The Quiet Earth

1985 - 91 minutes - Color - Dolby - 1.85 : 1
US release date: October 18, 1985
Cinepro, Mr. Yellowbeard Productions Limited & Company
Budget: $1,000,000 (estimated)
Opening Weekend: $9,825 (USA)


At exactly 6:12 am, government research scientist Zac Hobson awakens to discover that he may be the last man on earth: homes, highways, and entire cities are deserted. Empty planes have fallen from the sky. Every living thing has disappeared. But for Hobson, the ultimate shock is still to come months later when he finds that he is not alone. With the addition of a beautiful young woman and a Maori trucker, the apocalypse suddenly becomes very personal. What has happened to everyone else on the planet? Why has Zac himself survived? Will sexual tension lead to sudden violence? And what is the ultimate responsibility for a man of science when the end of the world may be just the beginning?


Zac Hobson - Bruno Lawrence
Joanne - Alison Routledge
Api - Peter Smith
Api's Mate - Anzac Wallace
Perrin - Norman Fletcher
Scientist - Tom Hyde






Director - Geoffrey Murphy

Writing credits

Writer - Bill Baer
Writer - Bruno Lawrence
Writer - Sam Pillsbury
Novel - Craig Harrison


Producer - Sam Pillsbury
Producer - Don Reynolds