Fringe: Episode Synopsis

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Season 1


Special FBI Agent Olivia Dunham is part of the team called in to investigate when Flight 627 lands with everyone on board dead: their flesh liquefied. When her partner and lover is contaminated by a similar chemical that crystallizes his skin, Olivia discovers the one man who can help has been institutionalized for twenty years.

The Same Old Story

The trio's unlikely partnership develops as they investigate the death of a woman who conceives, has a full-term pregnancy, and gives birth all within a few hours. After the birth, the baby ages to 80 years old and dies in only a few minutes. While the team looks into this bizarre event, Dr. Bishop begins testing in his lab.

The Ghost Network

A bizarre incident on a bus leaves the passengers asphyxiated in transparent silicon, and the only "witness" is a man who is psychically linked with the individual responsible.

The Arrival

Broyles calls in the team to investigate a deadly explosion and its source: a strange cylinder unharmed despite the destruction. Olivia determines that the same cylinder, or a similar one, is responsible for similar events in widely diverse locations.

Power Hungry

A deliveryman discovers he has the ability to control electrical devices and discharge current, leading to an elevator crash. Walter recognizes the accident as caused by someone who has undergone electrical augmentation, similar to a project he conducted using homing pigeons. Meanwhile, Olivia gets a visitor from her past.

The Cure

A missing woman appears at a diner where within minutes she and everyone present dies a painful death. The evidence points to illegal human drug trials and the possibility of human weaponization. Meanwhile, Peter makes a deal with the devil to get information from Nina Sharp, and Olivia celebrates her birthday.

In Which We Meet Mr. Jones

A genetically-engineered parasite attaches itself internally to a FBI agent. Olivia goes to Germany to meet with a man who knows about the parasite. Meanwhile, Walter conducts experiments to tap into a dead man's brainwaves, which puts Peter at risk when he is the one who has to hook up to the corpse.

The Equation

Walter thinks the abduction of a young music prodigy is linked back to his old bunkmate at St. Claire's Hospital, a mathematician who was driven insane after a similar abduction. Olivia wants Walter to return to the mental institution much to Peter's outcry. Walter is determined to help, which ends up having chilling ramifications.

The Dreamscape

The team is called in to investigate why a man jumps out a window because he thinks he's being attacked by butterflies. Olivia gets some breaks in solving the case from her former partner and that she is so desperate to rid herself of him that she demands to go back into the tank. Meanwhile, some former friends and current foes of Peter find out that he's back in Boston.


The team is called in on a bank robbery similar to other robberies in the area but this particular bank has the thief embedded inside the steel wall of the bank. Somehow the thieves have found a way to defy the law of physics. Walters thinks their after something of his. As the investigation deepens it all comes to a head when the thieves ambush one of the team.


Olivia soon escapes from her abductors, only to discover that she's the target of a supervisory investigation by an old nemesis. Meanwhile, a epidemiology professor chokes to death on a giant single-celled cold virus, and Olivia's sister Rachel comes to visit.

The No-Brainer

A trail of deaths across the country has a consistent pattern: in each case, the victim's brain has been liquefied after they viewed a downloaded computer file.

The Transformation

When bizarre twisted remains are found among the debris of a crashed jumbo jet, Olivia and Peter end up going undercover as part of their investigation.


A newsstand vendor dies when all of his orifices seal over. Meanwhile, the mysterious Mr. Jones turns himself over to the FBI and warns that if Olivia cannot pass a test, hundreds of other people will die in the same way.

Inner Child

A mysterious pale-skinned mute child is found in a 70-year-old chamber beneath a building scheduled for demolition. Olivia bonds with the child as she helps investigate a serial killer, the Artist. However, it soon becomes apparent that the Child has a unique link to the killer.


Animal rights activists inadvertently unleash an experimental creature made up of the genes of various animals. The creature goes on a rampage, and it attacks Charlie. He survives the attack but the team discovers that the creature implanted larvae in him which will grow to maturity in only a few hours.

Bad Dreams

Olivia is plagued by dreams where she appears to kill two people hundreds of miles away. However, she soon discovers her real connection to the deaths, a connection dating back to her childhood... and William Bell's experiments on her.


