ship
is detected by Air Force pilot John Christopher. A possible damage to the timeline
is repaired, so that no records exist of the incident (TOS: "Tomorrow is

A member of the Q Continuum takes Maury Ginsberg whose car has broken down to the
Woodstock Festival just in time that Ginsberg can fix the sound system (VOY:
"Death Wish").

The Pioneer 10 probe is launched. It will be the first human spacecraft to leave the solar
system, until it is destroyed by a Klingon Bird-of-Prey in 2287 ("Star
Trek: The Final Frontier").

Five women are brutally knifed to death in
Kiev on Earth by an entity previously known as "Jack
the Ripper" and later known as "Redjac" (TOS: "Wolf in the

Around 1975
The Varro generational ship begins its long journey (VOY: "The

Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Sulu, Scott, Uhura and Chekov visit Earth with a Klingon
Bird-of-Prey to take humpback whales to the future. They give Dr. Nichols of the
Plexicorp company the formula for transparent aluminium ("Star Trek: The
Voyage Home").

Late 20th century
The technology of genetic enhancement used for the Augments is developed (ENT:
"Borderland", "The Augments").
An exact date of the Eugenics Wars was not given in the story arc.
The statement that the technology comes from the 20th
century does not necessarily imply that the wars took place as soon as 1992. I
suppose that the rather blurry statement was purposely inserted to allow to
further pursue this interpretation (although it has been contradicted so often),
while adhering to the revised Trek history in which there was no such thing as a
global war going on in the 1990s.

The book Chicago Mobs of the Twenties is published in New
York (TOS: "A Piece of the Action").

Khan Noonien Singh rises to power, assuming dictatorial control from South
Asia to the Middle East. Khan is the product of genetic engineering and eugenics
experiments (TOS: "Space Seed", "Star Trek: The Wrath of
The exact date and the era of the "late 20th century" were stated
in the TOS episode and the movie, respectively. However, interestingly on both
occasions the time of the Eugenics Wars was also referred to as "200 years
ago". The background of this discrepancy is easy to explain, considering
that originally TOS was intended to take place around 100 years earlier than the
later established date of 2265 -- in which case it would be correct that 200
years have passed since the late 20th century. The way TOS is set now we may
either accept the absolute dates with the difficulty of justifying the
divergence between Khan's and the real timeline, or we may go with the relative
dates which could be better harmonized with other
Trek events of the late 20th and the 21st century.

Claire Raymond dies of an embolism. Her husband, Donald Raymond,
has her cryogenically frozen and sent into space for possible revival at a future
date (TNG: "The Neutral Zone").

Microelectronics tycoon Henry Starling mysteriously vanishes after an explosion
in his office building. It will remain unknown until the 24th century that, in
the course of a time loop, he is trying to travel to the 29th century which is
finally broken when his timeship is destroyed by Voyager (VOY: "Future's
This may be an alternate timeline. It is possible that, after the time loop
has been broken in "Future's End", Starling's Chronowerx
never existed. Oh well, we still have Bill Gates instead. ;-)

Earth's Eugenics Wars are over, as Khan Noonien Singh is overthrown.
Khan escapes on a DY-100 class sleeper ship named S.S. Botany Bay with 96 of his
fellow genetic supermen (TOS: "Space Seed", "Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan").
Obviously neither genetic engineering nor space travel is that far advanced in our real
world, and the political events haven't taken place either. There was
a model of the DY-100 with booster rockets in Rain Robinson's office in VOY:
"Future's End", but nothing else related to the Eugenics Wars
seemed to exist in this episode which was -except for
Starling's Chronowerx- exactly the same as the 1990's as we know them.

On the planet Canopus, Phineas Tarbolde writes Nightingale Woman, a love sonnet considered
to be among the most passionate for the next two centuries.
Tarbolde has been inspired by a non-corporeal entity named
Onaya (TOS: "Where No Man Has Gone Before", DS9: "The Muse").

Voyager 6 is launched from Earth. The probe will eventually fall into a
black hole, and emerge near a machine planet on the other side of the galaxy,
from where it will return in 2271 ("Star Trek: The Motion Picture").

On December 31, 11:59 p.m., Henry Janeway finally gives up his resistance against
the Millennium Gate, a huge self-sustaining shopping mall to be built in his
hometown in Indiana (VOY: "11:59").

The Nomad probe, constructed by Jackson Roykirk, is launched from Earth on a mission
to seek for extraterrestrial life. After a collision with the alien probe Tan Ru
Nomad will turn into a deadly weapon seeking to destroy any imperfect life (TOS:
"The Changeling").

Three Xindi travel back in time to Detroit, Michigan. They hire someone to abduct
humans with different blood types, based on which they develop and almost
release a bioweapon (ENT: "Carpenter Street").

The London Kings baseball team has a good year,
bolstered by the performance of rookie Buck Bokai (DS9: "Past Tense").

Advances in sublight propulsion technologies make the sleeper ships
obsolete (TOS: "Space Seed").
All later episodes without exception assume only moderate advances in
propulsion technology in the early 21st century, in a way that interstellar travel, no
matter if with sleeper ships or with the new technology, wouldn't be feasible
until the invention of warp drive.

The Dax symbiont is born (DS9: "You Are Cordially Invited").

Early 21st century
Captain Shaun Geoffrey Christopher commands the first successful
Earth/Saturn space probe mission (TOS: "Tomorrow is Yesterday").

The American government creates special Sanctuary
Districts for unemployed and homeless people in most major cities (DS9: "Past Tense").

Henry Garcia, a resident of San Francisco,
Earth, is laid off from his job at a brewery, and is imprisoned
in the city's Sanctuary District (DS9: "Past Tense").

Student unrest in Europe makes France an undesirable tourist destination for Earth's
elite (DS9: "Past Tense").

Sisko, Bashir and Dax materialize in San Francisco. Sisko and Bashir are taken to a
Sanctuary District, where Gabriel Bell, who would save the
lives of many hostages, is accidentally killed because of their presence. Sisko
saves history by pretending he is Bell. Historical records now list Bell with
Sisko's photo as the man who peacefully ended the riot (DS9: "Past

Ireland is reunited as a result of the ongoing violence as a political
instrument (TNG: "The High Ground").

Buck Bokai, shortstop of the London Kings baseball team, breaks Joe
DiMaggio's long standing record (TNG: "The Big Good-Bye",
DS9: "The Storyteller", "If Wishes Were Horses").

Zefram Cochrane is born (TOS: "Metamorphosis").
Why did he look much older than 33 in "First Contact"? Radiation damage?

Buck Bokai breaks Joe DiMaggio's long standing record (VOY: "One Small Step").
This is obviously inconsistent with the above entry where this event takes
place in 2026 - unless the transmission to Mars has taken six years.

The ISA spacecraft Ares IV with Lt. John Kelly vanishes in a subspace
ellipse while in orbit around the planet Mars (VOY: "One Small Step").

A 52nd state is admitted to the USA (TNG: "The Royale").

The New United Nations rules from Earth that citizens may not be held responsible
for crimes committed by their ancestors (TNG: "Encounter at Farpoint").
The word "New" is strange, since there would be no reason to assume
that the UN would need to be re-established that soon, after all the Third World
War is supposed to take place later.

Hovercars become popular (VOY: "The 37's").

NASA launches the spacecraft Charybdis on July 23,
commanded by Colonel Steven Rickey. It is the third attempt to explore beyond Earth's solar system.
The ship is declared missing after telemetry
is lost (TNG: "The Royale").

Around 2040
Television loses its importance as a form of entertainment (TNG: "The
Neutral Zone").

The last finale of the Baseball World Series is attended by only 300 spectators (DS9:
"If Wishes Were Horses").

The space vehicle Charybdis, launched from Earth in 2037, arrives at the
eighth planet in the Theta 116 system. An unknown alien intelligence has discovered
a book called Hotel Royale in the possession of mission commander Richey and creates an
environment based on the book in an effort to sustain Richey's life (TNG: "The Royale").

On the search for Sisko, Bashir and Dax, Kira and O'Brien
materialize in San Francisco for a brief moment (DS9: "Past Tense").

The Andorians begin to terraform
a planetoid they call Weytahn near the Vulcan system (ENT: "Cease Fire").
It is also mentioned in the episode that "the planet has been
deserted for nearly 100 years". This would mean that the Vulcan High
Command intervened soon after the Andorian colony (and the possible military
base) was set up. Moreover, Soval confirmed that he was there as a part of the
occupation force
"almost 100 years ago". On the other hand, why would
Vulcan wait until 2097 to claim the planet for themselves?

Around 2050
The conflict between the Andorians and the Tellarites begins at this time (ENT:
"Babel One").

Around 2050
World War III devastates Earth. 600 million are killed and many of the major
cities destroyed, the governments and legal systems largely collapse (TNG:
"Encounter at Farpoint", "A Matter
of Time", "Star Trek: First Contact").

The death toll of 37 million mentioned in TOS: "Bread and Circuses"
(without providing a date) was much lower. In DS9: "Dr. Bashir,
I Presume", the date of the Eugenics Wars is given as 200 years before the episode
which would be around 2173, more than a hundred years later. The simple explanation for this
blatant mistake is that Ron D. Moore took the (already wrong) 200 years from
"Star Trek II", disregarding that it would be
still some 90 years until 2373.

Roughly around 2050
Jonathan Archer's great-grandfather is fighting in the Eugenics Wars (ENT: "Hatchery").
Jonathan Archer was around 10 years old in 2121, his father looked like 40 at
that time. Jonathan's grandfather was born around 2040, give or take 20 years.
The Eugenics Wars should have been roughly during that time, most likely not

Around 2052
Colonel Green demands a "purification" of humanity, killing victims of
World War III with radiation damage (ENT:
This was said to have been barely two years after the cease-fire.

Prior to 2052
The Vissians begin using trinesium for their
starship hulls, a material capable of withstanding 18,000 degrees (ENT:

Prior to 2052
The Vulcan ship T'Plana is lost with all hands in a class-5 neutronic storm.
(ENT: "The Catwalk").

The Vulcans establish first contact with the Arkonians, who have just
develop warp drive (ENT: "Dawn"). 

V'Lar begins her diplomatic career (ENT: "Fallen Hero").

Something decisive happens that solves Earth's problems with limited fossil fuel
(ENT: "Carpenter Street").
On T'Pol's remark that Earth's fuel resources are depleted, Archer says that
humans were well aware of that,
"until 2061, when they finally..."
It does not become clear, but he may refer to the discovery of a new power source,
possibly fusion. It can't really be antimatter, as this would have to be
produced with lot of energy in the first place, although it might fit with
Cochrane's warp flight two years later. In any case, the date seems
questionable, as it would fall in a time of general chaos after the Third World
War, if we assume the war was that destructive.

Zefram Cochrane's Phoenix is the first manned Earth
vessel to achieve faster than light speed. After the project has been endangered by
a sudden Borg attack, the Enterprise-E crew helps Cochrane to complete the mission.
A Vulcan survey ship notices the Phoenix's warp signature and makes first contact
with the inhabitants of Earth ("Star Trek: First Contact"). 

In a commencement address at Princeton University, Zefram Cochrane mentions details
about first contact with the Vulcans, including "a group of cybernetic
creatures from the future"
. (ENT: "Regeneration").

The S.S. Valiant is the first Terran vessel to leave the galaxy. During the crossing of
the galactic barrier some crew members develop superior ESP powers, and the
captain finally initializes the self-destruct (TOS: "Where No Man Has Gone Before").
It seems very unlikely that only two years after Cochrane's flight a
fully-fledged starship leaves the solar system, and even less credible that it
could ever reach the edge of the galaxy.

The Ba'ku leave their technologically advanced homeworld to settle in the Briar
Patch ("Star Trek Insurrection").

Friendship One is launched from Earth. Only four years after Cochrane's
successful warp flight it is a deep space probe to contact other civilizations
(VOY: "Friendship One").

British astronomer John Burke of the Royal Academy maps the area of space that includes
Sherman's Planet (TOS: "The Trouble with Tribbles").

Levinius V is infested by the same parasite creatures that
will later attack Deneva (TOS: "Operation: Annihilate").

The colony ship Conestoga leaves for Terra Nova (ENT: "Terra Nova").
Yet another way too early launch of a ship. The Conestoga must have been a
large self-sustaining ship for at least dozens of settlers, and it is
questionable how this could have been achieved only four years after Cochrane's
brief flight with a primitive tiny ship built with all kinds of scarce
materials. It could be that the Vulcans helped launch the Conestoga, but the
episode made it clear that the humans did it on their own.

Around 2067
A sublight freighter vessel carrying large quantities of unstable nuclear waste
products is launched by an unknown civilization (TNG: "The Final

Around 2067
The inhabitants of Argelius II undergo a great awakening,
a significant cultural milestone in their hedonistic
society devoted to love and pleasure (TOS: "Wolf in the Fold").

