Meet Dave

2008 - 90 minutes - Color - Dolby Digital - 1.85 : 1
US release date: July 11, 2008
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Regency Enterprises
Friendly Films (II), Guy Walks into a Bar Productions
Deep River Productions
Budget: $60,000,000 (estimated)
Opening Weekend: $5,251,918 (USA) (3,011 Screens)


A spaceship shaped like a human lands face first on Liberty Island. Its crew (of tiny, intelligent, and unemotional beings) is looking for an orb sent from its planet to extract the oceans' salt, which will ruin Earth. The orb is in the possession of Josh, the fifth-grade son of a single mom whose car strikes the ambulatory alien spaceship and cripples its power supply. The crew has 48 hours to recover the orb, throw it in the Atlantic, and leave Earth. Over the course of two days, the ship's crew experiences chaos and emotion in New York. Do Earth's giants - Josh and his mom - have anything to teach these brainy aliens? Meanwhile, mutiny is afoot and the cops are closing in.


Dave / Captain - Eddie Murphy
Gina Morrison - Elizabeth Banks
No. 3 - Cultural Officer - Gabrielle Union
Dooley - Scott Caan
No. 2 - 2nd In Command - Ed Helms
No. 17 - Kevin Hart
Knox - Mike O'Malley
No. 4 - Security Officer - Pat Kilbane
Engineer - Judah Friedlander
Mark - Marc Blucas
Doctor - Jim Turner
Josh Morrison - Austyn Lynd Myers
No. 35 - Adam Tomei
Lieutenant Right Arm - Brian Huskey
Lieutenant Left Arm - Shawn Christian



Director - Brian Robbins

Writing credits

Writer - Rob Greenberg
Writer - Bill Corbett


Producer - Jon Berg
Producer - David T. Friendly
Executive producer - Thomas M. Hammel
Producer - Todd Komarnicki
Executive producer - Arnon Milchan
Associate producer - Lars P. Winther