Demolition Man

1993 - 115 minutes - Color - 2.35 : 1
US release date: October 08, 1993
Warner Bros. Pictures, Silver Pictures
Budget: $57,000,000 (estimated)
Opening Weekend: $14,200,000 (USA)


Frozen in 1996, Phoenix, a convicted killer is "thawed" out for parole well into the 21st century. Revived into a crime free society, Phoenix resumes his murderous rampage, and no one can stop him. Spartan, the cop who captured Phoenix in 1996 has also been cryogenically frozen, this time for a crime he didn't commit. In desperation they turn to Spartan to help recapture Phoenix.


John Spartan - Sylvester Stallone
Simon Phoenix - Wesley Snipes
Lenina Huxley - Sandra Bullock
Dr. Raymond Cocteau - Nigel Hawthorne
Alfredo Garcia - Benjamin Bratt
Chief George Earle - Bob Gunton
Associate Bob - Glenn Shadix
Edgar Friendly - Denis Leary
Zachary Lamb - Young - Grand L. Bush
Helicopter Pilot - Pat Skipper
Captain Healy - Steve Kahan




Director -Marco Brambilla

Writing credits

Screenplay - Daniel Waters
Screenplay - Robert Reneau
Screenplay - Peter M. Lenkov
Story - Peter M. Lenkov
Story - Robert Reneau


Executive producer - Steven Bratter
Executive producer - Pete Catalano
Co-producer - Steven Fazekas
Co-producer - Jacqueline George
Co-producer - James Herbert
Producer - Howard Kazanjian
Producer - Michael Levy
Associate producer - Tony Munafo
Executive producer - Aaron Schwab
Executive producer - Faye Schwab
Executive producer - Craig Sheffer
Producer - Joel Silver