1994 - 98 minutes - Color - Dolby Digital - 2.35 : 1
US release date: September 16, 1994
Largo Entertainment, JVC Entertainment Networks
Signature Pictures, Renaissance Pictures, Dark Horse Entertainment
Budget: $27,000,000 (estimated)
Opening Weekend: $12,064,625 (USA)


When the ability to travel through time is perfected, a new type of law enforcement agency is formed. It's called Time Enforcement Commission or TEC. A cop, Max Walker, is assigned to the group. On the day he was chosen, some men attack him and kill his wife. Ten years later Max is still grieving but has become a good agent for the TEC. He tracks down a former co-worker who went into the past to make money. Max brings him back for sentencing but not after telling Max that Senator McComb, the man in charge of TEC, sent him. Max has his eye on McComb.


Walker - Jean-Claude Van Damme
Melissa - Mia Sara
McComb - Ron Silver
Matuzak - Bruce McGill
Fielding - Gloria Reuben
Ricky - Scott Bellis
Atwood - Jason Schombing
Spota - Scott Lawrence
Utley - Kenneth Welsh
Shotgun - Brent Woolsey
Reyes - Brad Loree
Rollerblades - Shane Kelly
Cole - Richard Faraci
Lansing - Steve Lambert
Parker - Kevin McNulty




Director - Peter Hyams

Writing credits

Screenplay - Mark Verheiden
Story - Mike Richardson
Story - Mark Verheiden
Comic series - Mike Richardson
Comic series - Mark Verheiden


Producer - Moshe Diamant
Co-producer - Todd Moyer
Associate producer - Richard G. Murphy
Producer - Sam Raimi
Executive producer - Mike Richardson
Associate producer - Mark Scoon
Producer - Robert Tapert
Co-producer - Marilyn Vance