Mission To Mars

2000 - 113 minutes - Color - Dolby Digital - 2.35 : 1
Touchstone Pictures, Spyglass Entertainment
Jacobson Company, The, Red Horizon Productions
US release date: March 10, 2000
Budget: $90,000,000 (estimated)
Opening Weekend: $22,855,247 (USA)


The year is 2020, and the first manned mission to Mars, commanded by Luke Graham, lands safely on the red planet. But the Martian landscape harbors a bizarre and shocking secret that leads to a mysterious disaster so catastrophic, it decimates the crew. Haunted by a cryptic last message from Graham, NASA launches the Mars Recovery Mission to investigate and bring back survivors - if there are any. Confronted with nearly insurmountable dangers, but propelled by deep friendship, the team finally lands on Mars and makes a discovery so amazing, it takes your breath away. Mission To Mars is an action-packed rocket ride that will enthrall you with its stunning special effects and keep you on the edge of your seat.


Jim McConnell - Gary Sinise
Woody Blake - Tim Robbins
Luke Graham - Don Cheadle
Terri Fisher - Connie Nielsen
Phil Ohlmyer - Jerry O'Connell
Sergei Kirov - Peter Outerbridge
Nicholas Willis - Kavan Smith
Reneé Coté - Jill Teed
Debra Graham - Elise Neal
Maggie McConnell - Kim Delaney



Director - Brian De Palma

Writing credits

Screenplay - Jim Thomas
Screenplay - John Thomas
Screenplay - Graham Yost
Story - Lowell Cannon
Story - Jim Thomas
Story - John Thomas


Co-producer - David Goyer
Co-producer - Justis Greene
Producer - Tom Jacobson
Associate producer - Jacqueline Lopez
Executive producer - Sam Mercer
Associate producer - Chris Soldo
Associate producer - Ted Tally
Co-producer - Jim Wedaa