1983 - 106 minutes - Color - Dolby - 2.35 : 1
US release date: September 30, 1983
AJF Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, SLM Entertainment
Budget: $15,000,000 (estimated)
Opening Weekend: $1,196,965 (USA) (169 Screens)


Imagine a machine that downloads one person's thoughts and sensations to another individual. Any person. Any experience. Now imagine how that breakthrough technology might be corrupted in the wrong hands. Christopher Walken, Natalie Wood (in her final film) and Louise Fletcher portray virtual reality researchers determined to keep their high-tech invention from lowdown tampering in Brainstorm.


Michael Brace - Christopher Walken
Karen Brace - Natalie Wood
Lillian Reynolds - Louise Fletcher
Alex Terson - Cliff Robertson
Gordy Forbes - Jordan Christopher
Landan Marks - Donald Hotton
Robert Jenkins - Alan Fudge
Hal Abramson - Joe Dorsey
James Zimbach - Bill Morey
Chris Brace - Jason Lively
Security Technician - Darrell Larson
Chef - Lou Walker
Andrea - Stacey Kuhne-Adams



Director - Douglas Trumbull

Writing credits

Screenplay - Robert Stitzel
Screenplay - Philip Frank Messina
Story - Bruce Joel Rubin


Executive producer - Joel L. Freedman
Producer - Douglas Trumbull
Associate producer - Richard Yuricich