Species 2

1998 - 93 minutes - Color - 1.85 : 1
US release date: April 10, 1998
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), FGM Entertainment
Opening Weekend: $7,274,008 (USA) (2,510 Screens)


Mykelti Williamson and Justin Lazard are a pair of astronauts who make the first successful manned mission to Mars. Lazard's character gets infected by an alien and slowly begins to mutate. When they get back to Earth all he has on his mind is to have sex with Henstridge!


Press Lenox - Michael Madsen
Eve - Natasha Henstridge
Dr. Laura Baker - Marg Helgenberger
Dennis Gamble - Mykelti Williamson
Colonel Carter Burgess Jr - George Dzundza
Senator Judson Ross - James Cromwell
Patrick Ross - Justin Lazard
Anne Sampas - Myriam Cyr
Melissa - Sarah Wynter
Dr. Orinsky - Baxter Harris
Harry Sampas - Scott Morgan
Debutante - Nancy La Scala
Debutante's Sister - Raquel Gardner





Director - Peter Medak

Writing credits

Writer - Chris Brancato
Characters - Dennis Feldman


Executive producer - Dennis Feldman
Producer - Frank Mancuso Jr.
Line producer - Vikki Williams