The Core

2003 - 134 minutes - Color - Dolby Digital - 2.35 : 1
US release date: March 28, 2003
David Foster Productions, Paramount Pictures
Horsepower Films, Core Productions, LivePlanet
Budget: $60,000,000 (estimated)
Opening Weekend: $12,053,131 (USA) (3,017 Screens)


Geophysicist Dr. Josh Keyes discovers that an unknown force has caused the earth's inner core to stop rotating. With the planet's magnetic field rapidly deteriorating, the atmosphere starts to come apart at the seams, literally, with catastrophic consequences. To resolve the crisis, Dr. Keyes--along with a team of the world's most gifted scientists--travels into the earth's core, in a subterranean craft piloted by "terranauts" from NASA: Major Rebecca "Beck" Childs, and Colonel Robert Iverson. Their mission: detonate the device that will reactivate the core.


Dr. Josh Keyes - Aaron Eckhart
Dave Perry - Christopher Shyer
Paul - Ray Galletti
Maj. Rebecca Childs - Hilary Swank
Dr. Ed 'Braz' Brazzleton - Delroy Lindo
Lynne - Eileen Pedde
Danni - RĂ©kha Sharma (Rekha Sharma)
Dr. Conrad Zimsky - Stanley Tucci
Theodore Donald 'Rat' Finch - DJ Qualls
Acker - Tom Scholte
Gen. Thomas Purcell - Richard Jenkins
Cmdr. Robert Iverson - Bruce Greenwood
Serge - Tcheky Karyo



Director - Jon Amiel

Writing credits

Writer - Cooper Layne
Writer - John Rogers


Producer - Sean Bailey
Producer - David Foster
Co-producer - David Householter
Producer - Cooper Layne