The History of the World According to Babylon 5

Date What happened
c 15 Billion Creation of the Universe.
c 10 Billion Galaxies form.
c 7 Billion There is Lorien, The First One.
???? Shadows evolve. ("They were old when even the Ancients were young" 1). "The first of these Ancients were the Shadows." 2))
The First Ones (the eldest races) evolve: those who "walk among the stars like Giants".
c 1 Million BCE The creation of the Thirdspace device.
After a split in the evolutionary line, the Hyach and Hyach-doh evolve in parallel. At first, the two races compete for resources, but eventually learn to live together and begin interbreeding.
The First Ones begin to disappear, some traveling beyond the stars.
The other First Ones leave behind the Vorlons and the Shadows to shepherd the young races along; the Vorlons follow the rigid paths of Order, while the Shadows prefer the more explosive evolutionary path of Chaos and Conflict.
Over the next million years there are a series of wars between the "First Ones" (especially the Vorlons) and the Shadows. The Shadows are often driven from Z'ha'dum but always return; Lorien says they believe they are "paying their respects" to him, though he believes both they and the Vorlons "no longer understand".
c 500,000 BCE The Vindrizi are created as a species of "symbiotes" to record everything, observing events all over the galaxy so that others can learn about the past when all the records have been lost in the next dark age.
c 8700 BCE The last Great War between the Shadows and the First Ones.
c 7700 BCE The Soul Hunters imprison the entire planet of Ralga.
c 5000 BCE An unknown species begins building a network of jumpgates across the galaxy.
c 4800 BCE Beginning of the Hyach sivilization.
???? The Vorlons visit lesser races, implanting in their cultures the idea of glowing beings of light, or perhaps exploiting already-existing ideas of such beings.
c 3750 BCE  
c250 CE The Minbari begin to decline in population.
c 260 The Centauri wipe out the other sentient race on their world, the Xon.
Centauri Emperor Tuscano comissiones the Royal Palace Guard.
515 Approximate date of the Battle of Camlan.
c1100 The Minbari first begin to travel in space. They discover the ancient network of Jumpgates.
c 1250 The Drazi travel in space and trade with the Hyach.
The Centauri begin arranging marriages for their children.
c 1260 A highly advanced space-faring society flourishes on Ikara 7. After being invaded repeatedly, they build 12 organic technology warriors to protect them.
Several other races, including the Markab, have legends that suggest they are also familiar with the Shadows, or at least "Soldiers of Darkness".
The Shadows occupy a continent in Narn's southern hemisphere, where they are observed by G'Quon. He writes of this "ancient enemy" and their Great War at the Rim of "Known Space", centered around Z'ha'dum, in his Sacred Book. He includes pictures of Shadow Warriors and Shadow vessels.

[G'Quon manages to identify the location of the stars near Z'ha'dum accurately enough that G'Kar is able to trace them and visit them in 202: Revelations!]

