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Season One
1. Pilot
2. The Morning After
3. Monsters
4. Leaving Normal
5. Missing
6. 285 South (1)
7. River Dog (2)
8. Blood Brother
9. Heat Wave
10. The Balance
11. Toy House
12. Into the Woods
13. The Convention
14. Blind Date
15. Independence Day
16. Sexual Healing
17. Crazy
18. Tess, Lies and Videotape
19. Four Square
20. Max to the Max
21. The White Room (1)
22. Destiny (2)

Season Two
23. Skin and Bones
24. Ask Not
25. Surprise
26. Summer of '47
27. The End of the World
28. Harvest
29. Wipeout!
30. Meet the Dupes (1)
31. Max in the City (2)
32. A Roswell Christmas Carol
33. To Serve and Protect
34. We Are Family
35. Disturbing Behavior (1)
36. How the Other Half Lives (2)
37. Viva Las Vegas
38. Heart of Mine
39. Cry Your Name
40. It's Too Late and It's Too Bad
41. Baby, It's You
42. Off the Menu
43. The Departure

Season Three
44. Busted
45. Michael, The Guys and The Great Snapple Caper
46. Significant Others
47. Secrets and Lies (1)
48. Control (2)
49. To Have and To Hold
50. Interruptus
51. Behind the Music
52. Samuel Rising
53. A Tale of Two Parties
54. I Married An Alien
55. Ch-Ch-Changes
56. Panacea
57. Chant Down Babylon
58. Who Died and Made You King?
59. Crash
60. Four Aliens and A Baby
61. Graduation


Liz Parker (Shiri Appleby)
Species: Human
Spouse: Max Evans (Husband)
Parents:Jeff Parker (Father), Nancy Parker (Mother)
Occupation: Waitress (Crashdown Cafe)
Status: Alive

Max Evans ( Jason Behr )
Born: March 15th, 1983
Title: Member of The Royal Four
Species: Hybrid
Spouse: Liz Parker
Children: Zan Evans
Adoptive Parents: Phillip Evans & Diane Evans
Siblings: Isabel Evans
Alien Powers: Leptokinesis, Force Field Projection
Healing, Telekinesis, Connecting
Occupation: UFO Center
Loyalty: The Pod Squad

Michael Guerin ( Brendan Fehr )
Title: Member of The Royal Four
Species: Hybrid
Adoptive Parent: Hank Whitmore
Alien Powers: Leptokinesis , Molecular Combustion,
Telekinesis, Connecting, Premonition
Occupation:Cook at Crashdown Cafe and Security Guard
Loyalty: The Pod Squad

Alex Whitman ( Colin Hanks )
Species: Human
Parents: Mr. Whitman (father), Gloria Whitman (mother)
Occupation: Student, Musician
Status: Deceased

Isabel Evans (Katherine Heigl )
Born: October 25th, 1982
Title: Member of The Royal Four
Species: Hybrid
Spouse: Jesse Ramirez (ex)
Adoptive Parents: Phillip Evans & Diane Evans
Siblings: Max Evans
Alien Powers: Leptokinesis, Thermokinesis
Pyrokinesis, Telekinesis, Projection
Dreamwalking, Technopathy, Sonic Projection
Loyalty: The Pod Squad

Tess Harding ( Emile de Ravin)
Born: May 7th, 1983
Title: Member of The Royal Four
Species: Hybrid
Children: Zan Evans
Adoptive Parents: Ed Harding & Sheila Harding
Alien Powers: Leptokinesis, Mindwarping
Telekinesis, Healing
Loyalty: The Pod Squad