When victims turn up with their spinal columns ripped open, Fringe is called in and they determine that the scientist involved is a former ZFT member. Now he offers to tell them everything he knows about ZFT, if they find his wife... the woman responsible for the deaths.

The Road Not Taken

While investigating a seeming case of spontaneous combustion, Olivia begins having visions of an alternate reality that is somehow connected to the case. Meanwhile, the FBI tries to connect William Bell to ZFT, Peter reveals his latest project, and Nina Sharp pays Broyles a visit.

There's More Than One of Everything

David Robert Jones launches an attack on someone associated with Fringe Division in an attempt to gain what he needs to hunt down William Bell. Meanwhile, Walter goes on a trip with an acquaintance, and Nina and Olivia make a deal.

Season 2

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A New Day in the Old Town

An amnesiac Olivia makes her return from the parallel universe, while Walter, Pete, and Junior Agent Amy Jessup investigate the mysterious death of a man found with puncture holes in his palate. Meanwhile, Broyles defends the Fringe Division from a Senate subcommittee threatening to shut the organization down.

Night of Desirable Objects

A highway construction worker is the seventh in a series of mysterious disappearances in Lansdale, PA. The team come to investigate and finds traces of a mysterious paralytic. Meanwhile, Walter tries to send frogs to an alternate reality and Olivia realizes her recent trip has altered her in ways she can barely understand.


When an American officer who served in Iraq blows up in a Philadelphia train station, the Fringe Division investigates and determines that something turned the man into a living bomb. Peter and Olivia travel to Iraq to determine if Peter's contacts can shed some light on the situation.

Momentum Deferred

Olivia begins to regain her memories of her encounter with William Bell. Meanwhile, the "First Wave" tries to collect the head of their leader, and the traitor makes his move.

Dream Logic

A man in Seattle goes berserk, attacking his boss and claiming his victim is a demon. After the killer dies of what appears to be exhaustion, the Fringe Division discover it's only the first in a series of killings where the persons initiating the attacks were in a dreaming state while awake.


Human beings are reduced to ash statues and Broyles realizes that the same person responsible murdered five other persons four years ago... a case that he never solved.

Of Human Action

Two men kidnap a teenage boy using mind control abilities. The boy's father works for Massive Dynamic but Nina insists that the company hasn't been developing mind control, and has no idea who the two kidnappers are. The truth or falsehood of her statements are soon confirmed when Peter encounters the person responsible for the boy's abduction.


The Observer chooses to do something other than observe, abducting a college student. However, when the Fringe team investigates, they discover that there is more than one Observer.. in both time and space.


A Chinese Triad is using illegal aliens to breed parasitic worms that eventually kill their hosts. When a ship runs aground, Fringe Division learns of the operation and tries to locate a second ship before the passengers on it suffer a slow, agonizing death.

Grey Matters

The First Wave breaks into a mental hospital and cures a long-term patient suffering from schizophrenia. When the Fringe team investigates, Olivia discovers that the group's leader has one of the heads stolen from cryogenic storage months earlier. Meanwhile, two other mental patients are cured of their schizophrenia and the team soon realize that something was taken from each patients' brain... and Walter holds the key to realizing what First Wave is after.


A teenage girl pronounced brain dead wakes up in the middle of the operation to remove her organs... speaking numbers in Russian. When the Navy confirms that the numbers are nuclear launch codes and a missing officer named Rusk knows them, the search is on for the missing man.

Johari Window

A state trooper picks up a runaway boy, but when he undergoes a strange transformation, three murders result. The Fringe team is called in to investigate and discover that a small town harbors a horrible secret.

What Lies Below

A Dutch industrial consultant arrives for an appointment and dies in a painful explosion of blood. Olivia and Peter arrive on the scene first and discover that the blood contains a pathogen and everyone in the building may be contaminated. While Walter and Astrid work outside the quarantined building to create a cure, the virus develops unique characteristics that pose a danger to the entire world.