After the Narns start attacking the Shadows, the Shadows retaliate by killing off all the Narn "mindwalkers" (telepaths).
An alliance of worlds, including the few remaining First Ones (the Vorlons among them) and the Minbari, attack the Shadows in what will later be remembered as a Great War.
Nothing of specific significance occurs on Earth, although at least two Shadow ships crash in the Solar System (at Mars and Ganymede).
The Great War begins to go badly for the Minbari and their allies. Their greatest Starbase is destroyed by the Shadows. Space station Babylon 4 is brought from the future to serve as a replacement, becoming the base of operations during this war between Light and Darkness. To the Minbari, it seems to appear from out of nowhere. Accompanying Babylon 4 is Jeffrey David Sinclair, who undergoes the "Chrysalis" process to become a "Minbari, not born of Minbari".
Valen subdues the Warrior Caste, and establishes the Grey Council as "The Chosen One", and establishes the Anla'Shok ("Rangers") to fight the Shadows.
The Alliance against the Shadows destroys two-thirds of the Shadow forces, driving them from Z'ha'dum.
Valen's appearance signals that Minbari Souls are going somewhere else: "going missing". (This may be when they start to actually notice a change.)
The Babylon 4 Station survives the war, but doesn't last much longer than that.
Valen transforms the Anla'Shok into an army of watchers to keep an eye out for the return of the Shadows.
After the War, the rest of the First Ones except the Vorlons and the Shadows went away.
The Shadows use a plague to infect planets that refuse to allow them to set up a base.
Between c 1260 and c 1360 After the War, Valen had children. The children, fearing persecution because they weren't pure Minbari, fled Minbar until after Valen's death.
c 1350 Valen writes notes to Delenn and Sinclair.
It is possible that Sinclair finds Catharine Sakai in the past.
Valen "Goes Beyond".
Valen's body is never found.
The Children of Valen return to Minbar and have children of their own, spreading human genes through the Minbari population for the next thousand years.
c 1450 The modern Hyach records extend no earlier than this point. The Hyach-Doh are extinct by this time.
c 1750 An ancient race dies out, soon after building the Great Machine on Epsilon 3. They leave Varn as Guardian of the Great Machine.
The Third Fain of Chu'Domo (a Minbari clan) begins "service with honor".
c 1760 The new inhabitants arrive to the planet Lorka 7.
1853 John Sheridan's ancestor, Philip Henry Sheridan, graduates from West Point and becomes a cavalry officer.
1888 Aug - Nov "Jack the Ripper" terrorizes London's East End.
1888 11 Nov On the morning after the last of the Ripper Murders, the Vorlons abduct "Sebastian", of 14-B Harrisburg Lane, to retain him to act as their "Inquisitor".
???? The Centauri invade the Vega System and conquer it in only nine days.
1940 14 Nov The Germans bomb Coventry.
1947 4 Jul Lightning hits a Vree spaceship in New Mexico. Ship crashes near Roswell.
c 1950 Aliens begin to capture Humans for various research purposes.
c 1960 The Centauri begin using telepaths for military intelligence.
1961 12 Apr Yuri Gagarin orbits the Earth.
1999 12 Apr US President Bill Clinton establishes his Commission on the Future.
2011 A near-Earth asteroid nearly hits the Earth.
2013 The Russians are involved in some sort of Totalitarian governmental coup.
2018 12 Apr Lunar Colony is established.
2025 The Iraqis are involved in some sort of Totalitarian governmental coup.
2035 Last gasoline powered motorcycle built.
Chilean War in Antarctica.
2047 Station Prime completed.
c 2050 Two Vorlon vessels hide out under the Antarctic ice cap and begin abducting humans visiting the continent.
2055 11 May "Time begins" for a sect of Mayan priests at Qahsah cave in the Yucatan.
2059-2062 The number of "alien contact" cults peak (indicating the point at which the Vorlons alter humans to create telepaths).
2075-2124 Morobuto: An African Bloc philosopher and leader who united several of the warring countries in that area under one banner; "the Ghandi of his time".
2087 Earth Alliance is established. It does not, as yet, comprise the entire globe.
c 2095 The DeepProbe project begins to search for extraterrestrial life.
2101 Humans return to Mars, setting up small scientific exploration and military bases.
2107 United Nations is dissolved.
2110 The "Panic of '10". Lee Crawford becomes the "Hero of Grissom".
2110 Kevin Vacit is born.
2112 The French are involved in some sort of Totalitarian governmental coup.
2113 The Centauri conquer the Narn.
2115 Jun An article is published in the New England Journal of Medicine, suggesting the proof of telepathy. The EA government establishes a Committee on Metasensory Regulation, headed by Senator Lee Crawford, to oversee the Telepath situation.
2115 3 Oct Research undertaken by Johns Hopkins verifies the existance of Telepaths. This begins a major panic, and global slaughter of suspected telepaths.
2115 5 Dec Pope Pius XV calls the appearance of telepaths a miracle from God, and calls for the world to embrace God's gifts.
2116 There is a major earthquake in San Francisco.

Desa Alexander, as "Blood", is a leader of a cult known as the "Katun Prophesy". Jack O'Hannlon, "Monkey", is with her. "Monkey" blows up the temple and cultists while fleeing anti-telepath forces.

Kevin Vacit's mother dies, protecting him from anti-telepath hunters.

2117 EA, led by Senator Lee Crawford, establishes the MRA, Metasensory Regulation Authority to monitor and regulate Telepaths, for their own protection.

Desa Alexander begins to work for MRA. Jack O'Hannlon leaves her to establish a telepathic underground. Desa Alexander's daughter, Brenna, is born.

2122 Earth Alliance formally becomes the governmental structure for Earth.
2132 EarthDome is under construction in Geneva.
2132 6 Aug Desa Alexander traces a family of illegal telepaths on a train through Prague.
2133 3 Sep Desa Alexander sacrifices her life to save the life of the Senator who is trying to discredit the MRA from an assassination attempt.
2148 18 Jan Interplanetary Expeditions (IPX) establishes their eighth experimental station near Syria Planum.