Around 2069
The Klingon Emperor dies. He will be the last in this position until 300 years
later when Kahless returns (TNG: "The Rightful Heir").

Around 2072
One of the two extragalactic travelers who has been caring for the inhabitants
of the Ocampa homeworld in the Delta Quadrant leaves the
planet (VOY: "Cold Fire").

Around 2072
The member of the Q Continuum later known as Quinn is imprisoned in a comet
(VOY: "Death Wish").

Around 2072
Bajoran technicians construct a traditional solar sailing lightship.
This particular vessel will one day be used by Bajoran poet Akorem
Laan (DS9: "Accession").

Around 2074
In a parallel timeline Molly O'Brien strands on the planet Golana three hundred
years in the past where she spends ten years in the wilderness (DS9:
"Time's Orphan").

Vanik joins the Vulcan space program (ENT: "Breaking the Ice").

Around 2075
The nomadic Moneans discover the artificially created ocean planet that becomes their
home (VOY: "Thirty Days").

Around 2076
A monument is erected on a planet in the Delta Quadrant, commemorating the victims
of a massacre (VOY: "Memorial").

The colony ship Conestoga arrives at Terra Nova, where it is deconstructed to form
the basis of the colony. Bernadette Fuller, later known as Nadet, is born on
Terra Nova (ENT: "Terra Nova").

Earth continues the difficult recovery from the
Third World War. In many regions of Earth the legal system
is still based on the principle of "guilty until proven
innocent" (TNG: "Encounter at Farpoint").

Contact with Terra Nova is lost when an asteroid strikes the planet (ENT: "Terra Nova").

Colonel Steven Richey dies in captivity on the eighth planet in the Theta 116 system (TNG:
"The Royale").

Around 2086
The Lornak clan of Acamar III begins a bitter blood feud with their rival clan, the
Tralestas (TNG: "The Vengeance Factor").

T'Pol is born (ENT: "Zero Hour").

The mining colony Orpheus on Earth's Moon is established (ENT: "Demons").

Around 2090
The Andorians discover that the Aenar, an Andorian subspecies that was only known
from myths, are still alive. Their existence is kept secret in the following
(ENT: "The Aenar").

The Vulcans claim the Class-D planetoid Paan Mokar. A treaty with the
Andorians demands that both sides stay away from the planet, and a surveillance
satellite is placed into orbit (ENT: "Cease Fire").

Around 2100
It is the last time in 50 years that Soval fires a weapon (ENT: "Cease

Around 2100
The E.C.S. Horizon enters service (ENT: "Horizon").

Around 2100
Berengaria is surveyed by the Vulcans. The planet is said to be inhabited by
flying reptiles, some of them reportedly more than 200m long (ENT: "Bound").

Around 2102
The ECS Horizon, freighter of the J class, is launched (ENT:

The colonization of Mars begins (VOY: "The 37's").
ENT: "Terra Nova" establishes that Utopia Planitia already exists
in 2067 when the Conestoga leaves for Terra Nova. Whether this is a continuity
error, depends on the definition of the term "colonization". Maybe the
Voyager reference refers to a large-scale terraforming of the planet.

Eight women are brutally killed in the Mars Colonies by an entity previously
known as "Jack the Ripper" and later known as
"Redjac" (TOS: "Wolf in the Fold").

Around 2110
Earth has become free of poverty, disease and war ("Star Trek First

An Andorian incursion to the Vulcan border takes place (ENT: "Cease

Phlox begins his career as a doctor (ENT: "Damage").

Around 2117
Cochrane, now living on Alpha Centauri, leaves the planet with an unknown
destination. He is believed to be dead (TOS: "Metamorphosis").
If we don't want to completely disregard Kirk's line "Cochrane, of
Alpha Centauri?", we must assume that Cochrane later moved to this planet.

Zefram Cochrane officially opens the Warp 5 complex to build the fastest human starship
(ENT: "Broken Bow").
If we are generous, we may take 2117 as the year of Cochrane's disappearance
from TOS as an approximate date.

Jonathan Archer builds a model starship. The construction of his father's Warp 5 ship has
not yet begun at this time (ENT: "Broken Bow").

Around 2122
Surgically altered Vulcan agents infiltrate a smuggler organization on behalf of
the High Command (ENT: "The Seventh").

The S.S. Mariposa is launched for colonization of the Ficus sector. The craft settles
colonists on Bringloid V. It later crashes on the planet Mariposa while attempting to settle a second group of colonists.
There are only five survivors of the crash, who attempt to keep their colony
viable using cloning technology. (TNG: "Up the Long Ladder").

Prior to 2124
This is the beginning of Soval's permanent stay on Earth (ENT:

Travis Mayweather is born (ENT: "Dead Stop").

Around 2130
Buck Bokai dies (DS9: "If Wishes Were Horses").
This is based on "Buck Bokai's" statement that he died 220 years
before Sisko's birth. Well, he would be over 130 years by now...

Around 2130
Ezral and his daughter Liana are the only survivors of a starship accident (ENT: "Oasis").

Around 2130
Arik Soong steals frozen genetically enhanced embryos from a secret research lab
(ENT: "Borderland").

The Paraagan mining colony is established (ENT: "Shockwave").

Bajoran religious leader Kai Taluno, while traveling in the Denorios Belt,
experiences a serious malfunction of his spacecraft and is stranded for several days.
Taluno reports having experienced a vision in which "the heavens opened
, nearly swallowing his ship (DS9: "Emissary").

A Klingon ship emerges from the Delphic Expanse, the crew's bodies anatomically
inverted, but still alive (ENT: "The Expanse").

T'Pol ends her training of reconnaissance retrieval (ENT: "The Seventh").

Vulcan Captain Vanik assumes command of the
starship Ti'Mur (ENT: "Breaking the Ice").

On Vulcan, Syran finds the vessel containing Surak's katra (ENT: "The Forge").

Charles Tucker joins Starfleet (ENT: "Unexpected").

Emory Erickson's son Quinn disappears during an experiment
with the subquantum transporter (ENT: "Daedalus").

Travis Mayweather meets irresistible Deltan women on his father's freighter.
He is 15 years old (ENT: "Bound").

Around 2141
Kov, a Vulcan who does not follow the traditional interpretation of Surak's teachings,
has a falling out with his father (ENT: "Fusion").

Around 2142
Zobral and his followers begin their resistance against the government (ENT:
"Desert Crossing").

Around 2142
Malcolm Reed takes part in his last family reunion (ENT: "Horizon").

NX-Alpha, the first of the NX prototypes, is piloted by A. G. Robinson. It breaks apart
after Robinson has reached Warp 2.2. Briefly after that, Jonathan Archer and
Robinson achieve Warp 2.5 with NX-Beta on an unauthorized flight. The NX prototypes
are grounded for three months after the incident (ENT: "First Flight"). 

Charles Tucker and Jonathan Archer become friends (ENT: "Unexpected").
This previously mentioned date nails down the exact date of the first NX
prototype flight, which was not given in ENT: "First Flight". Still,
it seems unusual how Tucker could rise to the rank of full lieutenant after only
four years in Starfleet.

The Vulcan ship Vahklas departs from Vulcan (ENT: "Fusion").

The Suliban Cabal begins attacking Tandarian colonies (ENT: "Detained").

Around 2144
Arik Soong is captured and convicted (ENT: "Borderland").

For over a year after the first successful flight of the NX prototype, the Vulcans are demanding
additional simulations, until the admit that the engine would probably work.
Eight months after that, Duval breaks the Warp 3 barrier in the NX-Delta (ENT: "First Flight"). 

The Borg discover the Omega Molecule when they assimilate Species 262 (VOY: "The Omega Directive").

Jonathan Archer saves Charles Tucker's life (ENT: "Unexpected").
This could refer to the spacesuit training previously mentioned in ENT:
"Strange New World" but there is no clue.

Starfleet begins research on forcefields (ENT: "Vox Sola").

Travis Mayweather meets his family for the last time until 2152 (ENT: "Horizon").

Dr. Phlox meets his wife Feezal for the last time until 2152 (ENT: "Stigma").

The construction of Enterprise begins (ENT: "First Flight").
This is an extremely tight schedule, considering that the ship will be
launched only two years later. But there is no room to predate the construction
time, since we know that Tucker joined Starfleet as late as 2139
("Unexpected"), and was already full lieutenant when he worked on the
NX prototype ("First Flight") and first met Archer at the same time
("Unexpected"), six years before the construction of Enterprise
("First Flight").

Several Suliban attempt to escape from the Tandarian Detention Complex 26 (ENT: "Detained").

T'Pol arrives at the Vulcan compound in Sausalito (ENT: "Fusion").

22nd century
Berlinghoff Rasmussen steals a time pod from the 26th century and travels to the
24th century (TNG: "A Matter of Time").

According to his statement, Garos leads a survey mission to the planet A'kali in
this year (ENT: "Civilization").

While Emory Erickson is secretly attempting to retrieve his son Quinn who had vanished
after a transporter accident ten years ago, his science ship is struck by an
anomaly, actually Quinn's pattern (ENT: "Daedalus").

By this year, all countries on Earth have joined
the United Earth Government (TNG: "Attached").
It is an old misconception that particularly Australia may have joined as the
last country. This stance is based on a line by Beverly:
"What if one
nation, let's say Australia, had not joined...?"
It should become clear that this remark was merely hypothetical.

6 months before the launch the final selection for the captain
of Enterprise takes place (ENT: "First Flight").

On the planet A'kali, Riann begins to investigate what she thinks is a plague after her
brother has died from it (ENT: "Civilization").

Matthew Ryan eats his last steak for the next 18 months (ENT: "Fortunate

ENT Season 1 (see here and here)
First contact between humans and Klingons takes place.
The starship Enterprise NX-01 is launched under the command of Jonathan Archer.
It is the first starship built by humans to
achieve Warp 5. It is also the first starship equipped with a transporter for
biotransport. Phase pistols are introduced in Starfleet (ENT: "Broken
Bow"). First contact with the Axanar takes place (ENT: "Fight or
Flight"). Charles Tucker becomes pregnant with a Xyrillian child. The
Klingons acquire holotechnology (ENT: "Unexpected"). Tensions between
the Vulcans and Andorians rise, and they culminate in the destruction of the
monastery and listening post of P'Jem (ENT: "The Andorian Incident",
"Shadows of P'Jem"). When a group of Ferengi attempts to raid
Enterprise, Archer warns the Vulcan High Command and Starfleet of them (ENT: "Acquisition").
The transporter aboard the Enterprise is inconsistent with the
fact that the inhabitants of the colony on Moab IV (TNG: "The Masterpiece
Society") still have no knowledge of the existence of this technology in
2368, unless they left Earth long before 2151 (the colony was founded around
2168). Phase pistols are obviously an early version of phasers with essentially the same
capabilities, although lasers will still be in use as of 2254. Considering that
the Federation will need 200 years to develop the holodeck to the same
perfection as the Xyrillians, it is inadequate that the Klingons acquire the
technology so soon. The encounter with the Ferengiis the biggest continuity
error so far, as it was made very clear that they were unknown until TNG.

ENT Season 1-2 (see here and here)
Enterprise rescues Ambassador V'Lar from the Mazarite homeworld (ENT:
"Fallen Hero"). Humans first visit the planet Risa (ENT: "Two
Days and Two Nights"). After the destruction of a Paraagan mining colony,
the Enterprise mission is temporarily canceled. Actually, the Suliban are
responsible for the disaster (ENT: "Shockwave"). Enterprise makes
first contact with the Romulans when the ship runs in one of their minefields.
England makes it to the finals of the Football World Cup (ENT: "Minefield").
Archer successfully mediates between the Vulcans and Andorians in the conflict
over the planetoid Weytahn/Paan Mokar
(ENT: "Cease Fire"). Archer is sent to Rura Penthe by the Klingons,
but later rescued (ENT: "Judgment").
"Minefield" shows Romulans already with cloaking devices whose
existence will be a big surprise 100 years later. Furthermore, they receive
their name (which, along with Remus, is clearly taken from Earth's mythology)
from the universal translator and from T'Pol, respectively.

A peace treaty between the Vulcans and the Andorians
is signed. (ENT: "Awakening").

