Mini Series: 1 season - 10 episodes
2002 - 90 minutes - Color - Dolby Digital - 1.78 : 1
US release date: December 02, 2002
DreamWorks Television, Sci-Fi Channel, The
Budget: $40,000,000 (estimated)


Taken spans five decades and four generations, centering on three families: the Keys, Crawfords, and Clarkes. World War II veteran Russell Keys is plagued by nightmares of his abduction by aliens during the war; the Roswell incident transforms Owen Crawford from ambitious Air Force captain to evil shadow government conspirator; the unhappily married Sally Clarke is impregnated by an alien visitor. As the decades go by, the heirs of each are affected by the machinations of the aliens, culminating with the birth of Allie Keys, who is the final product of the aliens' experimentation and holds the key to their future.


Allie Keys - Dakota Fanning
Dr. Chet Wakeman - Matt Frewer
Lisa Clarke - Adult - Emily Bergl
Mary Crawford - Adult - Heather Donahue
Owen Crawford - Joel Gretsch
Charlie Keys - Adult - Adam Kaufman
Marty Erickson - John Hawkes
Tom Clarke - Adult - Ryan Hurst
Nina Toth - Adult - Camille Sullivan





Director - Leslie Bohem

Writing credits

Writer - Leslie Bohem


Producer - Steven Spielberg
Co-producer - James Lima
Co-producer - Julie Herlocker