IPX discovers remains of an advanced civilization across Syria Planum. The find is classified as "Top Secret". The artifacts are removed to the IPX labs in San Diego.

2148 5 May An MRA scientist dies while researching the artifacts.
c 2150 Centauri begin their decline from power.
Zathras born.
(Last real contact betweeen the Vorlons and the Minbari.)
2152 Sep William Karges, a telepath in Earthforce Security, stops three terrorist plots during his career and dies saving the life of Earth Alliance President Elizabeth Robinson. She passes equal opportunity laws, and establishes the Committee on Psychic Phenomena.
2153 The USS Copernicus, a deep range exploration ship, is launched with Will and Mariah Sirrus in cryo-stasis.
2155 The Chaipas Incident. 100 rogue telepaths martyr themselves, by burning themselves to death in a church, rather than submit to the MRA.
2155 15 Jun Stephen Walters is born.
2156 7 Apr The Centauri Republic contact the Earth Alliance, claiming that Earth is a lost Centauri Colony.
The Centauri lease the humans time on their jumpgates. Eventually, Earth is able to build jumpgates of its own.
2156 Internal Security Act establishes the Psi Corps and the Mix, expanding the earlier Committee on Psychic Phenomena.
2157* San Diego destroyed by nuclear terrorists.
2157* Foundationism established.
2158* Battle of Na'Shok. The Centauri lose "the Eye".
Earthdome is built in "what was once Geneva" and the seat of the Earth Alliance Government ("Earthgov") is relocated there.
2161 Mar Fiona Davion is born to Ninon Davion and Lee Crawford's assistant Kevin Vacit.
2161 May The first administrator of the Psi Corps is Lee Crawford. He is assassinated on his way to meet the first Centauri Ambassador.

Kevin Vacit becomes Director of the Psi Corps.

2165 10 Jun Proxima 3 becomes the Earth Alliance's first extra-Solar colony.
2169 The Koulani raid the EA outpost orbiting 61 Cygnus A II.
2169 20 Jul 768 Colonists, piloted and led by John Carter, migrate to the Mars colony making it a stable, self-sufficient Colony. (They use Centauri Jump gate technology to make the trip.)
2170 A raid by the Ch'lonas on the Human colony on Ross 128 IV is defeated by the first "Aries" Starfuries.
2172 Stephen Walters joins Earthforce. He earns the EA Silver Star for bravery at the The Battle of Douala.
2175 The Central African Bloc is established. The Psi Corps enters the new area.

Stephen Walters manifests latent telepathic abilities and voluntarily joins Psi Corps.

2176 Jenny Winters is born.

Jack O'Hannlon is killed avoiding arrest by Psi Cops. Fiona Temple (nee Davion) is captured.

The Underground bombs the Psi Corps headquarters.

Natasha Alexander begins to work for Kevin Vacit.

Fiona Temple, Stephen Walters, and Matthew Dexter escape captivity and begin to run the Underground.

2177 The Mars Colony main dome is destroyed in a sneak attack by Earth Isolationist terrorists, which kills 487 people, including John Carter.
Sometime after this, the "Second Mars Colony" is founded.... perhaps after 2198.
2179 The Psi Corps build a secret research facility in Syria Planum to study the alien technology.
2189 Jul Fiona Temple, Stephen Walters and Matthew Dexter appear to die, going underground. Matthew and Fiona have a child, Stephen Kevin Dexter.
2189 Jul Jenny Winters is captured by the Psi Corps. The first telepath brought in as the Psi Corps cripple the Underground. Fiona Temple and Matthew Dexter are killed.

Alfred Bester (nee Steven Kevin Dexter) is turned over to the Psi Corps.

c 2190 Sometime about this point, Garibaldi's Grandmother is a Boston Police Officer, and uses Smith & Wesson .38.
2191 Kevin Vacit and Natasha Alexander meet the remaining Vorlon on Venus.
2194 Al Bester meets Kevin Vacit.
2195 Jha'dur (Deathwalker) born on Omelos, Caliban sector.
2200 Mars Colony requests independence from Earth.
2201* Sophie (later Sophie Ivanova) is born.
Delenn born.
2203 Al Bester pursues his first "blip", becoming one himself. He is punished very severly. He becomes the protogee of Sandoval Bey.
2205 Al Bester begins MetaPol training.
2206 Al Bester meets Elizabeth Montoya for the second time. They go on a field exercise together, and eventually become romantically entangled.
2206* Lennier born.
2208 Elizabeth Montoya tries to escape the Corps, Bester has her arrested.

