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Season One: Guide
1. Premiere
2. I, E.T.
3. Exodus from Genesis
4. Throne for a Loss
5. Back and Back and Back to the Future
6. Thank God it's Friday. Again.
7. PK Tech Girl
8. That Old Black Magic
9. DNA Mad Scientist
10. They've Got a Secret
11. Till the Blood Runs Clear
12. Rhapsody in Blue
13. The Flax
14. Jeremiah Crichton
15. Durka Returns
16. A Human Reaction
17. Through the Looking Glass
18. A Bug's Life
19. Nerve
20. The Hidden Memory
21. Bone to be Wild
22. Family Ties

Season Two: Guide
23. Mind the Baby
24. Vitas Mortis
25. Taking the Stone
26. Crackers Don't Matter
27. The Way We Weren't
28. Picture if You Will
29. Home on the Remains
30.Dream a Little Dream
31. Out of Their Minds
32. Look at the Princess (1):
A Kiss Is But a Kiss

33. Look at the Princess (2):
I Do, I Think

34. Look at the Princess (3):
The Maltese Crichton

35. My Three Crichtons
36. Beware of Dog
37. Won't Get Fooled Again
38. The Locket
39. The Ugly Truth
40. A Clockwork Nebari
41. Liars, Guns and Money (1):
A Not So Simple Plan

42. Liars, Guns and Money (2):
With Friends Like These...

43. Liars, Guns and Money (3):
Plan B

44. Die Me, Dichotomy

Season Three: Guide
45. Season of Death
46. Suns and Lovers
47. Self Inflicted Wounds (1):
Could'a, Would'a, Should'a

48. Self Inflicted Wounds(2):
Wait for the Wheel

49. ...Different Destinations
50. Eat Me
51. Thanks for Sharing
52. Green Eyed Monster
53. Losing Time
54. Relativity
55. Incubator
56. Meltdown
57. Scratch 'n Sniff
58.Infinite Possibilities (1):
Daedalus Demands

59. Infinite Possibilities (2):
Icarus Abides

60. Revenging Angel
61. The Choice
62. Fractures
63. I-Yensch, You-Yensch
64. Into the Lion's Den (1):
Lambs to the Slaughter

65. Into the Lion's Den (2):
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

66.Dog with Two Bones

Season Four: Guide
67. Crichton Kicks
68. What Was Lost (1):

69. What Was Lost (2):

70. Lava's a Many Splendored Thing
71. Promises
72. Natural Election
73. John Quixote
74. I Shrink Therefore I Am
75. A Prefect Murder
76. Coup by Clam
77. Unrealized Reality (1)
78. Kansas (2)
79. Terra Firma (3)
80. Twice Shy
81. Mental as Anything
82. Bringing Home the Beacon
83. A Constellation of Doubt
84. Prayer
85. We're So Screwed (1):
Fetal Attraction

86. We're So Screwed (2):
Hot to Katratzi

87. We're So Screwed (3):
La Bomba

88. Bad Timing

Mini Series
The Peacekeeper Wars



























Crichton, John ( Ben Browder)
Rank: Commander
Current assignment: IASA astronaut,
Lost in Distant part of the Galaxy. On board Moya
Species: Human
Date of birth: 1969
Place of birth: Memphis, Tennessee, Earth
Parents: John Robert "Jack" Crichton, Sr and Leslie Crichton
Education: Ph.D.in cosmology and astrophysics
Marital status: Married to Aeryn Sun
Children: Son, D'Argo Sun-Crichton
Weapon of Choice: Peacekeeper Pulse Pistol
which he affectionately named "Winona"

Sun, Aeryn ( Claudia Black)
Rank: Former Pleisar Regiment with the Peacekeepers
Current assignment: Former Peacekeeper pilot,
turned fugitive on board Moya
Species: Sebacean
Place of birth: Peacekeeper Command Carrier
Parents: Xhalax Sun, Talyn Lyczac
Education: Bred to be a soldier and a Prowler Pilot
Marital status: Married to John Crichton
Children: Son, D'Argo Sun-Crichton
Weapon of Choice: Pulse pistol, Pulse rifle,
Heavy pulse rifle

Ka D'Argo ( Anthony Simcoe)
Rank: Captian
Current assignment: Deceased: former fugitive on board Moya
Species: Luxan
Marital status: Widower of Lo'Laan Tal; Briefly engaged to Chiana
Children: Son, Jothee
Weapon of Choice: Qualta Blade, Luxan tongue sting



Rygel XVI ( Jonathan Hardy (voice),)
Rank: Dominar
Current assignment: Former fugitive on board Moya.
Last to be planning on returning to Hyneria,
likely to reclaim the throne that he had long coveted.
Species: Hynerian
Place of birth: Hyneria
Marital status: Single
Children: none known
Weapon of Choice: Teeth

Chiana ( Gigi Edgley)
Current assignment: Moya's Crew
Species: Nebari
Place of birth: Nebari Prime,
Parents: Unknown. Has a brother Nerri
Marital status: briefly engaged to Ka D'Argo,
Children: none
Weapon of Choice: Pulse pistol


Zotoh Zhaan ( Virginia Hey)
Rank: Delvian Seek, Pa'u of the ninth level.
Current assignment: Deseased, formally part of Moya's crew.
Species: Delvian
Place of birth: Delvia
Marital status: Romanticly involved with Stark before her death
Children: none
Weapon of Choice: powers, flammable or explosive chemicals


Stark ( Paul Goddard)
Current assignment: Moya's crew.
Species: Banik
Marital status: In a relationship with Zhann before her death
Children: none



Jool ( Tammy MacIntosh)
Rank: Priests of Arnessk
Current assignment: Former member of Moya's crew,
currently a Priests of Arnessk
Species: Interion
Place of birth: Peacekeeper Command Carrier
Marital status: single
Children: none known
Weapon of Choice: Her voice

Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu "Sikozu" ( Raelee Hill)
Rank: Member of the Kalish resistance
Current assignment: Moya's crew and allied with Scorpius,
Species: Kalish bioloid
Place of birth: Bioengineered by the Kalish resistance
Marital status: In a relationship with scopius
Children: none



Utu-Noranti Pralatong ( Melissa Jaffer)
Current assignment: Moya's crew
Species: Traskan
Weapon of Choice: Various powders




Scorpius ( Wayne Pygram)
Rank: Commander of the Peacekeeper force.
Current assignment: Last seen on a prison pod with nothing but a limited supply of air
and left to die in Hynerian space
after being arrested and banished by Rygel.
Species: Sebacean/Scarran Hybrid
Place of birth: Peacekeeper Command Carrier
Parents: Rylani Jeema Dellos,
a Sebacean woman who was abducted by Scarrans
and raped by Wolesh, a soldier-caste Scarran male.
Marital status: Single. Had a brief relationship with Sikozu
Children: none
Weapon of Choice: Seeks the wormhole weapon

Species: DRD "Diagnostic Repair Drone"
Current assignment: On Board Moya. Crichton's data storage unit for all
of his wormhole equations and calculations.
Education: Crichton taught it to whistle and chirp the 1812 Overture.
Place of birth: On the Leviathan Elack
Parents: The Leviathan Elack
John Crichton adoptive father.

Pilot ( Lani Tupu )
Current assignment: Moya's Pilot
Species: Pilot




Class: Leviathan Transport
Manufacturer: Builders
Shielding: Peacekeeper Defense Screen (Jury Rigged Salvage)
Countermeasures: Starburst
Role: Prisoner transport
Known commander(s) Dominar Rygel XVI, Ka D'Argo