1997 - 153 minutes - Color - Dolby Digital - 2.35 : 1
US release date: July 11, 1997
Warner Bros. Pictures, South Side Amusement Company
Budget: $90,000,000 (estimated)
Opening Weekend: $20,584,908 (USA) (1,923 Screens)


Professor Eleanor "Ellie" Anne Arroway is an astronomy and science fanatic. She rents with her own funds, the VLA network, a system composed of 27 antennae listening to the stars. Her goal, to intercept a possible alien message coming from outer space. After four barren years, under the threat of losing her financing for her project, when all seems lost, she receives a message from the stars; a signal on frequency 4.46Ghz coming from Vega.


Young Ellie - Jena Malone
Ted Arroway - David Morse
Eleanor Arroway - Jodie Foster
Fisher - Geoffrey Blake
Kent - William Fichtner
Vernon - SaMi Chester
Davio - Timothy McNeil
Palmer Joss - Matthew McConaughey
David Drumlin - Tom Skerritt
Minister - Henry Strozier
Hadden Suit - Michael Chaban
Willie - Maximilian Martini



Director - Robert Zemeckis

Writing credits

Screenplay - James V. Hart
Screenplay - Michael Goldenberg
Novel - Carl Sagan
Story - Carl Sagan
Story - Ann Druyan


Associate producer - Steven J. Boyd
Executive producer - Joan Bradshaw
Co-producer - Ann Druyan
Executive producer - Lynda Obst
Associate producer - Rick Porras
Co-producer - Carl Sagan
Producer - Steve Starkey
Producer - Robert Zemeckis