Fire in the Sky

1993 - 109 minutes - Color - Dolby SR - 2.35 : 1
US release date: March 12, 1993
Paramount Pictures


A group of men who were clearing bush for the government arrive back in town, claiming that their friend was abducted by aliens. Nobody believes them, and despite a lack of motive and no evidence of foul play, their friends' disappearance is treated as murder.


Travis Walton - D.B. Sweeney
Mike Rogers - Robert Patrick
Allan Dallis - Craig Sheffer
David Whitlock - Peter Berg
Greg Hayes - Henry Thomas
Bobby Cogdill - Bradley Gregg
Blake Davis - Noble Willingham
Katie Rogers - Kathleen Wilhoite
Frank Watters - James Garner
Dana Rogers - Georgia Emelin
Dan Walton - Scott MacDonald
Cyrus Gilson - Wayne Grace
Buck - Kenneth White
Ray Melendez - Robert Covarrubias
Dennis Clay - Bruce Wright
Ellis - Robert Biheller



Director - Robert Lieberman

Writing credits

Screenplay - Tracy Tormé
Book - Travis Walton ("The Walton Experience")


Producer - Todd Black
Executive producer - Wolfgang Glattes
Co-producer - Nilo Rodis-Jamero
Co-producer - Robert Strauss
Co-producer - Tracy Tormé
Producer - Joe Wizan