Close Encounters of the Third Kind

1977 - 135 minutes - Color - Dolby - 2.20 : 1
US release date: November 16, 1977
Columbia Pictures Corporation, EMI Films
Julia Phillips and Michael Phillips Productions
Budget: $19,400,870 (estimated)


Roy Neary sets out to investigate a power outage when his truck stalls and he is bathed in light from above. After this, strange visions and five musical notes keep running through his mind. Will he find the meaning of the visions, and who - or what - placed them in his mind?


Roy Neary - Richard Dreyfuss
Claude Lacombe - Fran├žois Truffaut
Ronnie Neary - Teri Garr
Jillian Guiler - Melinda Dillon
David Laughlin - Bob Balaban
Project Leader - J. Patrick McNamara
Wild Bill - Warren Kemmerling
Farmer - Roberts Blossom
Jean Claude - Philip Dodds
Barry Guiler - Cary Guffey
Brad Neary - Shawn Bishop
Sylvia Neary - Adrienne Campbell
Toby Neary - Justin Dreyfuss
Robert - Lance Henriksen



Director - Steven Spielberg

Writing credits

Writer - Steven Spielberg


Associate producer - Clark Paylow
Producer - Julia Phillips
Producer - Michael Phillips