The Vulcan starship Seleya disappears in a spatial anomaly known as the Expanse (ENT:

ENT Season 2-3 (see here and here)
On Earth, a group of Borg from the sphere crash of 2063 is reactivated,
assimilates a research team and hijacks a shuttle, but is ultimately stopped by
Enterprise (ENT: "Regeneration"). A probe sent by the Xindi attacks Earth,
killing 7 million. Enterprise is sent on a mission to avert a second attack with
all necessary force (ENT: "The Expanse"). Inside the Expanse the crew
encounters spatial anomalies that emerge from huge spheres (ENT:
"Anomaly"). Enterprise cooperates with the Andorians to salvage a
Xindi prototype weapon, but the alliance breaks up when the Andorians want to
keep the weapon (ENT: "Proving Ground").
The already delicate issue of first contact with the Borg is further complicated, keeping in
mind that plenty of evidence was created in "Regeneration" that would
need to vanish until the 24th century. The pathetic trick of not mentioning
"Borg" once is anything but a help.

ENT Season 3-4 and here)
It turns out that the spheres were built by a transdimensional species who
persuaded the Xindi to destroy Earth because of a war in which Earth would allegedly
destroy their homeworld 400 years in the future. The war in the future will be actually fought
by humans and Xindi as allies against the Sphere Builders (ENT: "Azati Prime").
A second, much more disastrous attack of the Xindi-Reptilians on Earth is
averted, and the sphere network destroyed (ENT: "Zero Hour").
Enterprise manages to deal with the threat by Arik Soong and his Augments,
genetically enhanced humans from the Eugenics Wars (ENT: "Borderland",
"Cold Station 12", "The Augments"). The bombing of the
Federation Embassy on Vulcan in which Admiral Forrest is killed leads to a
crisis which is resolved by the discovery of the Kir'Shara, a vessel containing
Surak's true teachings (ENT: "The Forge", "Awakening",
"Kir'Shara"). Several Klingons contract a disease stemming from
experiments with the genes of human Augments. The genetic treatment causes their
foreheads to recess (ENT: "Affliction", "Divergence").
"Affliction" and "Divergence" are the perhaps most
remarkable episodes regarding continuity. They ultimately solve the Klingon
Forehead Problem.

ENT Season 4: The xenophobic movement Terra Prime under its
leader Paxton attempts to expel all aliens from the Sol Syste
(ENT: "Demons", "Terra Prime").

Two women are killed in Heliopolis City on Alpha Eridani II by an
entity previously known as "Jack the Ripper" and later known as
"Redjac" (TOS: "Wolf in the Fold").

Knowing that criminals are threatening his life, Shran feigns his own death (ENT:
"These Are The Voyages").

The Earth-Romulan War which has been fought with atomic weapons ends with the Battle
of Cheron. A Neutral Zone is set up separating Terran and Romulan space. At this
time, humans have no knowledge about Romulan physiology and history. The treaty
is negotiated via subspace radio (TOS: "Balance of Terror", TNG:
"The Defector").

Trek-Line: Early Federation (2161-2264)

    Distant Past Early Space Travel Early Federation TOS and Movie Era Pre-TNG Era The Present

Charles "Trip" Tucker dies in self-sacrifice on Enterprise NX-01 briefly
before the ship is decommissioned (ENT: "These Are The Voyages").
Well, we can still claim that the events in the episode are historically
inaccurate, because we see them only as a re-enactment on the holodeck.

The United Federation of Planets is established. The Vulcans, Andorians, Tellarites
and humans are among the founding members. Jonathan Archer delivers a speech at
the ceremony in San Francisco. Starfleet and Starfleet Academy are
founded in the same year, both located in San Francisco (TOS:
"Court-Martial", "Star Trek: "The Voyage Home",
"Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country", TNG: "The Outcast",
"The First Duty", DS9: "Homefront", "Paradise
Lost", ENT: "Zero Hour", "These Are The Voyages").

Around 2164
The drug felicium, provided by the planet of Brekka, is used to halt a plague on Ornara, but it
turns out to be highly addictive (TNG: "Symbiosis").

Prior to 2165
Guinan has her last encounter with Q, and she didn't enjoy it (TNG: "Q Who?").

Sarek of Vulcan, Son of Skon, Grandson of Solkar is born. He will be one of the
Federation's most distinguished diplomats (TOS: "Journey to Babel",
"Star Trek: The Search for Spock", TNG: "Sarek").

Prior to 2167
Deneva is colonized by the Federation (TOS: "Operation - Annihilate!").

The starship Archon is destroyed by Landru in the orbit of Beta III in the star system C-111.
Some of the crew members are killed, but many more are absorbed into Beta III's computer controlled
society (TOS: "Return of the Archons").

Prior to 2168
The Daedalus-class ship U.S.S. Essex NCC-173, under the command of Captain Bryce Shumar
and First Officer Steven Mullen, is caught in an electromagnetic storm and destroyed above the class M moon
of the planet Mab-Bu VI. There are no survivors of a crew of 229 (TNG: "Power Play").

Around 2168
The starship Horizon visits Sigma Iotia
II. A book called Chicago Mobs of the Twenties is left behind which serves as a
model for the planet's new society. Briefly after leaving the ship is destroyed,
and it takes 100 years for the sublight distress call to reach the Federation
(TOS: "A Piece of the Action").

Around 2168 The genome colony on Moab IV is established and isolates itself from the outside
world. The transporter is unknown at this time (TNG: "The Masterpiece

Late 2160's
Tombs of the First Hebitian civilization are uncovered on Cardassia Prime (TNG:
"Chain of Command"). 

Around 2170
A group of Native Americans, seeking to preserve their cultural identity, leave their North American home
to search for a planet on which they can begin a colony (TNG: "Journey's

Around 2172
Bajoran poet Akorem Laan embarks upon an interplanetary voyage
aboard a traditional Bajoran solar sailing lightship. He disappears in the wormhole,
and his fate will remains a mystery until 2372 when the prophets change the
timeline and send him back (DS9: "Accession").

Around 2172
The Jem'Hadar infect a planet in the Teplan system with a deadly virus (DS9:
"The Quickening").

Around 2173
Ruthless Ilari dicator Tieran is ousted by his people (VOY: "Warlord"). 

Around 2173
In an alternate timeline, after traveling to the past, the U.S.S. Defiant crash
lands on an unexplored planet in the Gamma Quadrant (DS9: "Children of Time").

Around 2174
Scientist Annorax tries to render the Krenim Imperium more powerful through
temporal incursions, but accidentally erases the outpost on Kyana Prime, where
his family lives, from time. He subsequently takes any effort to correct this
error (VOY: "The Year of Hell").

Prior to 2175
An old Canadian coin becomes a heirloom in Michael Eddington's family (DS9:
"Blaze of Glory").

Starfleet retires the last Daedalus-class starships (TNG: "Power Play").

The first case of transporter psychosis, a disorder caused
by a breakdown of neurochemical molecules during transport, is diagnosed by
researchers on Delinia II (TNG: "Realm of Fear").
This indicates that transporter technology is fairly new at this time.

Around 2210
Harry Kim's ancestor Jack pilots a deep space mission to Beta Capricus, while
the rest of his crew is in stasis. When he finds no sign of life he turns around
without waking up the crew. The ship didn't yet have a subspace transmitter (VOY: "11:59").
It doesn't make any sense that sleeper ships should have been still in use at
that time. With probably ten of thousands of unexplored systems at a reasonable
distance, why should one keep the crew in stasis while the ship may be passing
possibly much more interesting, inhabited places than the destination, which was
obviously the case here? Aren't woefully more advanced ships like the Daedalus
(or NX-01) exploring space for already more than half a century? Who would
volunteer for such a miserable mission? Moreover, since Enterprise we know for sure that subspace
transmitters have existed as soon as 2151.

Around 2215
Selcundi Drema begins disintegration, forming
an asteroid belt in its solar system (TNG: "Pen Pals").

While in orbit around Eminiar VII, the starship Valiant falls victim
of the war between Eminiar and Vendikar (TOS: "A Taste of Armageddon").

Around 2218
The hostilities between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingons begin
(TOS: "Day of the Dove").
TNG: "First Contact" describes the first contact of humans and
Klingons as a disaster which should have taken place centuries before the
episode (2367), so we may assume that 2218 is not the date of the actual first
contact. "Enterprise" will present us a completely new history anyway.

Richard Daystrom is born (TOS: "The Ultimate Computer").

Around 2220
Dax has a romantic relationship with someone from Starfleet (DS9: "Melora").
Jadzia's statement creates the impression that Dax himself may have been in
Starfleet. Most likely Tobin was the host at that time.

Montgomery Scott is born (TNG: "Relics").

Pralor Automated Unit 3947 is first activated (VOY: "Prototype").

Relations between the Federation and the Klingon Empire deteriorate.
("Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country").
Since there are only five years in between, this may refer to the very same
event as the quote from TOS: "Day of the Dove").

Leonard H. McCoy is born (TNG: "Encounter at Farpoint").

Dax attempts to solve an Altonian brain teaser for the first time
(DS9: "A Man Alone").

James Tiberius Kirk is born in Iowa on Earth (TOS: "The Deadly Years").

The S.S. Columbia crashes on Talos IV. There is only one survivor, Vina, whose health
can't be restored by the Talosians who have never seen a human being before ("The Cage").

A man named Brack, who is actually the immortal Flint, purchases the planet Holberg 917-G.

The battle of Donatu V is fought near Sherman's Planet, in a region disputed by the Klingon Empire and
the United Federation of Planets (TOS: "The Trouble with Tribbles").

Montgomery Scott begins his career as an engineer (TNG: "Relics").

Around 2243
Richard Daystrom invents duotronic technology for which he earns the Nobel Prize
and the Zee Magnees Prize (TOS: "The Ultimate Computer").

Around 2245
Emony Dax works as a judge for a gymnastics competition on Earth where she meets
Leonard McCoy (DS9: "Trials and Tribble-ations").

Prior to 2252
The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 is launched from San Francisco Fleet Yards (TOS:
We may believe the official date of 2245 suggested by Gene Roddenberry. The
quote that the Enterprise should be only 20 years old (as of 2285) from
"Star Trek: The Search for Spock" is inconsistent with the events in
"The Cage" and should be disregarded.

Pavel A. Chekov is born (TOS: "Who Mourns for Adonais").

Around 2247
Contact with Friendship One is lost (VOY: "Friendship One").

Kodos seizes power over Tarsus IV, declares martial law, and orders 4,000 people killed when
a food shortage becomes critical. Among the nine eyewitnesses who survive are future Enterprise
captain James Kirk and crew member Kevin Riley (TOS: "The Conscience of the King").

Lenore Karidian is born, actually the daughter of Kodos (TOS: "The Conscience of the King").

Sarek is alienated when Spock decides to join Starfleet (TOS: "Journey to Babel").

Charles Evans is born (TOS: "Charlie X").

23rd century
The Sky People are disappointed when they are unable to find
signs of their ancient beneficiaries on Earth (VOY: "Tattoo").

Around 2250
An attempt to seal a subspace rupture fails destroys the expedition and the entire
Hanoli system (DS9: "If Wishes Were Horses").

Around 2250
James Kirk is a cadet at Starfleet Academy. (TOS: "Where No Man Has Gone

After 2250
Captain Garth wins the Battle of Axanar. (TOS: "Whom Gods Destroy").

Spock begins his service on the Enterprise under Captain Pike (TOS: "Menagerie").

Charles Evans is the only survivor of a ship accident
and he is saved by the non-corporeal Thasians (TOS: "Charlie X").

Dr. Leonard McCoy develops an impressive technique for the creation
of axonal pathways between grafted neural tissue and basal ganglia (VOY: "Lifesigns").

The U.S.S. Enterprise, under the command of Captain Pike, is involved in a
violent conflict on Rigel VII. Three crew members, including the captain's
yeoman, are killed, and seven are injured ("The Cage").

The Enterprise discovers survivors from the S.S Columbia ship that crashed on the planet Talos
IV. However, anything on the planet, including the young Vina who Pike is supposed to mate with,
is an illusion created by the telepathic Talosians who want to
breed slaves to maintain their machines ("The Cage").

Lieutenant Kirk, commanding his first planet survey, befriends Tyree,
an inhabitant of a technologically unsophisticated planet (TOS: "A Private Little War").

In their last communication prior to 2366, the Sheliak Corporate
and the United Federation of Planets agree to the Treaty of Armens in which
the Federation cedes Tau Cygna V to the Sheliak (TNG: "Ensigns of Command").

Leonard McCoy ends his relationship with the future Mrs. Nancy Crater (TOS: "The Man Trap").

Lieutenant Kirk, serving on the U.S.S. Farragut, encounters a
cloud-like lifeform near Tycho IV (TOS: "Obsession").

The Karidian Company of actors begin an intergalactic tour (TOS: "Conscience of the King").

The survey vessel S.S. Beagle crashes on planet 892-IV after
having sustained meteor damage (TOS: "Bread and Circuses").

Robert and Nancy Crater arrive at planet M-113 for archaeological
research of the ancient ruins. Nancy Crater is later killed by the last
surviving indigenous creature (TOS: "The Man Trap").

