2014 - Color - NC
US release date: March 21, 2014
Red Wagon Entertainment


Divergent is set in a futuristic Chicago that’s divided into five ideological factions to stabilize society and uphold peace. Every citizen must choose a permanent faction at age 16 - either their own or another. The story focuses on Beatrice Prior, who is struggling to survive her initiation into the most aggressive and physically demanding of the factions.


Beatrice Prior / Tris - Shailene Woodley
Four - Theo James
Andrew Prior - Aaron Eckhart
Jeanine Matthews - Kate Winslet
Eric - Jai Courtney
Tori - Maggie Q
Peter - Miles Teller
Christina - Zoë Kravitz
Caleb Prior - Ansel Elgort
Molly Atwood - Amy C. Newbold




Director - Neil Burger

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Writing credits

Screenplay - Evan Daugherty
Screenplay - Vanessa Taylor
Novel - Veronica Roth


Producer - Lucy Fisher
Producer - Pouya Shabazian
Producer - Douglas Wick