The Butterfly Effect

2004 - 120 minutes - Color - Dolby Digital - 1.85 : 1
US release date: January 23, 2004
BenderSpink, FilmEngine, Katalyst Films
Budget: $13,000,000 (estimated)
Opening Weekend: $17,065,227 (USA) (2,605 Screens)


Evan Treborn grows up in a small town with his single, working mother and his friends. He suffers from memory blackouts where he suddenly finds himself somewhere else, confused. Evan's friends and mother hardly believe him, thinking he makes it up just to get out of trouble. As Evan grows up he has fewer of these blackouts until he seems to have recovered. Since the age of seven he has written a diary of his blackout moments so he can remember what happens. One day at college he starts to read one of his old diaries, and suddenly a flashback hits him like a brick!


Evan - Ashton Kutcher
Andrea - Melora Walters
Kayleigh - Amy Smart
Lenny - Elden Henson
Tommy - William Lee Scott
Evan at 13 - John Patrick Amedori
Kayleigh at 13 - Irene Gorovaia
Lenny at 13 - Kevin G. Schmidt
Tommy at 13 - Jesse James
Evan at 7 - Logan Lerman
Kayleigh at 7 - Sarah Widdows
Lenny at 7 - Jake Kaese
Tommy at 7 - Cameron Bright
Mr. Miller - Eric Stoltz
Jason - Callum Keith Rennie
Mrs. Boswell - Lorena Gale
Dr. Redfield - Nathaniel Deveaux



Director - J. Mackye Gruber

Writing credits

Writer - J. Mackye Gruber
Writer - Eric Bress


Producer - Chris Bender
Executive producer - Cale Boyter
Executive producer - Richard Brener
Producer - A.J. Dix
Executive producer - Toby Emmerich
Associate producer - Johnny Fountain
Executive producer - Jason Goldberg
Executive producer - David Krintzman
Executive producer - Ashton Kutcher
Producer - Anthony Rhulen
Co-producer - Lisa Richardson
Executive producer - William Shively
Producer - JC Spink