Circuitry Man

1990 - 93 minutes - Color - Stereo - NC
US release date: October 31, 1990
IRS Media, Skouras Pictures


In a future where most humans have moved underground to escape the pollution, one of the few pleasures left is a kind of narcotic in the form of chips which can be plugged directly into the brain. Lori, a female body guard steals a case of such chips and flees underground Los Angeles with Danner, a pleasure android so that they can smuggle the chips to New York. In pursuit is Plughead, a dangerous criminal so named because of the many sockets and ports which decorate his scalp so that he can test and use the chips that he is after.


Danner - Jim Metzler
Lori - Dana Wheeler-Nicholson
Juice - Lu Leonard
Plughead - Vernon Wells
Yoyo - Barbara Alyn Woods
Leech - Dennis Christopher
Bartender - Steven Bottomley
Cheater - Barney Burman
Squid - Andy Goldberg
Jugs - Garry Goodrow




Director - Steven Lovy

Writing credits

Writer - Robert Lovy
Writer - Steven Lovy


Executive producer - Paul Colichman
Executive producer - Miles A. Copeland III
Producer - Steven Reich
Producer - John Schouweiler