The Bishop Revival

When all of the groom's relatives asphyxiate at a wedding, the Fringe division investigates and quickly ascertain that a human agency is responsible. Walter realizes that the formula for the toxin was based on research conducted by his father, Robert Bischoff, and that the killer isn't stopping with a single test of his lethal concoction.


The arrival of a building from the alternate Earth causes massive death and destruction to those occupying the site at its arrival. Walter soon realizes that to equalize the balance between universes, another building will have to disappear... along with everyone inside it. The team's only chance is for Walter to activate Olivia's long-buried ability to distinguish objects from the other universe.


Walter explains to Olivia how Peter came from the alternate universe, and how he was willing to risk everything to save his son.

Olivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver.

A healthy woman dies of rapid-onset cancer in a matter of minutes, and the Fringe team is called in to investigate. The killer has connections to Jacksonville... and Olivia is a potential victim. Meanwhile, Olivia tries to come to terms with her knowledge of Peter's origins.

White Tulip

When the passengers on a commuter train all die instantly of massive power loss, the team realizes that a time traveler is responsible... and that it may be impossible to apprehend him. Meanwhile, Walter writes a letter to Peter explaining his origins.

The Man from the Other Side

Two teenagers turn up dead and evidence indicates that shapeshifters have borrowed their forms for some special mission. While the Fringe team tries to track them down, Peter grows increasingly suspicious of Walter's secretive behavior.

Brown Betty

When Peter disappears, Walter seeks solace in marijuana. In that state of mind, he and Astrid babysit Olivia's niece Ella, and Walter tells her a fairy tale of a gentle inventor, a stolen glass heart, a detective looking for true love, and a mysterious group of bald men known as the Watchers.

Northwest Passage

In Noyo County, Washington, Peter stumbles across a grisly murder with ties to Newton and First Wave. He is forced to team up with a suspicious sheriff to get to the heart of the case. Meanwhile, Walter has trouble functioning without Peter, and worries he will be sent back to the mental institute.

Over There, Part 1

When Walter discovers that Peter has traveled to the alternate universe, he and Olivia gather three cortexiphan children with the ability to transition safely between the two Earths.

Over There, Part 2

Walternate asks Peter to help complete the device, while the fugitives Walter and Olivia are reunited with William Bell. Meanwhile, the alternate world's Fringe Division closes in on the invaders, and Peter must make a life-shattering decision.

Season 3

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Olivia manages to escape imprisonment and tries to return to her own universe, only to discover that all possibilities are blocked and her memories are not her own.

The Box

Three robbers dig up a mysterious box from a suburban home, but it soon proves deadly to anyone exposed to it... with one exception. The alternate Olivia works with Newton to find the box, while accompanying Peter and Walter as they investigate the deaths. Meanwhile, William Bell's last will and testament is read, and Walter gets a surprising gift.

The Plateau

The Other Side's Fringe Division investigates a mysterious series of bus accidents that resulted in the deaths of specific individuals. Meanwhile, Olivia begins to have mysterious visions of people she finds strangely familiar, and Secretary Bishop tells Colonel Broyles why he has placed an impostor on his team.

Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?

A deep-cover shapeshifter is inadvertently exposed, and the Fringe team hopes to probe its body and download critical information about the Other Side's infiltration plans. Bolivia orders Newton to acquire the data, and Newton calls a sleeper agent into play. Meanwhile, Walter adjusts to life as the owner of Massive Dynamic.

Amber 31422

When a man frees his twin brother from an amber quarantine zone, Secretary Bishop realizes he must keep the knowledge secret before the public learns that it can be done... at the cost of weakening the quarantine zones. Meanwhile, Olivia agrees to help the DOD test her ability to travel between worlds, and tries to cope with visions of Peter Bishop warning her that something isn't right.

6955 kHz

On This Side, Fringe Division investigates fifteen people who were all stricken with retrograde amnesia after hearing a mysterious radio transmission. Meanwhile, Walter disagrees with Peter's experiments on the destruction device.

The Abducted

On the Other Side, a serial kidnapper abducts another in a series of children, all of who have been eventually discovered with massive cellular atrophy. One of the victims is Christopher Broyles... the son of Colonel Broyles. Olivia and her team pursue the case, but Olivia also secretly makes arrangements to get to Liberty Island and find her way back to her world.