Bester becomes a Psi Cop.

2209* Narn win their independence from the Centauri after a long war of attrition, and massacre their Centauri leaders. They get access to Centauri technology that was left behind and begin to sell weapons.
2212 President Kyoshi of the Eastern Bloc is assassinated, three days after the end of the War Of The Shining Star.
2218 3 May Jeffrey David Sinclair born on Mars Colony.
2219 27 Jun Del Varner born.
2220* John Sheridan born on Earth.
2221* Late Feb Michael Alfredo Garibaldi born.
2221 Al Bester catches Stephen Walters on Mars, and learns the truth about his ancestry.
Bester begins his series of deathbed scans.
2221 Prostitution is legalized and unionized.
2222 Bester marries Alisha Ross.
2224 Stephen Franklin born, probably on Earth.
2225 10 Dec Lyta Alexander born.
2226* Matthew Gideon born.
2228 About this time, Bester has begun his bloodhound unit, and as his wife becomes pregnant, Bester and she become estranged. Bester moves to Mars.
2229* Londo ascends into public life.
The Narn begin to expand.
2230* Talia Winters born.
Approximate time that Turhan becomes Emperor of the Centauri.
2230 30 Aug Susan Ivanova born.
2230 The League of Non-Aligned Worlds is devastated by the invasion of the Dilgar. Jha'dur leads the invasion and conquest of sectors 24, 39, 64, 58.
Jha'dur wipes out the population of Latig 4 by infecting them with Stafford's Plague.
The Earth Alliance joins in to help the League of Non-Aligned Worlds.
The Dilgar conquer the Narn world of Hylak 7.
The Dilgar conquer Balus.
2231 Jha'dur destroys the planets Tirolus, Comac 4, and Malax.
2232 Earth Alliance captures Balus.
Battle of Balos End of the Dilgar War; Earth and the League of Non-Aligned Worlds victorious. Jha'dur escapes to hide out in Minbari under protection of Wind Swords.
c 2232 - 2244 (This is described as an era of optimistic expansion for Earth.)
Some time late in this period, the Minbari hear about the Humans from the Centauri. They elect to not make contact.
2233* Delenn becomes an associate of the Grey Council, apparently serving in a support, or back up, capacity. (This may be the same as being an "acolyte".)
2234* The Narn occupy the T'll.
2235* Talia Winters adopted into Psi Corps.
2236* Sophie Ivanova is determined to be a Telepath. The Psi Corps offers her the legal options of joining them, going to prison, or taking telepathy-suppressing drugs; she chooses to accept the drugs so she can stay with her family.
2237 Sinclair enlists in Earthforce Defense.
2238* Sheridan joins Earthforce.
2239 15 Apr Jonathan Harris borns.
2239* Sheridan serves with Jack Maynard on "old Moon-Mars Patrol" (his first assignment).
Late 2230's Earth Alliance undertakes a number of cybernetic experiments that eventually lead to the "Project Lazarus".
The equipment to perform mind-wipes becomes effective enough for use on criminals.
Actual dates of these
events not known:
Londo marries a dancer "with a voice that would shatter planets". His family makes him divorce her. He later marries Timov, and then Daggair and Mariel.
Londo and Urza are members of the Corps of Freedom.
Londo leads a Centauri Raid on Frallis 12.
A nova wipes out the remaining Dilgar.
Earth Alliance fights the Canal Wars.
Earth Alliance liberates the African Bloc.
General Franklin becomes the "Scourge of Janos 7".
Earth Alliance fights on New Jerusalem.
Earth Alliance fights on Cyrus 3.
Urza Jaddo becomes the "Hero of Gorash".
The Omega Disaster. A "first contact" failure for Captain Michael Jankowski.
2240 Sinclair is promoted to Fighter Pilot.
2240* The Narn and the Centauri begin to dispute over Ragesh 3.
2241 Sinclair is promoted to Squadron Leader.
According to Garibaldi, there is some sort of "Dust" problem on Mars.
2241* Sheridan visits the Dalai Lama.
2242 12 Sep G'Kar makes "Contact" with the Tuchanq.
2242* Dr. Franklin leaves Earthforce and begins to hitchhike across the galaxy, trading his medical skills for passage. He eventually comes across a crashed Minbari ship off Beta Durani and tries to help the victims.
2242* Lochley's friend Zoe commits suicide. After that Lochley enrolls in the military.
2243* Sheridan and Lochley are married for three months after Officer Training School.
2243 Garibaldi's friend, Frank Kimmer, dies on Europa. Garibaldi "crawls into a bottle".
Susan Ivanova becomes obsessed with the radical neo-Communist Kushoyev. She finally meets him, is humiliated by him and is defended by her father.
2243* Earliest date for Sinclair to meet Catharine Sakai.
Londo Mollari represents the Centauri on Earth.
2244 Amanda Carter and Abel Horn meet, and he recruits her into "Free Mars".
2245 Mar* Kadroni becomes unable to function in the Grey Council. Dukhat recommends Delenn (who has been serving as Dukhat's aide, and who has been serving the Grey Council as an acolyte) as her replacement. Delenn begins to meditate.
2245 12 Jul* Delenn becomes a fully participating Member of the Grey Council.