The last message is received from Dr. Roger Korby's archaeological
expedition on Exo III (TOS: "What are Little Girls Made of?").

Kirk meets Janet Wallace for the last time until 2267 (TOS: "The Deadly Years").

Spock meets botanist Leila Kalomi on Earth (TOS: "This Side of the Paradise").

Spock visits his parents for the last time until 2367 (TOS: "Journey to Babel").

James Kirk sees Areel Shaw for the last time before
Kirk's trial at Starbase 11 (TOS: "Court-Martial").

Miners Childress, Gossett, and Benton begin work at the lithium mining
operation on Rigel XII (TOS: "Mudd's Women").

A group of 150 colonists under the leadership of Elias Sandoval leave Earth to
settle on Omicron Ceti III. The journey takes about
one year (TOS: "This Side of the Paradise").

Tuvok is born (VOY: "Flashback").
This is in contradiction to the statement from VOY: "Fury" that
Tuvok is still under 100 years old. However, with all the historical events
linked to it, "Flashback" is much stronger evidence.

April Wade is born. She will become a prominent medical
researcher at the University of Nairobi (DS9: "Prophet Motive").

Trek-Line: TOS and Movie Era (2265-2299)

    Distant Past Early Space Travel Early Federation TOS and Movie Era Pre-TNG Era The Present

Ingraham B is attacked by the same parasite creatures that later
decimates the population of Deneva (TOS: "Operation: Annihilate").

Around 2265
The Borg destroy Guinan's home planet. A small number of Guinan's people, the
El-Aurians, manage to survive by spreading themselves across the galaxy (TNG:
"Q Who?").

After crossing the Galactic Barrier, Gary Mitchell and
Elizabeth Dehner develop superior ESP abilities that put the rest
of the crew in danger. Kirk has no other choice but to drop them on the
uninhabited planet Delta Vega, where the god-like Mitchell strives to kill his
former friend Kirk, and only Dehner is able to save him sacrificing her own life
(TOS: "Where No Man Has Gone Before").

Around 2266
Peace is finally established on Acamar III, only the nomadic Gatherers continue
their resistance against the new order (TNG: "The Vengeance Factor").

Dr. Leonard H. McCoy is assigned to the U.S.S. Enterprise as ship's surgeon to
replace Dr. Mark Piper (TOS: "Where No Man Has Gone Before", "The
Corbomite Maneuver").

TOS Season 1 (see here)
The Enterprise, under the command of James T. Kirk, makes first contact with the
First Federation (TOS: "The Corbomite Maneuver"). After more than 100
years of isolation, a Romulan starship crosses the Neutral Zone and attacks
Earth outposts, until it can be destroyed by the Enterprise (TOS: "Balance
of Terror"). A perfect duplicate of the planet Earth is discovered (TOS:
"Miri"). Captain Christopher Pike, after suffering severe radiation
damage, returns to Talos IV to live there (TOS: "The Menagerie").
First contact with the Gorn civilization turns into a conflict (TOS: "Arena").

TOS Season 1-2 (see here and here)
An old sleeper ship is found in space, and its passengers, under the leadership
of Khan, attempt to take control of the Enterprise. Kirk exiles them to a lonely
planet (TOS: "Space Seed"). When relations with the Klingon Empire
deteriorate, the supernatural Organians initiate a peace treaty (TOS:
"Errand of Mercy"). Zefram Cochrane, inventor of the warp drive, is
found alive, living with a non-corporeal entity. Kirk promises to remain silent
about it (TOS: "Metamorphosis"). Spock returns to Vulcan to marry
T'Pring, but she favors Stonn (TOS: "Amok Time"). The Babel Conference
is held to decide about Coridan's admission to the Federation (TOS:
"Journey to Babel"). Richard Daystrom's experiment with his new M-5
computer tragically fails when M-5 nearly destroys four Federation starships,
killing hundreds of crew members (TOS: "The Ultimate Computer").

Ceti Alpha VI explodes, throwing Ceti Alpha V out of its orbit
(Star Trek: "The Wrath of Khan").

The common colony of the Federation, the Klingons and the Romulans is established on
Nimbus III ("Star Trek: The Final Frontier").

After 2267
In the mirror universe, Spock replaces James Kirk as captain
of the I.S.S. Enterprise (DS9: "Through the Looking Glass").

TOS Season 2-3 (see here and here)
The Romulans are using ships of Klingon design. An attempt to steal a Romulan
cloaking device is successful (TOS: "The Enterprise Incident"). After
the starship Defiant has vanished into a parallel dimension, the Enterprise
almost falls victim to a Tholian attack (TOS: "The Tholian Web").

A Romulan colony on Chaltok IV is destroyed in the explosion of a polaric power
plant, leading to an interstellar ban of polaric power (VOY: "Time and

A Federation tries to establish a first contact with the Tamarians, but their
language is unintelligible (TNG: "Darmok").

The asteroid starship Yonada reaches its final destination (TOS: "For the World is
Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky").

Renora is born, who will become a noted jurist (DS9: "Dax").

Keiko Ishikawa's mother is born (DS9: "Dax").

James T. Kirk is promoted to admiral, and heads Starfleet Operations ("Star
Trek: The Motion Picture").
This is based on Kirk's own statement that he has been at Starfleet
Operations for two and a half years as of 2271 (the latter date was not
mentioned on screen). In VOY: "Q2", however, Icheb states that the end
of his five-year mission was in 2270.

The Enterprise undergoes an extensive refit in the San Francisco Fleet Yards. Capt.
Decker assumes command of the ship ("Star Trek: The Motion Picture").

Felisa Howard, Beverly's grandmother, is born (TNG: "Sub Rosa").

After 2270
The Kes and the Prytt end their diplomatic relations (TNG: "Attached"). 

The refitted Enterprise encounters a huge cloud heading for Earth. Lt. Ilia is
absorbed by the entity calling itself "V'ger" and returns as an
android. "V'ger" turns out to be a machine built for the sole purpose
of seeking for the Creator of their distant relative, the space probe Voyager 6
that was launched from Earth a long time ago.
V'ger, in the form of Ilia, and the Creator in the
form of Capt. Decker finally merge into a new lifeform
("Star Trek: The Motion Picture").

Around 2271
Klingon forces, under the command of Kor, win the Battle of Klach D'kel Brakt
against the Romulans (DS9: "Blood Oath").
This is most likely the time when the Klingon-Romulan alliance ends too.

Around 2271
The terraforming project on Caldos is finished with the installation of the
weather modification net. (TNG: "Sub Rosa").

Around 2272
The Klingon Empire relinquishes its claim to the Archanis sector (DS9:
"Broken Link").
It may seem likely that the Klingons gave up their claim as late as in the
Khitomer Treaty, but this would have been 80 years, and not 100 years before the
DS9 episode. 

Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan begins working on a treaty with the reclusive
Legarans, which doesn't succeed until 2366 (TNG: "Sarek").

Prior to 2274
The Omega molecule is first synthesized over a hundred years ago by a Starfleet
physicist named Ketteract (VOY: "The Omega Directive")

The colony ship Artemis departs on a mission to settle Septimus
Minor, but ends up at Tau Cygna V in the de Laure Belt, a territory given to the
Sheliak (TNG: "The Ensigns of Command").

Prior to 2275
Bevvox, a bioplasmic lifeform, establishes the Think Tank (VOY: "Think Tank").

The Son'a, a Renegade Ba'ku faction, joins with offlanders in attempt to gain
control of the salubrious Ba'ku homeworld, whereupon they are banished from the
planet ("Star Trek: Insurrection").

An individual named Tressa is born on Drayan II.
Like all of her race, she will be subject to reversed aging (VOY: "Innocence").

Prior to 2277
The great-grandfather of the Klingon Kohlar finds a sacred text, telling to
embark on a journey to a distant region of the galaxy.

The U.S.S. Bozeman disappears in what turns out to be a temporal rift in the Typhoon
Expanse (TNG: "Cause and Effect").

Around 2278
Pardek becomes a member of the Romulan Senate,
representing the Krocton Segment of Romulus (TNG: "Unification").

Admiral Mark Jameson is born (TNG: "Too Short a Season").

A border treaty ends a conflict between the Navot
and Paqu on Bajor (DS9: "The Storyteller").

Kirk meets Demora Sulu, Hikaru's daughter,
for the last time before 2293 ("Star Trek: Generations").

Kirk, now retired from Starfleet, meets
Antonia on a farm in Idaho ("Star Trek: Generations").

Audrid Dax dies, and the symbiont is transferred to Torias who marries
a woman named Nilani Kahn (DS9: "Equilibrium", "Rejoined").

Dr. Carol Marcus begins her officially funded work
on the Genesis Project ("Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan").

James T. Kirk decides to return to Starfleet ("Star Trek: Generations").

Torias Dax dies after a shuttle accident, and the symbiont is transferred to Curzon
(DS9: "Equilibrium").   

Khan, driven by his revenge on Kirk who dropped him on a lonely
planet, steals the U.S.S. Reliant and the powerful Genesis device that is
able to create Class M planets from any form of matter. In
the course of a fierce battle, Spock sacrifices himself to
save the Enterprise from the imminent explosion
of the Genesis device ("Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan").

In order to get hold of Spock's body to save his katra (soul),
the crew returns to Genesis, but the battle-damaged ship is awaited
by a Klingon Bird-of-Prey with a warlike commander. To avoid the
capture of the ship by the Klingons, Kirk has to destroy the
Enterprise. The Klingons kill his son, but Spock can be saved and
his mind is reintegrated into his body
("Star Trek: "The Search for Spock").

The U.S.S. Hathaway is launched (TNG: "Peak Performance").

Grand Nagus Zek takes his last vacation for 85 years (DS9: "The Nagus").

When an alien probe on the search for the extinct humpback
whales threatens Earth, Kirk and his crew travel to the past in a
Klingon Bird-of-Prey. They find two whales in the Cetacean Institute
in Sausalito and after some problems with 20th century customs
and technology, they manage to take the whales with them
("Star Trek: The Voyage Home").

The Lornak clan of Acamar III kill all but five members of the Tralesta,
ending a blood feud that had lasted for 200 years (TNG: "The Vengeance Factor").

Kirk's dog, a Great Dane named Butler, dies ("Star Trek: Generations").

Spock's illogical brother Sybok seizes control of the
Enterprise and with his telepathic abilities he influences the
crew except for Kirk, Spock and McCoy to head for the center of the
galaxy where he believes is the planet Sha-Ka-Ree. At their
arrival the landing party is received by a strange being that claims
to be God ("Star Trek: The Final Frontier").

Soyuz-class starships are retired by Starfleet (TNG: "Cause and Effect").

> Federation negotiator Curzon Dax conducts difficult talks with
Klingon representative Kang at the Korvat colony (DS9: "Blood Oath").

Hikaru Sulu assumes command of the U.S.S. Excelsior ("Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country").

A criminal known as the Albino is chased and nearly
captured by Kang, Kor and Koloth (DS9: "Blood Oath").

The Klingon sleeper ship T'Ong begins a long-time
exploration mission (TNG: "The Emissary").

Tuvok, now 29 years old,
has a position as junior science officer on the Excelsior (VOY: "Flashback").

After the disastrous explosion of their moon Praxis, the Klingons offer
peace to the Federation. A joined conspiracy of Klingon and
Starfleet officers, however, strives to obstruct the peace plans
by all means. The Klingon chancellor Gorkon is killed, and Kirk
and McCoy are arrested and condemned by the Klingons. After they
have been freed, they head for the Khitomer peace conference,
where they defeat the traitors with the help of the U.S.S.
Excelsior and Capt. Sulu ("Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country").

Spock and Pardek meet on the Khitomer Conference (TNG: "Unification").

Kirk finally retires from Starfleet ("Star Trek: Generations").

The Enterprise-B is commissioned, but the maiden voyage turns into
a rescue mission, in the course of which Kirk is seemingly killed, but is
actually pulled into the Nexus, an energy ribbon that crosses the galaxy in a
regular cycle ("Star Trek: Generations").

After retiring from Starfleet, Scotty embarks the U.S.S. Jenolan to settle
down in the Norpin colony, but the ship crashes on a Dyson sphere (TNG: "Relics").
Maybe Scotty was a bit confused when he thought that Kirk, whose apparent
death he had witnessed, would have come to rescue him.

There is an outbreak of deadly plasma plague on Obi VI (TNG: "The Child").

Around 2296
After their demand of independence is refused, the Ansata of the Eastern
Continent of Rutia IV begin a long terrorist war (TNG: "The High Ground").

The Federation makes first contact with Ventax III, a peaceful rural society on the
formerly highly industrialized planet (TNG: "Devil's Due").

