Notable Events In Science Fact And Fiction

Date Event Known In


January 2, 1920 Isaac Asimov's Birthday History
January 3, 1993 Star Trek DS9 Anniversary Star Trek
January 3, 2004 Spirit Rover Lands on Mars History
January 5, 1967 Joe Flanigan's Birthday (John Shepard) Stargate
January 5, 1969 Paul McGillion's Birthday (Carson Beckett) Stargate
January 6, 19?? Aron Eisenberg's Birthday (Nog) Star Trek
January 6, 1960 Andrea Thompson's Birthday (Talia Winters) Babylon 5
January 7, 1949 Steven Williams's Birthday (X) The X-Files
January 8, 1943 Stephan Hawking's Birthday History
January 13, 1938 William B. Davis's Birthday (The Smoking Man) The X-Files
January 14, 2005 First Landing on an Alien Moon. The Huygens probe lands on Saturn's largest moon, Titan. History
January 16, 1995 Star Trek Voyager Anniversary Star Trek
January 17, 1979 David Blue's Birthday (Eli Wallace) Stargate
January 19, 1971 Rachel Luttrell's Birthday (Teyla Emmagan) Stargate
January 19 ,19?? Martin Wood's Birthday (Writer-Director) Stargate
January 23, 1950 Richard Dean Anderson's Birthday (Jack O'Neill) Stargate
January 24, 1986 The Voyager 2 spacecraft arrives at Uranus, giving us our first close-up views of the blue planet and its moons. History
January 25, 2004 Opportunity Rover Lands on Mars History
January 26, 1994 Babylon 5 Anniversary Babylon 5
January 27, 1942 James Cromwell's Birthday (Zefram Cochrane) Star Trek
January 28, 1986 The space shuttle Challenger explodes shortly after liftoff, resulting in the loss of the spacecraft and her crew. History



Date Event Known In Photo
February 1, 2003 Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster History
February 1, 1954 Bill Mumy's Birthday (Lennier) Babylon 5
February 2, 1949 Brent Spiner's Birthday (Data) Star Trek
February 8, 1955 Ethan Phillips's Birthday (Neelix) Star Trek
February12,2001 The Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) spacecraft is successfully landed on the surface of the asteroid Eros. History
February 14, 1942 Andrew Robinson's Birthday (Elim Garak ) Star Trek
February 16, 1957 LeVar Burton's Birthday (Geordi LaForge) Star Trek
February 16, 1970 Tammy Macitosh's Birthday (Jool) Farscape
February 17, 1967 Michelle Forbes's Birthday (Ro Laren) Star Trek
February 20, 1967 Justin Louis's Birthday (Everett Young) Stargate
February 20, 1969 John Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth. History
February 20, 1986 The first phase of the Mir space station is successfully launched and placed into Earth orbit. History
February 22, 1968 Jeri Lynn Ryan's Birthday (Seven of Nine ) Star Trek
February 23, 1939 Majel Barrett's Birthday ( Luwaxana Troi) Star Trek



Date Event Known In Photo
March 1, 1982 The Soviet Venera 13 lands on Venus and provides the first Venusian soil analysis. History
March 2, 1949 Gates McFadden's Birthday (Dr. Beverly Crusher) Star Trek
March 3, 1920 James Doohan's Birthday ( Montgomery Scott "Scotty") Star Trek
March 5, 1975 Jolene Blalock's Birthday (T'Pol) Star Trek
March 5, 1979 The U.S. Voyager 1 spacecraft, launched in 1977, arrives at Jupiter and begins sending back amazing images of the giant planet and its moons. History
March 9, 2256 Construction of Babylon 5 is completed. Babylon 5
March 13, 1971 Annabeth Gish's Birthday (Monica Reyes) The X-Files
March 18, 1981 Paul Goddard's Birthday (Stark) Farscape
March 18, 1960 Richard Biggs's Birthday (Stephen Franklin) Babylon 5
March 19, 1969 Conner Trinneer's Birthday (Charles 'Trip' Tucker III, Michael Kenmore) Star Trek & Stargate
March 19, 1999 Farscape Anniversary Farscape
March 20, 1948 John De Lancie's Birthday (Q) Star Trek
March 22, 1931
William Shatner's Birthday (James T. Kirk)
Star Trek
March 22, 19?? Michael Westmore's Birthday (Makeup Designer) Star Trek
March 26, 1931 Leonard Nimoy's Birthday (Spock) Star Trek
March 26, 1964 Ed Wasser's Birthday (Morden) Babylon 5
March 29, 1959 Marina Sirtis's Birthday (Deanna Troi) Star Trek