The Grey Council's cruiser in a group of three ships encounters a human convoy fleet, including EAS Prometheus (under Captain Michael Jankowski), EAS Hyperion, and DSEV Amundsen, an EA Explorer vessel. Only Delenn can identify what species the ships belong to. Notably on hand are a group of Soul Hunters. The Minbari religious leader Dukhat realizes that the Minbari practice of approaching with gun ports open could be dangerous, but before his order to close them can be carried out, the Earth ships attack. Gunnery Sgt. David McIntyre of the Prometheus fired the first shots of the confrontation that destroyed the two Minbari ships, and severely damaged the Grey Council's Cruiser.

The Minbari religious leader Dukhat is killed. A Soul Hunter is on hand for the death, but is prevented from taking Dukhat's soul by the Grey Council.

Enraged over the death of Dukhat, Delenn gives the order that starts the Earth - Minbari War. The Minbari ships open fire, and a number of the Earth ships are destroyed. The rest of the Human ships fled as the remaining Minbari ships hesitated, waiting to see what happened to Dukhat.

"What happened after that . . . the Minbari ships opened fire, and a number of the Earth ships were fragged. The rest fled as the Minbari ships hesitated, waiting to see what happened to Dukhat. When it was learned that he was killed, they took off and pursued the ships back to an Earth base. Initially, one of the Earth captains explained that they had encountered hostiles (trying to cover his ass), and when the Minbari ships appeared, all hell broke loose.

"It was shortly after this "cowardly attack" on their ships, and the assassination of their leader, that the Minbari declared what is in essence a jihad, a holy war, against Earth. The worker class went along with it, even though the religious caste was unsure . . . but divided, they couldn't raise sufficient objections to the war to stop it initially.

"The contact was made late in the year, and while that was the first blow, it takes a while for any war to really get going; you aren't at war instantly. The Minbari had to pull their forces together, make the open declaration of war, establish supply lines and all the other elements needed for warfare." -- JMSU

2245 Earthforce strips Jankowski of rank, and tries him for his attack on the Minbari. They offer to turn him over to the Minbari, but this is rejected.
Planetary Draft begun.
Dr. Franklin returns to Earthforce.
During the war, the death penalty was in use.
Sophie Ivanova, mother of Ganya and Susan, commits suicide after being hounded by the Psi Corps for much of her adult life.
Late 2245 or Early 2246? Dr. Franklin is thrown in prison for not turning over his notes on Minbari biology to Earthforce.
In an engagement between the War Cruiser Drala Fi ("Black Star", the Minbari flagship) and a number of Earthforce vessels (including the EAS Lexington under Capt. Roger Sterns), Ganya Ivanov is killed.
The Lexington is badly damaged and Capt. Sterns is killed. Lexington First Officer John Sheridan, destroys the Black Star and a number of lesser vessels by mining an asteroid field and then transmitting a distress signal.
There is an attempt at peace negotiations between Sheridan, Dr. Franklin and Lenonn, head of the Rangers, aided by G'Kar. It is disrupted when the Centauri attack and kill Lenonn.
???? Europa mining strikes result in the Rush Act being enacted, allowing authorities to curtail strikes by defense-related workers (and other workers as well?)
2246* A deep space "listening post" of 47 humans is established on a moon orbiting a world being used by the Minbari as a Command and Control post. The Listening Post is set up in the ruins of an old city.

