1985 - 99 minutes - Color - Dolby - 2.35 : 1
US release date: June 14, 1985
Paramount Pictures, World Film Services


Everyone in town is in awe of young Daryl's extraordinary talents and abilities, and so are his foster parents. He can perform advanced mathematics, master complex video games at first try, and hit home runs in his very first baseball game. Add to that his genuinely charismatic appeal and you have a special child. Very special...A child in jeopardy, too, because the military has a Top Secret interest in Daryl that threatens his very existence. The most sophisticated computers and scientists are pitted against Daryl's incredible gifts in an adventure that will determine whether human spirit can triumph over pure science.


Joyce Richardson - Mary Beth Hurt
Andy Richardson - Michael McKean
Dr. Ellen Lamb - Kathryn Walker
Elaine Fox - Colleen Camp
Dr. Jeffrey Stewart - Josef Sommer
General Graycliffe - Ron Frazier
Howie Fox - Steve Ryan
Mr. Nesbitt - David Wohl
Turtle Fox - Danny Corkill
Sherie Lee Fox - Amy Linker
Daryl - Barret Oliver
Mr. Bergen - Ed L. Grady
Mrs. Bergen - Tucker McGuire
Dr. Mulligan - Richard Hammatt



Director - Simon Wincer

Writing credits

Writer - David Ambrose
Writer - Allan Scott
Writer - Jeffrey Ellis


Co-producer - Burtt Harris
Producer - John Heyman
Co-producer - Gabrielle Kelly