Crusade: Episode Synopsis

War Zone

The year is 2263. The future begins - or ends - here. Captain Matthew Gideon assembles the crew that will be with him on the experimental starship Excalibur. Among them: first officer Matheson and archaeologist Max Eilerson. Their mission: explore the reaches of space to find a cure for the deadly Drakh virus that will overrun Earth in five years.

The long road

Dragons, fiends and terrors - oh, my! 'This was such a nice quiet place,' laments Alwyn about Regula 4. But now Earth's desperate strip-mining of a mineral that's an antiviral agent threatens the tiny planet with eco-disaster and public insurrection... if Alwyn's wizardly skills can't conjure up a solution.

The Well of Forever

It's his nature to be mysterious. But Galen, a technimage who uses advanced technology in magical ways, may be going too far. Dureena Nafeel questions the Technomage's motives when he spearheads a risky expedition to a hyperspace realm that, like Stonehenge, is a mystical crossroads for concentrated energies.

The Path of Sorrows

Expeditioners encounter a mysterious alien in a world rumoured to be a place of healing. His curative powers turn out to be emotional rather than physical. He serves as a confessional priest for troubled galactic wayfarers, including Capt. Gideon and Lt. Matheson.

Patterns Of The Soul

Earthling forces orders the Excalibur crew to evacuate colonists who carry the plague virus and left the Earth during the Drakh attack. The secret they hide could be as lethal as the plague inside them.

Ruling From The Tomb

The Threat of viral plague that hangs over Earth is a tragic situation to most. But it's God's will to the Sacred Omega doomsday cult. While B5's Captain Lochley, Excalibur's biogeneticist Dr. Sarah Chambers and other Earthlings from colonized space convene to plan a unified course of anti-plague action, Omegas try to speed judgment day by planting a bomb at the conference.

Rules Of The Game

Lorka 7 may hold medical secrets useful to Earth - if Gideon can gain access to the planet. He comes to Babylon 5 and runs headlong into the Lorkans' claim that Earthlings will taint their world. In a bid to remove this human uncleanliness, they conspire to murder Gideon.

Appearances And Other Deceits

The Excalibur finds an alien abandonned destroyed spaceship that drift in space. All its inhabitants are dead except one. When they get the stranger onboard the Excalibur in the only purpose to save his life, they discover that this one is a danger for them.

Racing The Night

The Excalibur discovers equations for propulsion, energy creation, alloy-making -- almost everything but medical technology. Dureena Nafeel, discovers an apparent cache of globes, and another crew member discovers the eviscerated body of a crewman! In addition to all these discoveries, the landing party is attacked, resulting in Capt. Gideon relying on Galen’s help to escape a perilous situation…

The Memory Of War

Capt. Matthew Gideon finds a world which he has long been looking for, only to discover all the inhabitant are now dead. There is something strange about the planet however, and when night comes Gideon, Eilerson, Dureena, and others are faced with ‘stalking death’ strikes…

The Needs Of Earth

Capt. Matthew Gideon sets out to find the criminal, Natchok Var, who has stolen several datacrystals filled with important information. All does not go smoothly however: Natchok Var has been captured by Praxis 9 bounty hunters, and to add to their troubles Praxis 9 is a planet with a poisonous atmosphere. Things get further complicated as the Alliance refuses to acknowledge the Excalibur or her crew if they are discovered…. As if things could not have got worse Dureena Nafeel knows something about Praxis that she does not share with the others, she isn't the only person who isn't telling everything...

Visitors From Down The Street

The Excalibur discovers a near depleted life pod, and Capt. Matthew Gideon and Lt. John Matheson attempt to establish contact with the aliens. The aliens however look remarkably like humans, but are very untrustworthy of earthlings, and relations do not develop smoothly…

Each Night I Dream Of Home

Drifting in space, Lochley, healed is welcomed by the Excalibur while performing a secret mission. The risked experienced is compromised when the Drakh notice their position and their attack...