46 of the 47 are killed by the Shadow they wake up.

The Shadow hitches a ride on a passing space vessel, the USS Copernicus.

Garibaldi crawls out of his bottle long enough to serve as a ground-pounder ("GROPO") during the War. His unit is attacked and pretty well wiped out.
2247 Susan Ivanova enters Earthforce.
Marcus Cole is drafted into Earthforce.
The Battle of Sinzar. The Battle of Flinn Colony.
Lyta begins to work for Xenocorp.
Late 2247 or early 2248 Shortly before the "Battle of the Line": The Mars government declares neutrality in the Earth - Minbari War.
Battle of the Line: The final defense of the Earth against the approaching Minbari fleet. Of 20,000 vessels fielded by Earth, with 250,000 crew, there are only 200 survivors (including Jeffrey Sinclair and David McIntyre). Sinclair taken aboard the Grey Council's ship and interrogated. End of the Earth - Minbari War.
Sinclair is set adrift with 24 hours of his memory missing.
Sinavel, Captain of the Minbari War Cruiser Trigati, commits suicide; his ship vanishes rather than accept the Surrender.
2248 Beginning of the Free Mars Movement. (At least the PUBLIC beginning.)
Mary Kirkish begins to work for Interplanetary Expeditions.
2249* Ivanova is a cadet at flight school ("OTC"). She meets J.D. Ortega.
Luis Santiago, President of the Earth Alliance, proposes the "Babylon Project": an interplanetary forum for negotiation and peaceful dialogue.

At some point, the Centauri Republic, Narn Regime, Minbari Federation, and the League of Non-Aligned Worlds choose to support this plan.

2249 3 Dec John Sheridan and Anna Keller marry.
c 2250 G'Kar begins to serve on the Kha'Ri, the Narn Council.
Delenn's father dies, his spirit broken by the War.
Ivanova transfers to Io, leaving behind Malcolm Biggs in a major Career move. She cries herself to sleep for the first few months. At Io, she meets and works for Sheridan.
2251 Food Riots on Mars. Earthforce brutally supresses the riots, and imposes a provisional government directly accountable to EarthDome. Jeffrey Sinclair and John Sheridan meet. Sheridan shows some sort of brilliant command ability. Sinclair meets Laurel Takashima, head of Mars security.
2251* Garibaldi begins a string of failed jobs as he bounces his way across known space. During this time he serves as a transport pilot on a number of Ice Mining operations, spends time on Orion 3, etc.
2251 3 Apr Charles Dexter, the "Black Rose Killer", is sentenced to be mindwiped at Earth Colony Three in the Orion system, after committing nine murders.
Early 2250's Space stations Babylon, Babylon 2, and Babylon 3 are begun, but each is sabotaged and destroyed before completion.
2252* The Drazi begin secretly supporting the Raiders attacking Enphili planet on the edge of Drazi space.
2252 Babylon 4 is begun. It is apparently located in orbit about the planet "Epsilon 3", which is in the Epsilon Eridani system.
Brother Edward joins New Mallory, an order of monks.
2252 Jan* Abel Horn sentenced to Phobos maximum security outpost for involvement in the computer theft of over 50 million conglomerate credits. Served one year; then was transferred to Lunis Planum prison base, where he served three month before escaping.
2252 18 Dec This is the date on Lyta's P-5 License.
2253 9 Feb David McIntyre is honorably discharged from Earthforce.
2253 16 Apr Abel Horn escapes from Lunis Planum prison base.
2253 12 Jul Sheridan is involved in something he'd rather not have stories told about.....
2253* Talia Winters serves on Mars with the Penal system. She soon leaves to work for the Political Bureau?
Head of the Black Omega Squadron, and several Bloodhound Units of MetaPol, Bester first hears of the dark movements in the Corps.
An unnamed person, called "The Blinder", starts murdering telepaths on Beta 2 (or Sheffer 4). Bester travels there to look for him. There he meets Lyta Alexander, who is interning with the Psi Cops. Bester engages in illegal scans of civilians, and eventually finds the killer, an Adamite cultist. Rather than simply kill him, Bester twists his mind, eventually trapping him in a cell in a secret facility on Beta, straitjacketed 24 hours a day to keep him from clawing out his own eyes to stop the nightmare visions only he can see.
Rumors of a "Rogue" element in the government begin to spread.
2253* An Interplanetary Expeditions ("IPX") archaeological team, including Mary Kirkish, finds a Shadow ship buried under the Martian sands in Syria Planum, where Psi Corps will eventually build a secret base.
Garibaldi transfers to Mars, where he runs a shuttle transport business.
Day 1: Sinclair hires Garibaldi to ferry him and his team on a search mission.
Day 2: IPX team unearths a Shadow ship. It has been buried at least a thousand years. A worker touches it with his bare hand and dies instantly; the team alerts the IPX Corporation.
Day 6: IPX orders Dr. Kirkish and the others to move out, and a number of unmarked shuttles head in for six days.
Day 7: Garibaldi and Sinclair are shot down on their fifth day of flying. They have only five days of air and food with them as they begin to walk out of the desert.
Around this time: A telepath named McDwyer touches the ship and goes insane.

