1987 - 120 minutes - Color - Dolby SR - 1.85 : 1
US release date: July 01, 1987
Amblin Entertainment, Guber-Peters Company, The
Warner Bros. Pictures
Opening Weekend: $4,739,000 (USA) (1,603 Screens)


Vector Scope is one of the largest science corporations on the west coast of the U.S. They have chosen Lieutenant Tuck Penelton, who is a free-spirited fighter pilot with no respect for life, for a miniaturization program developed by Vector Scope. However, when group of hired thugs infiltrated Vector Scope, they stole a unique micro chip, making miniaturization possible. Ozzie, a scientist, manages to escape with Tuck, in hand, miniaturized in a syringe. Ozzie makes a last ditch effort to save Tuck's life by injecting him into a person named Jack Putter, an overly paranoid cashier at a local grocery store. What Jack will soon realize that with Tuck floating inside his own body, he will embark on a journey to attempt to recover the chip before it falls into the hands of a technology smuggler, Victor Scrimshaw. He intends to sell the chip to a nameless criminal known as "The Cowboy". .


Lt. Tuck Pendleton - Dennis Quaid
Jack Putter - Martin Short
Lydia Maxwell - Meg Ryan
Victor Eugene Scrimshaw - Kevin McCarthy
Dr. Margaret Canker - Fiona Lewis
Mr. Igoe - Vernon Wells
The Cowboy - Robert Picardo
Wendy - Wendy Schaal
Pete Blanchard - Harold Sylvester
Dr. Greenbush - William Schallert
Mr. Wormwood - Henry Gibson
Ozzie Wexler - John Hora
Dr. Niles - Mark L. Taylor




Director - Joe Dante

Writing credits

Story - Chip Proser
Screenplay - Jeffrey Boam
Screenplay - Chip Proser


Producer - Michael Finnell
Executive producer - Peter Guber
Co-executive producer - Kathleen Kennedy
Co-executive producer - Frank Marshall
Executive producer - Jon Peters
Co-producer - Chip Proser
Executive producer - Steven Spielberg