2000 - 118 minutes - Color - Dolby Digital - 2.35 : 1
Us release date: April 28, 2000
New Line Cinema
Budget: $22,000,000 (estimated)
Opening Weekend: $9,025,584 (USA) (2,621 Screens)


A rare atmospheric phenomenon allows a New York City firefighter to communicate with his son 30 years in the future via short-wave radio. The son uses this opportunity to warn the father of his impending death in a warehouse fire, and manages to save his life. However, what he does not realize is that changing history has triggered a new set of tragic events, including the murder of his mother. The two men must now work together, 30 years apart, to find the murderer before he strikes so that they can change history--again.


Frank Sullivan - Dennis Quaid
John Sullivan - Jim Caviezel
Jack Shepard - Shawn Doyle
Julia 'Jules' Sullivan - Elizabeth Mitchell
Satch DeLeon - Andre Braugher
Gordo Hersch - Noah Emmerich
Samantha Thomas - Melissa Errico
Johnny Sullivan (6 Years) - Daniel Henson
Graham 'Gib' Gibson - Jordan Bridges
Gordo Hersch (8 Years) - Stephen Joffe
Commander Butch O'Connell - Jack McCormack
Butch Foster - Peter MacNeill
Gordy Jr. (10 Years) - Michael Cera
Sissy Clark - Marin Hinkle
Chuck Hayes - Richard Sali
Fred Shepard - Nesbitt Blaisdell
Laura Shepard - Joan Heney




Director - Gregory Hoblit

Writing credits

Writer - Toby Emmerich


Producer - Bill Carraro
Co-executive producer - Janis Chaskin
Producer - Toby Emmerich
Associate producer - Patricia Graf
Producer - Gregory Hoblit
Producer - Hawk Koch
Executive producer - Richard Saperstein
Executive producer - Robert Shaye