Date Event Known In Photo
April 3, 2085 The Earth Alliance is Founded Babylon 5
April 5, 2063 First contact with the Vulcans Star Trek
April 5, 1952 Mitch Pileggi's Birthday. (Walter Skinner) The X-Files
April 7, 2156 First contact occurs with the Cenrauri. Babylon 5
April 12, 1961 Yuri Gagarin becomes the first man in space History
April 14, 1961 Robert Carlyler's Birthday (Nicholas Rush) Stargate
April 18, 1949 Avery Brooks's Birthday (Benjamin Sisko) Star Trek
April 18, 1968 David Hewlett's Birthday (Rodney McKay) Stargate
April 19, 19?? Herman Zimmerman's Birthday (Set Designer) Star Trek
April 19, 1971 First Space Station, Salyut 1, is launched by the U.S.S.R. History
April 20, 1939 George Takei's Birthday (Hikaru Sulu) Star Trek
April 24, 1990 Launch of Hubble Space Telescope History
April 25, 1950 Peter Jurasik's Birthday ( Londo Mollari) Babylon 5
April 29, 1955 Kate Mulgrew's Birthday (Kathryn Janeway) Star Trek
April 29, 1963 Bruce Harwood's Birthday (John Fitzgerald Byers) The X-Files


Date Event Known In Photo
May 05, 19?? Marc Alaimo's Birthday (Gul Dukat) Star Trek
May 05, 1944 John Rhys-Davies's Birthday (Holographic Leonardo da Vinci) Star Trek
May 5, 1961 Astronaut Alan Shepard became the first American to be launched into space. History
May 6, 1952 Michael O'Hare's Birthday (Jeffrey David Sinclair) Babylon 5
May 8, 1955 Stephen Furst's Birthday ( Vir Cotto) Babylon 5
May 12, 1950 Bruce Boxleitner's Birthday ( John J. Sheridan) Babylon 5
May 14, 1973 First U.S. Space Station Skylab launched. History
May 18, 1946 Andreas Katsulas's Birthday (G'Kar) Babylon 5
May 20, 1960 John Billingsley's Birthday (Dr. Phlox) Star Trek
May 30, 1953 Colm Meaney's Birthday (Miles Edward O'Brien) Star Trek
May 30, 1948 Michael Piller's Birthday (Exec. Producer) Star Trek



Date Event Known In Photo
June 1, 1940 Rene Auberjonois's Birthday (Odo) Star Trek
June 2, 1982 Jewel Staite's Birthday (Jennifer Keller) Stargate
June 2, 1971 Anthony Montgomery's Birthday (Travis Mayweather) Star Trek
June 7, 1969 Antoney Simcoe's Birthday ( Ka D'Argo) Farscape
June 08, 1936 James Darren's Birthday ( Vic Fontaine) Star Trek
June 13, 1943 Malcolm McDowell's Birthday ( Dr.Tolian Soran) Star Trek
June 16 Captain Picard Day Star Trek
June 19, 1962 Virginia Hey's Birthday ( Zotoh Zhaan) Farscape
June 19, 1983 Sally K. Ride becomes the first American woman to travel in space on Challenger. History
June 22, 1956 Tim Russ's Birthday (Tuvok) Star Trek
June 28, 1954 Alice Krige's Birthday (Borg Queen) Star Trek
June 30, 19?? Jeri Taylor 's Birthday (Exec. Producer) Star Trek