Tuvok resigns from Starfleet (VOY: "Flashback").

The Bajorans begin to colonize the planet Golana (DS9: "Time's Orphan").

Trek-Line: Pre-TNG Era (2300-2363)

    Distant Past Early Space Travel Early Federation TOS and Movie Era Pre-TNG Era The Present

This is the year of the last Federation contact
with Angel One prior to 2364 (TNG: "Angel One").

Jaresh-Inyo begins his political career (DS9: "Paradise Lost").

Tuvok abandons his Kolinahr training and marries T'Pel (VOY: "Ex Post Facto").

Around 2305
Jean-Luc Picard is born (TNG: "Coming of Age").
His birth date may be derived indirectly, as we know that he first
applied for Starfleet Academy at the age of 17, which was likely in 2322.

Timicin in born on Kaelon II (TNG: "Half a Life").

The Cardassian Union officially offers help to the poor and
underdeveloped planet of Bajor (DS9: "Emissary").

Federation starships first explore the Indri system near Caere (TNG: "The Chase").

Thousands of Federation citizens die in the Tomed Incident. Following the
incident the Treaty of Algeron is signed between the Federation and the Romulans
in which the Federation is obliged not to develop cloaking technology. The
Romulans subsequently go into isolation (TNG: "The Neutral Zone",
"The Defector", "The Pegasus").

The interdimensional planet Meridian materializes briefly in this universe in the
Trialus system (DS9: "Meridian").

Kevin Uxbridge, actually an immortal Douwd, meets a human woman named Rishon in the
city of New Martim Vaz in the Atlantic Ocean on Earth and marries her (TNG: "The Survivors").

Gatherer Penthor Mull of Acamar III is killed by a microvirus designed by the last
Tralesta (TNG: "The Vengeance Factor").

Kira Meru is born (DS9: "Wrongs Darker than Death or Night").

Mark and Anne Jameson get married (TNG: "Too Short a Season").

The multiplex pattern buffer is invented which eradicates
transporter psychosis (TNG: "Realm of Fear").

The father of Mordan IV leader Karnas is assassinated
by a rival tribe, leading to a crisis that involves the Federation
and is resolved with an illegal weapons deal by
Admiral Jameson (TNG: "Too Short a Season").

Miranda Vigo is born on New Gaul (TNG: "Bloodlines").

Raymond "Renny" Marr is born. He will be killed by the
crystalline entity (TNG: "Silicon Avatar").

The Bajoran wormhole undergoes a brief subspace inversion (DS9: "The Visitor").

Around 2323
After he has applied in vain a year before, Picard is admitted to Starfleet Academy.
He is the first freshman to win the Academy Marathon
(TNG: "Coming of Age", "The First Duty", "Best of Both Worlds").

Beverly Howard is born in Copernicus City, Luna, to Paul and Isabel Howard.
Beverly's mother dies while she is still a child, and young Beverly
is raised by her grandmother, Felisa Howard (TNG: "Conundrum", "Sub Rosa").

The Starfleet Academy team wins a parrises squares tournament over
the heavily favored team from Minsk (TNG: "The First Duty").

The Son'a subdue the Tarlac and the Ellora ("Star Trek: Insurrection").

Devinoni Ral is born in Brussels, European Alliance.
He is one-fourth Betazoid (TNG: "The Price").

Jean-Luc Picard graduates from Starfleet Academy.
Briefly before taking his first assignment, he is severely hurt in a fight
with Nausicaans on Starbase Earhart, and his natural heart is replaced
by an artificial heart (TNG: "The First Duty", "Tapestry").

William Patrick Samuels is born in Bergen, Norway (DS9: "The Maquis").

The Cardassian Union annexes Bajor, beginning a 40-year
period of suppression and genocide (TNG: "Ensign Ro").  

Ian Andrew Troi of Earth and Lwaxana Troi of Betazed are married (TNG: "Dark Page").

2329 Chakotay is born (VOY: "Endgame").

The date is written on Chakotay's grave in the parallel future.
This is is inconsistent with the birth date of 2335
indirectly given in VOY: "Tattoo".

Duotronic circuitry on Starfleet ships is replaced with isolinear chips (TNG: "Relics").

Kestra Troi is born on Betazed (TNG: "Dark Page").

Mullibok escapes from a Cardassian camp on Bajor and settles
on the moon of Jeraddo (DS9: "Progress").

The Federation establishes an outpost on Boradis III (TNG: "The Emissary").

Joseph and Sarah Sisko get married (DS9: "Image in the Sand").

Benjamin Lafayette Sisko is born (DS9: "Image in the Sand").

Sarah Sisko, who is possessed by a Bajoran Prophet,
leaves her husband Joseph (DS9: "Image in the Sand").

Beverly Howard, at the age of eight, falls in love with
soccer player Stephan, aged eleven (TNG: "The Host").

Scientists Noonien Soong and Juliana O'Donnell are secretly married
on a trip to Mavala IV, against explicit wishes of Juliana's mother (TNG: "Inheritance").

Jean-Luc Picard takes command of the U.S.S. Stargazer when
the ship's captain is killed (TNG: "The Battle").

William T. Riker is born in Valdez,
Alaska, on Earth (TNG: "The Icarus Factor").

Geordi La Forge is born in the African Confederation on Earth (TNG: "Cause and Effect").

Qatai begins to hunt the "carnivorous anomaly" (VOY: "Bliss").

Around 2335
After three failed attempts to create an android with a positronic brain, Dr.
Noonien Soong creates Lore, but he soon exhibits a dangerous behavior and has to
be deactivated. Some time later he builds another, less emotional android which
he names Data. Soong strives to make his creation more human by programming the
memories of all colonists of Omicron Theta into him, but before he can be
reactivated, the crystalline entity attacks, killing all the inhabitants (TNG:
"Datalore", "Inheritance").

Deanna Troi is born on Betazed. During a family picnic, her sister Kestra drowns in Lake El'nar
on Betazed (TNG: "Conundrum", "Dark Page").

Sarah Sisko dies in a hovercraft accident (DS9: "Image in the Sand").

Natasha Yar is born on Turkana IV (TNG: "Legacy").

Beverly Howard colors her hair brunette, but is displeased with it and changes it back very soon (TNG: "The Quality of Life").
Worf's comment would have been: "Maybe it was not a good day to
dye." :-D

William Riker's mother dies, and the boy is raised
by his father (TNG: "The Icarus Factor").

Ambassador Odan negotiates with the inhabitants of Peliar Zel. (TNG: "The Host").

A spacecraft reports an encounter with an unknown lifeform
in the Denorios Belt in the Bajor system (DS9: "Emissary").

Around 2337
The government of Turkana IV collapses, leaving the planet ruled by terrorist
factions fighting each other (TNG: "Legacy").

Data is discovered by the U.S.S. Tripoli on Omicron Theta (TNG: "Datalore").

Prior to 2339
Archaeologist Richard Galen and Captain Jean-Luc Picard see each other
for the last time for over thirty years (TNG: "The Chase").

After their general Ardelon Tandro has been murdered, his troops win the decisive
battle in the civil war on Klaestron IV. It is not known at this time that
Tandro, who was a friend of Curzon Dax, has actually betrayed his people (DS9: "Dax").

Worf, Son of Mogh, is born (TNG: "The Bonding").

Ilon Tandro is born on Klaestron IV to the late General Ardelon Tandro and his wife, Enina Tandro (DS9: "Dax").

Ro Laren is born on Bajor (TNG: "Conundrum").

Around 2340
Medical researcher Nathaniel Teros conducts groundbreaking work with
neuromuscular adaptation for low gravity species (DS9: "Melora").

Around 2340
Yadera Prime the Gamma Quadrant is conquered by the Dominion.
A man named Rurigan escapes to Yadera II where he rebuilds his home village as a
fully holographic environment with holographic inhabitants (DS9: "Shadowplay").

Klingon Parrises Squares player M'Kota R'Cho strangles the
referee after a controversial penalty (VOY: "The Year Of Hell").

Geordi La Forge is caught in a fire, but rescued
by his parents after a few minutes (TNG: "Hero Worship").

Jadzia is born on Trill (DS9: "Emissary").

Data enters Starfleet Academy (TNG: "Conundrum").

Julian Subatoi Bashir is born (DS9: "Emissary").

Mila is employed as housekeeper by Enabran Tain (TNG: "Improbable Cause").

> Ishara Yar is born on Turkana IV (TNG: "Legacy").

On April 9th, Picard stands up Jenice in the Café des
Artistes in Paris (TNG: "We'll Always Have Paris").

Ian Andrew Troi dies (TNG: "Dark Page"). 

Geordi La Forge's first pet is a Circassian cat (TNG: "Violations").

Kira Nerys is born in the Dahkur Province of Bajor (DS9: "The Maquis", "Second Skin").

The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-C is destroyed by Romulan forces attacking the
Klingon outpost on Narendra III. In a parallel timeline, the Enterprise suddenly
disappears in a temporal rift, and the alleged cowardice infuriates the
Klingons, leading to a twenty-year war with the Federation. In the restored
timeline, Tasha Yar from the parallel time assists in defending the ship against
the Romulans, but although they impress the Klingons as necessary, they fail.
The survivors are captured by the Romulans (TNG: "Yesterday's Enterprise").

Jean-Luc Picard meets Beverly Howard for the first time (TNG: "Attached").

The last attempt until 2364 to make contact with
the Jarada fails (TNG: "The Big Good-Bye").

William Riker goes fishing with his father Kyle Riker,
near their home in Valdez, Alaska (TNG: "The Icarus Factor").

Kurn, Son of Mogh, is born (TNG: "Sins of the Father").

The criminal known as the Albino finds shelter on Secarus IV,
hiding from Kang, Kor, Koloth, and Curzon Dax (DS9: "Blood Oath").

Sela is born on Romulus. She is the daughter
of Tasha Yar and a Romulan government official (TNG: "Redemption").

Around 2345
Martok's request to become an officer in the Klingon military
is turned down by Kor (DS9: "Once More Unto the Breach").

Kira Nerys' mother, an icon painter from the Dahkur province on Bajor,
allegedly dies of malnutrition in the Singha refugee camp, but has actually been
transferred to Terok Nor to become a "comfort woman" (DS9:
"Second Skin", "Wrongs Darker than Death or Night").

While the Mogh family except for Kurn visit Khitomer to find evidence for a
treacherous plot by the Duras family, the Romulans attack the outpost. Four
thousand Klingons are killed, including the whole Mogh family with the exception
of young Worf. The U.S.S. Intrepid, following a distress call, arrives too late,
but Worf is rescued by Starfleet engineer Sergey Rozhenko who adopts the orphan.
The Romulans don't kill all the Klingons, but transfer nearly a hundred of the
to a secret camp on Carraya. (TNG: "Sins of the Father", "Birthright").

Jean-Luc Picard becomes romantically involved with Miranda Vigo
on Earth (TNG: "Bloodlines").

Around 2346
Astrophysicist Dr. Paul Stubbs begins a project to study
stellar explosions for which he develops a probe called "egg" (TNG: "Evolution").

Around 2346
War breaks out between the Haakonians and Talaxians (VOY: "Jetrel").

Julian Bashir performs his first "surgery," sewing a leg back on
Kukalaka, his beloved stuffed teddy bear (DS9: "The Quickening").

Jason Vigo is born. He could be Jean-Luc's son, but in 2368
it will be proven by a DNA test that he is not (TNG: "Bloodlines").

The Kazon overthrow their suppressors, the Trabe,
in a bloody revolt (VOY: "Initiations", "Alliances").

Julian Bashir undergoes an illegal genetic alteration to
improve his mental and physical abilities (DS9: "Dr. Bashir, I Presume?").

Worf, at the age of only seven, gets into trouble at school
on Gault for beating up several teenaged human boys (TNG: "Family").

Ro Laren witnesses how her father is tortured and murdered by the Cardassians (TNG: "Ensign Ro").

Around a hundred Federation citizens, including Capt. Maxwell's family are
killed in a Cardassian attack on their colony. Rutledge crew member Boone is
taken prisoner, but later killed and replaced with a surgically
altered Cardassian spy (TNG: "The Wounded", DS9: "Tribunal").

The weather control system on Caldos experiences its last problem
for the following 22 years (TNG: Sub Rosa").

Marouk of Acamar III makes her last attempt to establish peace with the nomadic
Gatherers for the next 18 years (TNG: "The Vengeance Factor").

Annika Hansen, daughter of Magnus and Erin Hansen,
is born in the Tendara Colony (VOY: "The Gift").

Jean-Luc Picard visits his family in Labarre for the last time until 2367 (TNG: "Family").

Wesley Crusher is born (TNG: "Evolution").

Harry Kim is born (VOY: "Eye of the Needle").