Olivia struggles to return to her world and gets help from an unexpected ally. Meanwhile, Bolivia's ruse is uncovered and the race is on as she attempts to return to the Other Side before Peter and the others can catch her.


As Olivia returns to work, the Fringe team is called in to investigate the case of a man who temporarily survived the removal of his heart. While they hunt down the serial organ thief, Olivia deals with the discovery that Peter unwittingly had a romantic relationship with her counterpart.

The Firefly

The Observer contacts Walter and asks for his help in setting the balance straight and rectifying a shared mistake. Meanwhile, a retired musician emerges from obscurity when the staff at his hospital discover that he received a visit from his son... who has been dead 25 years.


The Fringe team discovers the connection between Peter and the world-destroying Machine, and try to determine what it is and how they can control it. Meanwhile, a mysterious assassin stalks the remaining shapeshifters on This Side, an assassin who is always one step ahead of the team.

Concentrate and Ask Again

A trio of ex-soldiers use a chemical that dissolves human bones against the scientists they hold responsible for the plight of their families, and Walter tracks down one of the Cortexiphan suspects to help them find the men before it's too late. Meanwhile, Nina discovers who the author of The First People book is.


On the Other Side, a scientist uses human hosts to develop a new form of skelter beetle to produce a vaccine, unconcerned about the cost in lives. The alternate Olivia and her team hunt the scientist down, and she learns a startling secret about herself.


A woman is haunted by the ghost of her dead husband, but it soon becomes apparent that much more is at stake when partygoers in the same building plummet to their deaths... through a solid stone balcony.

Subject 13

The secrets of the past are revealed, as Walter attempts to use the cortexiphan children to return the Other Side's Peter to his home dimension. Meanwhile, Young Olivia discovers the trigger for her abilities, and the Other Side's Walter realizes what has happened to his son.


The Fringe team is called in to investigate the death of a thief whose corpse defies gravity. Meanwhile, Walter becomes obsessed with bringing William Bell's spirit back so that he can use his friend's help to stop the breakdown of barriers between the two universes.


While investigating reports of a woman that can't be killed, the Fringe team deals with the return of William Bell.


On the Other Side, a mysterious team of doctors abducts Bolivia and attempts to induce childbirth. Lincoln and Charlie race desperately to find her, while learning the truth about their comrade and her recent adventures on This Side.

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

In an effort to remove Bell's consciousness from Olivia's mind, Peter, Bell, and Walter enter Olivia's subconscious and attempt to find her personality, which has hidden itself somewhere safe.

6:02 AM EST

On the Other Side, Walternate uses his grandson's blood, containing Peter's DNA, to activate the Machine and unleash a series of cataclysmic vortexes on This Side. While Peter ponders whether to enter the Machine to shut it down, Fauxlivia takes things into her own hands to save both worlds.

The Last Sam Weiss

As the East Coast is hit by an outbreak of dry lightning storms, Olivia and Sam Weiss join forces to find something capable of unlock the Machine. Meanwhile, Walter and Astrid try to figure out the source of their problems, and Peter goes shopping.

The Day We Died

Peter is thrown forward into the year 2026, where he is forced to face the consequences of his decision to activate the Machine and destroy the Other Side. Meanwhile the Observers gather at Liberty Island to witness the outcome as worlds collide.

Season 4

    Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4

Neither Here Nor There

FBI agent Lincoln Lee insists on helping Olivia investigate a series of killings by a translucent man who left his victims in the same condition. Meanwhile, the two worlds exchange information and Walter is haunted by visions of a mysterious man in his mirrors.

One Night in October

A serial killer on the Other Side has killed 23 victims and Fauxlivia comes to This Side to ask for the loan of the serial killer's duplicate, a mild-mannered Forensics Psychologist. Meanwhile, Walter deals increasingly vivid hallucinations.

Alone in the World

A 12-year-old boy makes an unusual friend, a friend who causes the death of two bullies. While the Fringe team attempts to deal with a growing field of contagion, Walter takes drastic measures to deal with his hallucinations.

