Predator 2

1990 - 108 minutes - Color - Dolby SR - 1.37 : 1
US release date: November 21, 1990
Davis Entertainment, Lawrence Gordon Productions
Silver Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Budget: $35,000,000 (estimated)
Opening Weekend: $8,784,943 (USA)


LAPD lieutenant Mike Harrigan and his cocky detective partner Jerry Lambert soon realize that what seemed a bloody feud between voodoo high priest King Willie's Jamaican gangs and Ramon Vega's Colombian drug gang is actually the work of a scary third party. Peter Keyes's federal team shields the crime scene even for the LAPD. BUt after forensics proves it must be an alien, who keeps making victims, the chase brings them all together.


The Predator - Kevin Peter Hall
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan - Danny Glover
Peter Keyes - Gary Busey
Danny Archuleta - Ruben Blades
Leona Cantrell - Maria Conchita Alonso
Jerry Lambert - Bill Paxton
Captain Phil Heinemann - Robert Davi
Garber - Adam Baldwin
Captain B. Pilgrim - Kent McCord
Tony Pope - Morton Downey Jr.
King Willie - Calvin Lockhart
Sergeant - Steve Kahan
El Scorpio - Henry Kingi
Ramon Vega - Corey Rand
Anna - Elpidia Carrillo
Irene Edwards - Lilyan Chauvin




Director - John McTiernan

Writing credits

Writer - Jim Thomas
Writer - John Thomas
Characters - Jim Thomas
Characters - John Thomas


Co-producer - Terry Carr
Producer - John Davis
Producer - Lawrence Gordon
Co-producer - Tom Joyner
Executive producer - Lloyd Levin
Executive producer - Michael Levy
Producer - Joel Silver
Associate producer - Suzanne Todd