After an absence of fifty years, Tuvok returns to Starfleet
where he joins the crew of the U.S.S. Wyoming (VOY: "Flashback").

Ensign Stefan DeSeve renounces his Federation citizenship
to live on Romulus (TNG: "Face of the Enemy").

Kobliad security officer Ty Kajada begins tracking
Rao Vantika, who is accused of causing the death of
other to keep himself alive (DS9: "The Passenger").

While attempting to escape Romulus with her daughter
Sela, Natasha Yar is detected and later executed (TNG: "Redemption").

Around 2349
Dr. Paul Manheim's theories begin to gain acceptance in the Federation
scientific community (TNG: "We'll Always Have Paris").

Around 2349
Curzon Dax and Benjamin Sisko meet for the first time (DS9: "Dax").

Beverly Crusher graduates with a medical degree
from Starfleet Academy (TNG: "Conundrum").

Miles O'Brien considers to attend a musical academy,
but then decides to enter Starfleet (DS9: "Shadowplay").

Benjamin Sisko enters Starfleet Academy (DS9: "Emissary").

A Federation citizen named William Samuels settles
at the colony on Volan II, near the Cardassian border (DS9: "The Maquis").

Kyle Riker leaves his son Will (TNG: "The Icarus Factor").

A group of Native American humans settles on Dorvan V, near the Cardassian border (TNG: "Journey's End").

After Telek R'Mor has left Romulus for a science mission,
his wife gives birth to a daughter (VOY: "Eye of the Needle").

Around 2350
The immediate family of the later Romulan Praetor Neral is killed in a Klingon
raid (DS9: "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges").

Mardah is born on Bajor. Her parents are later killed by Cardassians
and she is raised by neighbors (DS9: "The Abandoned").

A Federation starship takes Salia to the planet Klavdia III,
to be raised in peace (TNG: "The Dauphin").

Amanda Rogers is born to two renegade members of the Q continuum on Earth (TNG: "True Q").

Julian Bashir and his father are trapped in a remote region of Ivernia II
by a severe ionic storm. Also trapped by the storm is a young
Ivernian girl who suffers from a deadly illness. The storm
makes it impossible to send for medical help and the girl dies.
Later, Julian learns that a common Ivernian herb could have saved her (DS9: "Melora").

The Cardassian military builds a mining station, designated Terok Nor, in orbit around Bajor (DS9: "Babel").
This is inconsistent with "Wrongs Darker than Death or Night",
where Terok Nor must have existed as early as 2346 and was largely finished.

The Romulan science vessel Talvath, investigating a microscopic wormhole,
makes contact with the U.S.S. Voyager, 20 years in the
future and in the Delta Quadrant. Commander Telek R'Mor receives a computer chip
containing messages intended to be delivered to the families of the Voyager
crew in 20 years (VOY: "Eye of the Needle").

Quark leaves Ferenginar to seek fortune of his own (DS9: "Family Business").

The two Bajorans Baltrim and Keena escape from Cardassian imprisonment and
find refuge on the moon of Jeraddo (DS9: "Progress").

Benjamin Sisko is captain of the Starfleet Academy wrestling team (DS9: "Apocalypse Rising"). 

Around 2352
A new era of peace begins between the Klingon Empire and the
United Federation of Planets (DS9: "Way of the Warrior").

Tasha Yar escapes from Turkana IV, while her sister
Ishara who has joined one of the planet's gangs decides to stay (TNG: "Legacy").

Varria begins her affair with the unscrupulous trader and
collector Kivas Fajo (TNG: "The Most Toys").

Joseph Sisko's physician moves to New Orleans (DS9: "Homefront").

Beverly Crusher meets Dalen Quaice for the first time (TNG: "Remember").

Scientists at the Darwin research station on Gagarin IV conduct
an ambitious genetic experiment to give their children
powerful immune systems (TNG: "Unnatural Selection").

Tora Ziyal is born (DS9: "Indiscretion").

Kira Meru dies as Gul Dukat's mistress (DS9: "Wrongs darker than Death or Night").

Kyle Riker is the only survivor of a Tholian attack
on a Federation starbase (TNG: "The Icarus Factor").

Jeremiah Rossa is born to Connor and Moira Rossa (TNG: "Suddenly Human").

The inhabitants of a planet in the Delta Quadrant construct
hibernation chambers to survive an ice age on their planet that is predicted to
last 25 years (VOY: "The Thaw").

Geordi La Forge enters Starfleet Academy (TNG: "Cause and Effect").

The Hansens leave for their research mission on the starship Raven (VOY: "The Raven", "Dark Frontier").

Jeremy Aster is born to Marla Aster (TNG: "The Bonding").

Kathryn Janeway, while at High School, is a talented tennis player (VOY: "Future's End").

After graduating from Starfleet Academy, Sisko meets his future wife,
Jennifer, at Gilgo Beach (DS9: "Emissary").

Captain Picard, aboard the U.S.S. Stargazer, visits
Chalna, home to the Chalnoth (TNG: "Allegiance").

Jack Crusher, officer aboard the U.S.S. Stargazer under
the command of Jean-Luc Picard, dies on an away mission (TNG: "True Q", "Violations").

Dr. T'Pan, becomes director of the Vulcan Science Academy (TNG: "Suspicions").

The U.S.S. Stargazer is nearly destroyed in an encounter with a yet unknown
Ferengi vessel. The battle can be won through the "Picard Maneuver", but
Picard and his crew have to abandon the ship (TNG: "The Battle").

Kira Nerys joins the Shakaar resistance group on Bajor (DS9: "The Circle", "Shakaar").

Jake Sisko is born to Jennifer and Benjamin Sisko (DS9: "Move Along Home").

Miles O'Brien wins a racquetball championship (DS9: "Rivals").

Worf celebrates his second Age of Ascension (TNG: "The Icarus Factor").

The Alcyons destroy a Tarellian spacecraft which is believed to be the last of its
kind until another one is detected in 2364 (TNG: "Haven").

The war between the Haakonians and Talaxians ends when the Talaxians surrender after the
explosion of the metreon cascade on Rinax (VOY: "Jetrel").
In "Mortal Coil", however, Neelix said that eleven years ago his
world was in ruins and his family murdered which should have been in 2363.

William Riker graduates from Starfleet Academy (TNG: "Chain of Command").

Julian Bashir discovers that he has obviously been genetically
altered (DS9: "Dr. Bashir, I Presume?").

Abbadon establishes his repository (VOY: "Alice").

After following the Borg for nearly three years, the Hansens are assimilated.
Their ship is partially assimilated but later abandoned in B'omar territory
(VOY: "Scorpion", "The Raven", "Once Upon a Time", "Dark Frontier").
The figures are somewhat contradictory. In "Scorpion" Seven's
assimilation was said to have been 18 years ago. "Dark Frontier"
consequently told us it was 20 years ago. On the other hand, according to the
32xxx stardates for all flashbacks in "Dark Frontier", the Hansen's
departure would have been in the same year, so how could they track the Borg for
three years?

Geordi La Forge graduates from Starfleet Academy (TNG: "Conundrum").

Worf and Nikolai Rozhenko enter Starfleet Academy (TNG: "Conundrum", "Homeward").

The freighter S.S. Odin is heavily damaged near the planet Angel One, and four
survivors manage to reach the planet in escape pods after a travel of five
months (TNG: "Angel One").

T'Jon assumes command over the Ornaran freighter Sanction (TNG: "Symbiosis").

The Talarians attack the Federation colony on Galen IV, killing most of the
population except for young Jeremiah Rossa (TNG: "Suddenly Human").

The Shakaar resistance group liberates the notorious Gallitep labor camp,
the site of numerous atrocities committed against Bajorans imprisoned there.
The camp commandant is Gul Darhe'el (DS9: "Duet").

Archeologist Vash visits Earth for the last time in twelve years (DS9: "Q-Less").

A Hirogen hunter suffers a wound in one of his first matches in his
captivity as a Tsunkatse fighter (VOY: "Tsunkatse").

Nikolai Rozhenko, unable to conform with the strict rules, leaves
Starfleet Academy (TNG: "Homeward").

A son is born to Pa'Dar, exarch of Tozaht, a Cardassian
settlement on Bajor (DS9: "Cardassians").

A mutiny takes place on the U.S.S. Pegasus when Capt. Pressman tests an illegal phase
cloaking device. Pressman and a few loyal officers, among them Lt. William Riker,
have to leave the ship, while the Pegasus drifts into an asteroid where the
cloak fails and the rest of the crew is killed (TNG: "The Pegasus").

A civil war breaks out among the inhabitants of the
Parada system in the Gamma Quadrant (DS9: "Whispers").

Miranda Vigo and her son Jason leave Earth and settle on Camor V (TNG: "Bloodlines").

The last new Think Tank member in 17 years is accepted (VOY: "Think Tank").

Worf and K'Ehleyr have an unresolved romantic relationship (TNG: "The Emissary").

Noted archeologist Prof. Richard Galen makes a discovery so profound that
he decides to dedicate the rest of his life to further
investigate it (TNG: "The Chase").

The civil war on Mordan IV ends (TNG: "Too Short a Season").

The Daystrom Institute begins work on a tomographic imaging scanner (TNG: "All Good Things").

Around 2360
Gul Dukat becomes Prefect of Bajor (DS9: "The Maquis").
We have to ignore this date because he was definitely already there in 2346
(DS9: "Wrongs Darker than Death or Night").

As part of her plan to establish a technophobic society, Alixus causes
the Federation personnel transport ship Santa Maria to crash in the Orellius
Minor system (DS9: "Paradise").

2360 Bajorans successfully manage to hide
a few sub-impulse raiders from a Cardassian attack on Lunar V (DS9: The Siege").

Caylem's wife, a member of the Alsaurian resistance
movement, is killed by the Mokra Order (VOY: "Resistance").

Bajoran resistance leader Li Nalas is believed killed, but actually
imprisoned by the Cardassians (DS9: "The Homecoming").

2360 Bajoran scientist Dekon Elig and his medical
assistant, Dr. Surmak Ren, are captured by the Cardassian military and sent
to the Velos VII internment camp (DS9: "Babel").

Colyus begins service as the protector at Rurigan's village on Yadera II,
and a girl named Taya is born. They are
actually all holograms (DS9: "Shadowplay").

Hovath, apprentice to the leader of a small Bajoran village,
begins to learn for his role as ceremonial storyteller
for his people (DS9: "The Storyteller").

The Federation starship Tombaugh is assimilated by the Borg (VOY: "Infinite Regress").

During Jadzia's second year at Starfleet Academy,
Leslie Wong is one of her instructors (DS9: "In the Pale Moonlight").

Kevin and Rishon Uxbridge arrive at the Delta Rana IV colony (TNG: "The Survivors").

Bajoran merchant Roana and her husband open a shop
on the Promenade of Terok Nor (TNG: "Rivals").

Worf graduates from Starfleet Academy (TNG: "Conundrum").

Archaeologist Vash begins working as an assistant to Professor
Samuel Estragon, who has spent much of his career searching
for a device called the Tox Uthat, an artifact from the 27th century (TNG: "Captain's Holiday").

The starship Potemkin makes the last Federation contact
with the failed colony on Turkana IV prior to the U.S.S. Enterprise-D
visit in 2367 (TNG: "Legacy").

Tolen and Lidell Ren are married on the Banean homeworld (VOY: "Ex Post Facto").

Jeremy Aster's father dies of a Rushton infection (TNG: "The Bonding").

Lt. William Riker, previously assigned to a Starfleet facility on Betazed,
accepts a posting to the starship Potemkin. He breaks up with Deanna (TNG: "Second Chances").

During a rescue mission on Nervala IV, Lt. Riker's patterns are doubled in
a transporter accident. It is not known until eight years later that a second Riker
materializes on the planet's surface (TNG: "Second Chances").

Rom leaves his homeworld of Ferenginar to seek his fortune (DS9: "Family Business").

Klingon forces raid a Federation facility for the last time until 2369 (TNG: "Aquiel").

Dr. Qualen assumes a position on Starbase 133 where he remains
until his wife, Patricia, dies in 2367 (TNG: "Remember Me").

Dekon Elig is killed when he tries to escape from his prison (DS9: "Babel").

Quark loans latinum to his cousin Gaila to start a
munitions consortium (DS9: "Little Green Men").

Dr. Crusher undergoes a training to advance to the rank of commander (TNG: "Thine Own Self").

The wife of Kotan Pa'Dar is killed in an attack by Bajoran terrorists.
Her son, however, is abducted by Gul Dukat, in hopes of someday using the
incident to humiliate Pa'Dar politically (DS9: "Cardassians").

While serving on the U.S.S. Victory under Captain Zimbata,
Geordi La Forge is in an away team to examine the disappearance of the outpost
personnel on Tarchannen III (TNG: "Identity Crisis").