Subject 9

When a bizarre energy mass attacks Olivia, she turns to Walter for help. When they realize the attack is related to Walter's Cortexiphan experiments on Olivia, they track down another test subject who had the ability to project his astral self.


While Olivia and Walter attempt to deal with the appearance of the man from their dreams, Fringe Division deals with a shapeshifter who is tracking down a former Massive Dynamic scientist in the hopes of getting him to stabilize her metabolism.

And Those We've Left Behind

Time anomalies apparently connected to Peter's arrival start manifesting in the Boston area, but the Fringe team soon discovers that they are caused by a husband desperate to be reunited with his ailing wife.


The Fringe team investigates a man with a broken neck who was drained of his pigmentation. Meanwhile, Olivia suffers from headaches and Peter begins trying to recreate the Machine.

Back to Where You've Never Been

Peter asks Olivia to help him go to the Other Side and ask Walternate for help when Walter refuses to help him employ the Machine to return to his own timeline. Meanwhile, the threat of the prototype shapeshifters grows and an old enemy returns.

Enemy of My Enemy

Peter reaches an uneasy alliance with the Other Side's Fringe Division, and helps them once they capture the mastermind behind the shapeshifters. Meanwhile, the Other Side's Elizabeth Bishop comes to see This Side's Walter Bishop to ask for his help.

Forced Perspective

The Fringe team discovers a girl who can see the future, and she warns that her vision always come true. Now, Olivia and the others must find the source of her newest vision, which shows a courthouse collapsing and killing hundreds of people.

Making Angels

While the Fringe Division on This Side deals with a murderer who uses a poison that can't possibly exist, Agents Farnsworth and Dunham from the Other Side come to pay the team a visit.

Welcome to Westfield

While investigating a plane crash near the small Vermont town of Westfield, Peter, Olivia, and Walter discover that they are trapped in the town and surrounded by people who are going insane.

A Better Human Being

Olivia and the team investigate a mental patient who heard voices that describes a real-life murder. While she conducts the investigation, Olivia begins to be overwhelmed by the memories of Peter's Olivia, and they must decide if they wish to give in and accept Olivia's new persona.

The End of All Things

As David Robert Jones tortures a captive Nina in an effort to activate Olivia's cortexiphan-enhanced abilities, the dying Observer visits Peter and Walter at their lab and Peter must merge minds with him to learn his secrets.

A Short Story About Love

While Olivia deals with the ramifications of the memories of Peter's "Olivia" subsuming her, the Fringe team investigates the deaths of two couples and discovers that a twisted killer is trying to capture love in a bottle.

Nothing as It Seems

When a passenger on a Paris-to-New York flight transforms at the NY terminal and kills two TSA agents before dying himself, Peter realizes that the case is the same as one that he dealt with in the original timeline four years earlier. Meanwhile, Olivia is put on leave when Broyles discovers that 40% of her memories as an agent for him are now missing.

Everything In Its Right Place

Feeling left out on This Side, Lincoln travels to the Other Side to help Fringe Division investigate a vigilante who genetically damages his victims as he kills them.

The Consultant

When three men die under mysterious circumstances on This Side, Walter travels to the Other Side to determine how the same three men died over there and what the connection is.

Letters of Transit

In the year 2036, the Observers have conquered mankind and taken the planet for themselves. Only two brave Fringe agents stand between the Observers and the total subservience of Man... but to triumph, they'll need the help of a legendary figure from the past.

Worlds Apart

Walter realizes what David Robert Jones' end game is, and how it involves the cortexiphan subjects. The two Fringe teams work together to stop the pending crisis and realize that one world will have to make a sacrifice to stop Jones.

86 :04x21 - Brave New World (1)

While dealing with multiple cases of spontaneous combustion, Walter realizes who is responsible for Jones' plan and sets out to get proof. Meanwhile, Jones launches a series of new attacks after the bridge is shut down, in his bid to create a new universe for himself and his superior.

Brave New World (2)

Peter and Olivia attempt to stop William Bell from destroying the world, while Water is forced to watch. However, to save two universes, one of them will have to die.

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