Date Event Known In
July 1 , 1962 Dominic Keating's Birthday. (Malcolm Reed) Star Trek
July 1 , 2004 Cassini Probe Arrives at Saturn History
July 2 , 1947 The Roswell Incident History
July 4, 1997 The Mars Pathfinder probe lands on the surface of Mars. A small robotic rover examines the nearby terrain, sending back amazing images of the planet's surface. History
July 9, 1978 Linda Park's Birthday. (Hoshi Sato) Star Trek
July 9, 1979 The Voyager 1 and 2 spacecrafts arrive at Saturn and begins sending back extraordinary images of the ringed planet and its moons. History
July 12, 2245 First contact with the Minbari goes horribly wrong. Resulting in the start of the Earth-Minbari war. Babylon 5
July 13, 1940 Patrick Stewart's Birthday (Jean-Luc Picard) Star Trek
July 14, 1965 Mariner 4 arrived at Mars and gave scientists their first views of the planet at close range. History
July 16, 1950 Camille Saviola's Birthday (Kai Opaka) Star Trek
July 16,1956 Jerry Doyle (I)'s Birthday ( Michael Alfredo Garibaldi) Babylon 5
July 16,2004 Stargate Atlantis Anniversary Stargate
July 20, 1969 Apollo 11 Moon Landing History
July 20, 1976 The first pictures of the surface of Mars are sent back to Earth by Viking 1, the first U.S. spacecraft to successfully land a on another planet. History
July 21, 1969 Armstrong became the first to step onto the lunar surface History
July 22, 1934 Louise Fletcher's Birthday (Kai Winn) Star Trek
July 25, 2004 Second Date for Judgment Day Terminator 3
July 26, 1957 Nana Visitor's Birthday (Kira Nerys) Star Trek
July 27, 1997 Stargate SG1 Anniversary Stargate
July 29, 1972 Wil Wheaton's Birthday (Wesley Crusher) Star Trek
July 29, 1965 Dean Haglund's Birthday (Richard Langly) The X-Files
July 30, 1948 Carel Struycke's Birthday (Mr. Homm) Star Trek
July 30, 1971 Apollo 15 astronauts David Scott and James Irwin drive the first moon rover while exploring the Moon's surface. History



Date Event Known In Photo
August 1, 1979 Jason Momoa's Birthday (Ronon Dex) Stargate
August 4, 1942 Don S. Davis's Birthday (George Hammond) Stargate
August 6, 19?? Michael Okuda's Birthday (Scenic Art Supervisor) Star Trek
August 7, 1960 David Duchovny's Birthday (Fox Mulder) The X-Files
August 7, 1978 Cirroc Lofton's Birthday (Jake Sisko) Star Trek
August 9,1968 Gillian Anderson's Birthday (Dana Scully) The X-Files
August 10,1965 Claudia Christian's Birthday (Susan Ivanova) Babylon 5
August 10, 1990 U.S. spacecraft Magellan arrives at Venus where is begins mapping the planet's cloud-covered surface using radar. History
August 18, 2154 Marine Jake Sully leads the united Na'vi clans in a battle against the U.S. military. Avatar
August 19,1921 Gene Roddenberry's Birthday (Creator/Exec. Producer) Star Trek
August 19, 1938 Diana Muldaur's Birthday (Dr. Kate Pulaski) Star Trek
August 19, 1952 Jonathan Frakes's Birthday (William T. Riker) Star Trek
August 20, 1982 Jamil Walker Smith's Birthday (Ronald Greer) Stargate
August 24, 1974 Jennifer Lien's Birthday (Kes) Star Trek
August 25, 1981 The Voyager 2 spacecraft arrives at Saturn and begins sending back images of the planet and its moons. History
August 25, 1989 The Voyager 2 spacecraft arrives at Neptune, giving us our first close-up views of the blue planet and its moons. History
August 28, 1965 Amanda Tapping's Birthday (Samatha Carter) Stargate

August 29, 1997
First Day Judgement day was supposed to happen. Terminator



Date Event Known In Photo
September 1, 1979
The U.S. space probe Pioneer 11 reaches Saturn, flying within 13,000 miles and taking the first close-up photographs of the planet.
September 4, 1957 Patricia Tallman's Birthday ( Lyta Alexander) Babylon 5
September 7, 1962 Cliff Simon's Birthday (Ba'al) Stargate
September 7, 1955 Mira Furlan's Birthday ( Delenn) Babylon 5
September 7, 2248 The Battle of the Line is fought. On the verge of victory the Minbari forces surrender, ending the Earth-Minbari war. Babylon 5
September 8, 1966 Anniversary of Star Trek Star Trek
September 9, 1954 Jeffrey Combs' Birthday. (Shran, Weyoun) Star Trek
September 10, 1993 Anniversary of The X-Files The X-Files
September 10, 1985 Elyse Levesque's Birthday (Chloe Armstrong) Stargate
September 11, 1958 Roxann Biggs-Dawson's Birthday (B'Ellana Torres) Star Trek
September 14, 1936 Walter Koenig's Birthday (Pavel Chekov) Star Trek
September 14, 2011 Sci-Fi Jaz is created. History
September 23, 1949 Rosalind Chao's Birthday (Keiko O'Brien) Star Trek
September 23, 1960 Jason Carter (I)'s Birthday ( Marcus Cole) Babylon 5
September 24, 1936 Jim Henson's Birthday Farscape
September 26, 2001 Anniversary of Star Trek Enterprise Star Trek
September 27, 1948 Tom Braidwood's Birthday. (Melvin Frohike) The X-Files
September 28, 1987 Star Trek TNG Anniversary Star Trek