Ferengi entrepreneur Quark, indicted in the hijacking of a shipment
of Romulan ale, escapes imprisonment when he assists Romulan authorities
to apprehend Fallit Kot, Quark's partner in the deal (DS9: "Melora").

Miranda Vigo dies (TNG: "Bloodlines").

Raymond Boone, who is actually a Cardassian spy in disguise, takes up residence at the
Volan III colony, where he runs a ladarium mining sluice (DS9: "Tribunal").

Prior to 2363
Prof. Gegen first publishes his Distant Origin Theory (VOY: "Distant Origin").

Starfleet officer George Primmin becomes a security officer (DS9: "Move Along Home").

Gul Dukat meets Odo for the first time who has just been released
from the research lab (DS9: "Necessary Evil").

Quark falls in love with Cardassian scientist Natima Lang, but they break up after
Natima discovers that Quark has been using her personal access codes to steal
money from the Cardassian information. In the same year Quark installs the
first holosuite at his bar on the Promenade of Terok Nor  (DS9: "Profit and Loss").

Dr. Farallon begins work on a revolutionary new particle fountain
mining technology on Tyrus VII-A (TNG: "The Quality of Life").

Klingon warrior Kang meets a former wife of the Albino on Dayos IV, but doesn't get any information
on the criminal's whereabouts (DS9: "Blood Oath").

Gul Darhe'el,known as "The Butcher of Gallitep," dies (DS9: "Duet").

The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D is commissioned. While the ship's construction is
about to be finished, Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards engineer Marla Finn and
another engineer become romantically involved. Lieutenant Walter Pierce becomes jealous
and kills them both (TNG: "Lonely Among Us", "Eye of the Beholder").

The U.S.S. Olympia begins an eight-year-mission in the Beta Quadrant (DS9:
"Sound of Her Voice").

Trek-Line: The Present (2364-2379) (2300-2363)

    Distant Past Early Space Travel Early Federation TOS and Movie Era Pre-TNG Era The Present

Nick Locarno is accepted as a cadet at Starfleet
Academy on Earth (TNG: "The First Duty").

Commander William Riker is offered the opportunity to command the starship Drake,
but declines in favor of his assignment on the U.S.S. Enterprise-D (TNG: "The Arsenal of Freedom").

TNG Season 1 (see here)
The Enterprise encounters Q, a seemingly omnipotent being, for the first time
(TNG: "Encounter at Farpoint"). First official contact is made with the Ferengi
(TNG: "The Last Outpost"). The Traveler accidentally transfers the
Enterprise into the Galaxy M-33, millions of light years away (TNG: "Where
No One Has Gone Before"). Data's brother Lore is found, and turns out to be
dangerous (TNG: "Datalore"). Natasha Yar is killed by an entity named
Armus (TNG: "Skin of Evil"). Alien intruders attempt to take over
Starfleet Command (TNG: "Conspiracy"). The first official contact with
the Romulans since 2311 takes place (TNG: "The Neutral Zone").

Romulan Senator Pardek participates in a trade negotiations
conference (TNG: "Unification").

The Vulcan ship T'Pau is decommissioned and sent to the surplus
depot Zed-15 orbiting Qualor II (TNG: "Unification").

Jadzia, a young woman on Trill, enters the
Trill initiate program (DS9: "Equilibrium").

Tova Veer begins to serve as Prof. Gegen's assistant (VOY: "Distant Origin").

Aamin Marritza accepts a position as an instructor at the Cardassian military
academy on Kora II (DS9: "Duet").

Prior to 2365
B'Elanna breaks up with Maxwell Burke (VOY: "Equinox").

TNG Season 2 (see here)
Doctor Crusher leaves the Enterprise and is replaced by Dr. Pulaski (TNG:
"The Child"). Commander Riker takes part in an exchange program and
serves on a Klingon ship (TNG: "A Matter of Honor"). The Iconian
homeworld is discovered in the Neutral Zone, and Picard decides to destroy the
technology so that the Romulans don't get their hands on it (TNG:
"Contagion"). Q takes the Enterprise to a remote sector, where they
encounter the Borg (TNG: "Q Who?"). 

After the Lissepian Mother's Day Heist, Morn deposits 1000 bars of gold-pressed
latinum in the Bank of Bolias (DS9: "Who Mourns for Morn?").

Around 2365
A couple of Ferengi try to break into Fort Knox (VOY: "Dark Frontier").

Kira Nerys, a member of the Bajoran underground, arrives at
the space station Terok Nor to kill collaborator Vaatrik.
Odo is forced to conduct the investigation (DS9: "Necessary Evil").

A Talaxian freighter is captured by operatives of the Vidiian
Sodality and its 23 crew members are held prisoners
to serve as an organ repository (VOY: "Faces").

B'Elanna Torres talks to her mother for the last time (VOY: "Barge of the Dead").

Alexander, son of Worf and K'Ehleyr, is born (TNG: "Reunion").

TNG Season 3 (see here)
Relations with the Romulan Empire deteriorate when a Romulan scout ship crashes,
and briefly later a high-ranking Romulan officer defects (TNG: "The
Enemy", "The Defector"). The Enterprise-C has to be sent back to
the past to avert a Klingon-Federation war (TNG:
"Yesterday's Enterprise"). Worf is dishonored for alleged crimes of
his father, Mogh (TNG: "Sins of the Father"). Jean-Luc Picard is
abducted and assimilated by the Borg. As Locutus he takes part in the attack on
Starfleet at Wolf 359 (TNG: "The Best of Both Worlds").

Starfleet begins the development of a new type of heavily armed starship, the
Defiant class, to be prepared for a Borg attack (DS9: "The Search").

D'Ghor begins a systematic financial attack on the House of Kozak,
preying on Kozak's weakness for gambling
(DS9: "The House of Quark").

The Cardassian personnel transport Ravinok is reported missing.
Among the passengers are Gul Dukat's Bajoran mistress Tora Naprem and her daughter
Tora Ziyal (DS9: "Indiscretion").

The United Federation of Planets and the Cardassian Union sign
a peace treaty (TNG: "The Wounded").

Mirror Benjamin Sisko and Mirror Jennifer Sisko are separated (DS9: "Through the Looking Glass").

TNG Season 4 (see here)
Duras kills K'Ehleyr, and Worf takes revenge by killing him (TNG:
"Reunion"). Wesley Crusher enters Starfleet Academy (TNG: "Final
Mission"). Miles O'Brien marries Keiko Ishikawa (TNG: "Data's
Day"). The Enterprise successfully prevents the Romulans from supporting
the Duras family in the Klingon Civil War. Worf's honor is re-established (TNG: "Redemption").

Haley, the holographic assistant to Lewis Zimmerman, is first brought online (VOY: "Life Line").

Bajoran Kohn-Ma terrorist Tahna Los, in Cardassian
captivity, suffers a brutal, disfiguring beating (DS9: "Past Prologue").

Captain Kathryn Janeway meets Lieutenant Tuvok (TNG: "The Phage", "Revulsion").
This is inconsistent with "Fury" where Tuvok states that they know
each other for 20 years, so they should have met a decade earlier.
"Revulsion", where it is stated that Janeway knows Tuvok for nine years
(which would be since 2365), is inaccurate but much closer.

Curzon Dax dies, and the symbiont is transplanted to Jadzia (DS9: "Dax").

Scientist Telek R'Mor dies, and the whereabouts of the computer chip
holding the information about the Voyager crew remain unknown (VOY: "Eye of the Needle").

The automated system to revive the hibernating inhabitants
of the Delta Quadrant planet fails, and they stay asleep (VOY: "The Thaw").

Zima is imprisoned in the Akritirian space prison (VOY: "The Chute").

Julian Bashir is the captain of the racquetball team that wins the
sector finals in his last year at the Academy. After graduating he is offered a job by the
father of Palis Delon (DS9: "Rivals", "Armageddon Game").

After their Borg vessel has crashed on a planet, Seven of Nine
links the surviving drones together to keep them in the Collective (VOY: "Survival Instinct").

Tuvok, together with Janeway, buys a meditation lamp from a
Vulcan master who doubles the price when he notices their Starfleet insignia (VOY: "The Gift").

TNG Season 5 (see here)
Picard successfully establishes a dialogue with the Tamarians, but at the
expense of Capt. Dathon's death (TNG: "Darmok"). Keiko O'Brien gives
birth to her daughter Molly (TNG: "Disaster"). The Ktarians try to
take over Starfleet by hypnotizing starship officers (TNG: "The
Game"). Ambassador Sarek dies. A Romulan proposal for reunification with
Vulcan, initially supported by Spock, turns out to be a ruse to conquer the
planet. (TNG: "Unification"). After being severed from the Collective,
Hugh develops a personality of his own, and is later returned to the Borg
("TNG: "I, Hugh"). 

Hekaran scientist Rabal announces his support for the
controversial theoretical models devised by his sister, Serova,
suggesting that the continued use of warp drive is damaging
the fabric of space (TNG: "Force of Nature").

Starfleet commissions the first runabout, a new type of
small interstellar vessel (DS9: "Paradise").

The Federation Medical Council announces the nominees for the 2368
Carrington Award. Dr. April Wade of the University of
Nairobi is among those honored, although she does not win (DS9: "Prophet Motive").

Lieutenant Dan Kwan and Ensign Maddy Calloway, both members of the
Enterprise-D crew, meet for the first time (TNG: "Eye of the Beholder").

The Traveler has a vision of Wesley Crusher and his troubled spirit (TNG: "Journey's End").

Elim Garak, a member of Cardassia's powerful Obsidian Order,
is exiled to Terok Nor (DS9: "Profit and Loss").

Bok buys his way out of Rog Prison, where he had been held by Ferengi
authorities for being unstable and dangerous (TNG: "Bloodlines").

A Borg cube is damaged by an electro-kinetic storm.
The surviving drones settle on a nearby planet where they
regain their individuality (VOY: "Unity").

A son is born to Fesek who works on a Malon garbage scow (VOY: "Juggernaut").

Miles O'Brien's mother dies (DS9: "Whispers").

TNG Season 6 (see here)
After spending decades in a transporter beam, Scotty is found alive on his
starship that crashed on a Dyson sphere (TNG: "Relics"). Tensions with
the Cardassians rise when Picard is lured into a trap and Cardassian vessels
gather for an attack on the Federation (TNG: "Chain of Command").
Evidence is found that all humanoid lifeforms in the galaxy share common
ancestors (TNG: "The Chase"). A clone of Kahless becomes Klingon Emperor (TNG: "Rightful Heir").
A duplicate of Riker is found who had been created through a transporter accident
years ago (TNG: "Second Chances"). As a result of Hugh's influence, renegade Borg
have left the Collective and allied themselves to Data's brother Lore (TNG: "Descent").

DS9 Season 1 (see here)
The Cardassians finally retreat from Bajor. The station Terok Nor is now under a
common Federation/Bajoran authority and is renamed to DS9. A stable wormhole to
the Gamma Quadrant is discovered, and the station is moved to its entry. The
entities living in the wormhole, the Bajoran Prophets, declare station commander
Benjamin Sisko their Emissary (DS9: "Emissary"). Kai Opaka is killed
on a penal colony in the Gamma Quadrant (DS9: "Battle Lines").

A Jem'Hadar spacecraft crashes on Bopak III in the Gamma Quadrant.
The only survivor is a soldier named Goran'Agar, who survives
despite a lack of Ketracel white (DS9: "Hippocratic Oath").

The Velos VII internment camp, used by the Cardassians for the
imprisonment of Bajoran nationals, is closed. Among the detainees
released when the camp is closed is Dr. Surmak Ren (DS9: "Babel").

Michael O'Brien, father of Miles O'Brien, remarries following the
death of his wife the previous year (DS9: "Whispers").

Former Starfleet Academy cadet Seska joins the Maquis. It is not known
that she is actually a surgically altered Cardassian (VOY: "State of Flux").

TNG Season 7 (see here)
A general speed limit of Warp 5 is introduced when it is discovered that warp
drive damages subspace (TNG: "Force of Nature"). The starship Pegasus,
featuring a phase cloaking device, is discovered in an asteroid, and its
existence is revealed to the Romulans by Picard (TNG: "The Pegasus").
Tensions between the Cardassian and a Federation resistance group known as the
Maquis rise. Ro Laren defects to the Maquis (TNG: "Preemptive
Strike"). Wesley Crusher decides to leave Starfleet Academy and stay with the Traveler
(TNG: "Journey's End"). 