Date Event Known In Photo
October 1, 1958 The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is founded. History

October 4, 1957
First Artificial Satellite Sputnik launched. History

October 9, 1954
Scott Bakula's Birthday ( Jonathan Archer, Sam Beckett) Star Trek & Quantum Leap

October 11, 1972
Claudia Black's Birthday ( Aeryn Sun, Vala Mal Doran) Farscape & Stargate
October 12, 1981 Brian J. Smith's Birthday ( Matthew Scott) Stargate
October 13, 1964 Christopher Judge's Birthday (Teal'c) Stargate
October 13, 1959 Wayne Pygram's Birthday (Scorpius) Farscape
October 16, 1965 Joseph Mallozzi's Birthday (Writer-Director) Stargate
October 21, 2015 Future day traveled to in Back to the Future Back to the Future
October 23, 1953 Ira Steven Behr's Birthday (Executive Producer) Star Trek
October 24, 1972 Raelee Hill's Birthday ( Sikozu) Farscape
October 27, 1953 Robert Picardo's Birthday (The Doctor, Richard Woolsey) Star Trek & Stargate
October 28, 1994 Stargate Anniversary Stargate
October 31, 1985 Date Crichton returns to Earth, only to discover that he is more than 15 years in the past. However, due to his travels through the wormhole, history has been altered and his father has accepted command of the doomed Challenger mission. Farscape



Date Event Known In Photo
November 3, 1957 A dog named Laika become the first Live Animal in Space History
November 5, 1949 Armin Shimerman's Birthday (Quark) Star Trek
November 5, 1971 Corin Nemec's Birthday (Jonas Quinn) Stargate
November 5, 1959 Eric Menyuk's Birthday (The Traveler) Star Trek
November 5, 1958 Robert Patrick's Birthday (John Doggett) The X-Files
November 6, 1966 Peter DeLuise's Birthday (Writer-Director) Stargate
November 9, 1934 Carl Sagan's Birthday History
November 9, 1964 Robert Duncan McNeill's Birthday (Tom Paris) Stargate
November 9, 1962 Teryl Rothery's Birthday (Janet Fraiser) Star Trek
November 12, 1952 Max Grodenchik's Birthday (Rom) Star Trek
November 13, 1949 Whoopi Goldberg's Birthday (Guinan) Star Trek
November 16, 1977 Gigi Edgley's Birthday (Chiana) Farscape
November 19, 1953 Robert Beltran's Birthday (Chakotay) Star Trek
November 19, 1963 Terry Farrell's Birthday (Jadzia Dax) Star Trek
November 20, 1984 SETI Institute founded History
November 21, 1965 Alexander (Siddig El) Fadil's Birthday (Dr. Julian Bashir) Star Trek
November 24, 1947 Dwight Schultz's Birthday (Reginald Barclay) Star Trek
November 24, 1957 Denise Crosby's Birthday (Tasha Yar) Star Trek
November 25, 1920 Ricardo Montalban's Birthday (Khan) Star Trek
November 28, 1988 Scarlett Pomers's Birthday (Naomi Wildman) Star Trek



Date Event Known In Photo
December 1, 1936 Melissa Jaffers's Birthday (Utu-Noranti Pralatong) Farscape
December 3, 1981 Brian Bonsalls's Birthday (Alexander Rozhenko) Star Trek
December 6, 1969 Torri Higginson's Birthday (Elizabeth Weir) Stargate
December 9, 1941 Beau Bridges's Birthday (Hank Landry) Stargate
December 9, 1952 Michael Dorn's Birthday (Worf) Star Trek
December 11, 1962 Ben Browder's Birthday (John Crichton, Cameron Mitchell) Farscape & Stargate
December 15, 1968 Garrett Wang's Birthday (Harry Kim) Star Trek
December 15, 1970 Michael Shanks's Birthday (Daniel Jackson) Stargate
December 20, 1970 Nicole de Boer's Birthday (Ezri Dax) Star Trek
December 22, 2012 The date of the planned alien colonization, as discovered by Fox Mulder in the show’s final episodes. X-Files
December 25, 1945 Rick Berman's Birthday (Exec. Producer) Star Trek
December 28, 1933 Nichelle Nichols's Birthday (Uhura) Star Trek