DS9 Season 2 (see
A fanatic movement called "The Circle" attempts to overthrow the
Bajoran government (DS9: "The Homecoming", "The Circle",
"The Siege"). The Ferengi try to establish trade relations with the
Dominion (DS9: "Rules of Acquisition"). Kang, Kor and Koloth, with the
help of Jadzia Dax, finally track down and kill the Albino. Kang and Koloth die
in the course of the battle (DS9: "Blood Oath"). The Federation has to
prevent the Maquis from causing a full-scale war with the Cardassians (DS9:
"The Maquis"). The Jem'Hadar destroy the starship Odyssey in the Gamma
Quadrant (DS9: "The Jem'Hadar"). 

Kes is born on the Ocampa homeworld (VOY: "Elogium").

The Maquis captures a Cardassian weapon of mass destruction which
they call "Dreadnought" and reprogram it to destroy the
Cardassian fuel depot on Aschelon V (VOY: "Dreadnought").

Dahar Master Kor is appointed Ambassador to Vulcan for the
Klingon Empire (DS9: "The Sword of Kahless").

Harry Kim graduates from Starfleet Academy and is assigned to the new
starship Voyager (VOY: "Non Sequitur").

Benaren, the father of Kes, dies on the Ocampa homeworld (VOY: "Resolutions").

Crell Moset is the Chairman of Exobiology of the University of Culat (VOY' "Nothing Human").

The U.S.S. Equinox is pulled into the Delta Quadrant by the
Caretaker. In the first week 39 of the crew die fighting
the Krowtonan Guard (VOY: "Equinox").

U.S.S. Voyager is prepared for launch at Utopia Planitia, Mars (VOY: "Relativity"). 

Lt. Tuvok of the starship Voyager begins his undercover mission to spy
on the Maquis (VOY: "Caretaker"). 

DS9 Season 3 (see here)
The newly commissioned Defiant is captured by the Jem'Hadar, but released after
the Dominion has examined Starfleet's intentions (DS9: "The Search").
Thomas Riker, Will's twin, hijacks the Defiant to fight against the Cardassians.
He is captured and condemned to prison (DS9: "Defiant"). Romulans and
Cardassians launch a common attack against the Founders' homeworld which fails and
leads to the complete destruction of their fleet (DS9: "Improbable
Cause", "The Die is Cast"). Sisko is promoted to Captain. He
learns that shapeshifters are all among Starfleet (DS9: "The Adversary"). 

VOY Season 1 (see here)
The starship Voyager is pulled into the Delta Quadrant by an entity called the
Caretaker. In the course of a battle with the Kazon, Chakotay's Maquis raider is
destroyed, and his crew stays on Voyager. Kes from the Ocampa homeworld and
Neelix, a Talaxian, join the crew too. (VOY: "Caretaker"). The ship
encounters the Vidiians who suffer from a terrible disease that destroys their
bodies (VOY: "The Phage").

Prior to defecting to the Kazon, Seska reprograms Tuvok's security holoprogram in a way
that the participants would be trapped and killed in it (VOY: "Worse Case

Species 6339 encounters the Borg for the first time, which will lead to the
assimilation of 11 billion individuals (VOY: "Infinite Regress").

The weapons systems on DS9 are significantly upgraded to be prepared
for a Dominion attack (DS9: "The Way of The Warrior").

Soran destroys whole worlds striving to get back into the Nexus,
an energy ribbon moving through the galaxy. In his effort to stop
him and save the Veridian system, Picard gets unexpected help
from Kirk, who has actually spent the last 78 years inside the
Nexus. They succeed, but Kirk loses his life, and the
Enterprise-D saucer crashes on Veridian III ("Star Trek: Generations").

DS9 Season 4 (see here)
The Klingons invade Cardassian space, allegedly because they suspect that
shapeshifters have taken over the government. When the Federation rescues
members of the Cardassian government, DS9 is subject to a Klingon attack too,
but withstands the attackers. Worf joins the crew of DS9 (DS9: "The Way of
the Warrior"). Earth's power net is disabled by Admiral Leyton, who wants
to establish a military government to be prepared for a Dominion attack (DS9:
"Homefront", "Paradise Lost"). Odo is transformed into a
human being as a punishment for killing one of his kind (DS9: "Broken

VOY Season 2 (see here)
Voyager discovers a planet inhabited by humans who were abducted by aliens a
long time ago (VOY: "The 37's"). An alliance with the Kazons and Trabe
fails (VOY: "Alliances"). Tom Paris breaks the transwarp barrier and
mutates to a different lifeform (VOY: "Threshold"). The Kazon capture
the ship and abandon the Starfleet crew on a primordial planet (VOY:

Ezri Dax visits her family for the last time until 2375 (DS9: "Prodigal Daughter").

Section 31 infects Odo with a deadly virus, supposed to erase
all Founders (DS9: "When it Rains").

The war, in the course of which the Druoda deployed autonomous mass
destruction weapons, ends (VOY: "Warhead").

Prior to 2373
General Martok is captured by the Dominion and replaced with
a shapeshifter (DS9: "In Purgatory's Shadow").

DS9 Season 5 (see here)
On a covert mission in the heart of Klingon territory, Sisko, Odo, O'Brien and
Worf uncover a changeling in the shape of General Martok (DS9: "Apocalypse
Rising"). An open war with the Klingon breaks out (DS9: "...Nor The Battle To The Strong").
Kira Nerys, as a surrogate mother, gives birth to Kirayoshi O'Brien (DS9:
"The Begotten"). Enabran Tain dies in a Dominion prisoner camp, but the
real Martok can escape (DS9: "In Purgatory's Shadow"). Gul Dukat announces that
Cardassia is now a member of the Dominion. A changeling, disguised as
Bashir, attempts to turn the Bajoran sun into a nova
(DS9: "By Inferno's Light"). An open war between the Federation and the Dominion breaks
out when the Dominion conquers DS9 (DS9: "A Call to Arms").

VOY Season 3 (see here)
A civil war strikes the Q Continuum (VOY: "The Q and the Gray").
Voyager discovers traces of the Borg (VOY: "Blood Fever",
"Unity"). A reptile species of the Delta Quadrant, the Voth, turns out
to have lived on Earth millions of years ago (VOY: "Distant Origin").
Janeway forges an alliance with the Borg against a common enemy, Species 8472.
When the alliance breaks up briefly later, one Borg stays aboard, Seven of Nine
(VOY: "Scorpion").

Ensign Ahni Jetal dies after an attack by an unknown
species (VOY: "Latent Image").

The Equinox crew has to switch their nutrition to emergency rations (VOY: "Equinox").

A Borg cube attacking Earth is destroyed, however, the Borg travel
back to the year 2063 to prevent Cochrane's warp flight and the first
Terran-Vulcan contact. The Enterprise-E crew has to correct
history. While an away team helps Cochrane, the Borg are taking
over the Enterprise-E, and Data is kidnapped by them.
Picard reluctantly orders the self-destruction, but he also
tries to free Data. Data, pretending to work with the Borg
Queen who has provided him with human sensations, finally manages
to kill the Borg before the ship blows up ("Star Trek: First Contact").

DS9 Season 6 (see here)
The Federation, with help from the Klingons, reconquers DS9 (DS9:
"Sacrifice of Angels"). Worf and Jadzia marry (DS9: "You are
Cordially Invited"). The Romulans join the alliance against the Dominion
when their ambassador is seemingly killed by the Dominion, but actually by Garak
(DS9: "In the Pale Moonlight"). The Anti-Dominion alliance conquers
the Chin'toka system in a large-scale attack. Jadzia Dax is killed by Gul Dukat
(DS9: "Tears of the Prophets").

VOY Season 4 (see here)
Seven of Nine's human appearance is largely restored. Kes, whose powers become
threatening, leaves the ship (VOY: "The Gift"). The first successful contact
with the Alpha Quadrant is established (VOY: "Message in a
Bottle"). A conflict with the Hirogen, a species of hunters, arises (VOY:
"Hunters"). The Omega Particle is discovered, and Janeway takes any
effort to destroy it (VOY: "The Omega Directive"). A Federation
starship to rescue the crew turns out to be a ruse by Arturis, who wants to take
revenge for his species has been assimilated (VOY: "Hope and Fear").

Ensign Lindsay Ballard is killed in a Hirogen attack, but her dead body is
revived by the Kobali to live as one of them (VOY: "Ashes to Ashes").

The Evora civilization acquires warp drive which qualifies them to
become a Federation protectorate ("Star Trek: Insurrection").

Bolian officer Hars Adislo presents a paper on thermionic transconductance
on the Nel Bato Conference ("Star Trek: Insurrection").

An alien vessel of unknown origin strands in chaotic space (VOY: "The Fight").

Reginald Barclay moves into a new apartment in San Francisco (VOY: "Pathfinder").
But to Deanna it looked as if he just moved in one year later. ;-)

DS9 Season 7 (see here)
The Dax symbiont is implanted into Ezri. Ben Sisko finds out that his true
mother is a Bajoran Prophet (DS9: "Image in the Sand", "Shadows
and Symbols"). Sisko and Kasidy Yates get married (DS9: "'Til Death Us
Do Part"). The Breen join the Dominion. They launch a surprise attack on
Starfleet Headquarters. The Defiant is destroyed in a battle against the
Dominion (DS9: "The Changing Face of Evil"). After he has killed
corrupt leader Gowron, Worf declares Martok Chancellor of the Klingon Empire
(DS9: "Tacking into the Wind"). Sisko takes command of a new Defiant.
Rom becomes Grand Nagus of the Ferengi when Zek retires (DS9: "The Dogs of
War"). When the Cardassians turn against the Dominion, 800 million are
killed in a genocide. The Federation alliance being about to invade Cardassia
Prime, the Dominion finally agrees to retreat from the Alpha Quadrant. Sisko
kills Dukat and joins the Prophets (DS9: "What You Leave

VOY Season 5 (see here)
An advanced shuttle, the Delta Flyer, is built (VOY: "Extreme Risk").
Voyager discovers that Species 8472 is preparing for an attack on Earth, and a
preliminary peace agreement can be reached (VOY: "In the Flesh").
Seven is abducted by the Borg, but can e retrieved, together with a set of warp
coils (VOY: "Dark Frontier"). Voyager encounters another Federation
starship lost in the Delta Quadrant, the Equinox (VOY: "Equinox").

Icheb is assimilated when his parents use him to infect the Borg
with a deadly virus (VOY: "Child's Play").

The Federation and the Son'a are planning to relocate the
peaceful Ba'ku in order to exploit the metaphasic particles
surrounding their planet. Picard and his crew take the part of the
Ba'ku and defend their way of living. Ru'afo of the Son'a, however,
wants to fulfill his mission at any cost. After trying
to beam out the Ba'ku by force, he attempts to use his particle
collector without evacuating the planet, which would kill all
inhabitants. Luckily he can be stopped in time. A reconciliation
takes place, as it is revealed that the Son'a are actually the
same race as the Ba'ku and left the planet
100 years ago ("Star Trek: Insurrection").

VOY Season 6 (see here)
Reginald Barclay manages to contact Voyager through the MIDAS Array (VOY:
"Pathfinder"). Four Borg children stay aboard the ship (VOY:
"Collective"). Unimatrix Zero, a place where Borg can keep their
individual lives, is lost, but the inhabitants keep their individuality, now
forming a resistance movement (VOY: "Unimatrix Zero").

VOY Season 7 (see here)
The Hirogen, altering the holotechnology
they received from Voyager, provoke an uprising of the holograms tortured by
them (VOY: "Flesh and Blood"). Voyager encounters an ancient Klingon
ship, searching for a savior who is believed to be B'Elanna's unborn daughter

(VOY: "Prophecy"). A real-time communication with the Alpha
Quadrant is established through the MIDAS Array (VOY: "Author, Author"). Neelix leaves Voyager
to stay on an isolated Talaxian colony (VOY: "Homestead"). After a
past incursion of Admiral Janeway, Voyager returns to Earth using
a Borg subspace conduit (VOY: "Endgame").

After Deanna's and Will's wedding, the Enterprise picks up a positronic signal from
the planet Kolaren near the Neutral Zone, where B-4, a prototype of Data, is
found. On Romulus, the new Praetor Shinzon of Reman origin, who has assassinated
the Romulan Senate, calls for a Federation ship for negotiations. Shinzon
reveals himself as a clone of Picard, once created to infiltrate the Federation,
but then banned to the Dilithium mines on Remus. It soon becomes clear that
Shinzon used B-4 to lure the Enterprise into a trap. He needs Picard's cells in
order to survive and, moreover, he is about to use a thalaron emitter against
Earth, thereby killing all life on the planet. In the battle against Shinzon's
superior vessel, the Scimitar, Picard's last chance is to ram the ship and to
beam over to blow up the thalaron emitter. Data follows him, and he stays to
fulfill this task, dying in the explosion of the Scimitar ("Star Trek: Nemesis").