Bester first encounters Shadow technology in Syria Planum.

Day 12: Garibaldi and Sinclair, after hiking fifty miles, get stuck in a cave.
A Shadow ship arrives at Syria Planum and digs the wrecked ship out. Both ships leave Mars. These ships are tracked by IPX and the EA to a planet they designate "Alpha Omega 3".... the planet known to the older races as "Z'ha'dum".
Garibaldi and Sinclair free themselves, and spot the new Shadow ship digging out the buried one. They also discover a Psi Corps base on Mars, involved in some sort of secret project with the Shadows. Talia is one of the many subjects of this project.
2254 Babylon 4 is completed. It is staffed with Earth Alliance military personnel, but as yet no ambassadors.

Twenty-four hours after Babylon 4 becomes operational, the last construction workers depart. At this point, a small group of Shadow vessels attempt to destroy it. They are stopped by the White Star.

Sheridan is "lost in time". [Based on Kranz's statements to Sinclair, I assume that this is when the station's "Time Track" system begins to go haywire.] Cloaked by the EMP burst from the destroyed Shadow bomb, the White Star lands on the station, punches throught the hull and the landing teams split up.

Ivanova and Marcus are nearly caught, alerting the Babylon 4 Security forces to the presence of "hostiles" on board. A false hull breach warning frees-up the area of B4 connecting to the Power Core for the White Star teams. After Zathras sees Sheridan reappear once, he sets up a "blue suit" to help contain the Captain. Sheridan reappears and remains.

Sheridan and Sinclair head into the central power core to finish stabilizing the Station while Ivanova begins rigging a false reading to convince the B4 Crew that their core was unstable. Noting that there is a drop in power production, Major Kranz orders an increase of power. This triggers the Time Travel mechanism. Sheridan is again temporarily lost in time. Sinclair disappears into the past, never to return.

A single shuttle, carrying "Jinxo", leaves the station in time to see B4 vanish.
The Cortez leaves for the Rim.
2255 Garibaldi begins to work for security division on Mars Colony.
Garibaldi meets Catherine Sakai. He notes her presence to Sinclair.
2255* G'Kar ends his service on the Kha'Ri.
The Psi Corps begins developing the telepathic drug "Dust".
2256 An IPX probe discovers alien ruins "of an unknown alien race" on Alpha Omega 3 (Z'ha'dum). The probe had been sent to track the Shadow vessels from Mars.
Vorlons and Minbari learn of the return of the Shadows.
2256 Apr* Babylon 5 is built and goes on-line.
Garibaldi is working Security on Mars when he is asked to head security on Babylon 5.
The Cortez begins mapping Sector 900.
2256 May A terrorist bombing of the Io Jumpgate destroys a passenger vessel, killing Morden's wife and daughter.
2256 Aug (Apr) Anna Sheridan, under Dr. Chang, returns from a dig on Theta Omega 2, exploring the ruins of the J/Lai.
2256 Aug? Bester notices Anna Sheridan's name in the passenger list of the Icarus.

Bester, working with Byron, is nearly killed.

He meets Dr. Morden on Psi Corps' secret base on Ganymede

He is also present at the assasination of the Psi Corps Director Johnston on Ganymede.

2256 23 Nov (5 Jul) Anna and Sheridan are scheduled to meet at Station Prime, but are stopped by problems on the Agamemnon (John's new command), and Anna's research.
2256 25 Nov (7 Jul) The last time that Anna and Sheridan speak to one another.
2256 3 Dec (15 Jul) Anna Sheridan and Morden travel on the Icarus to "explore the ruins of an unknown alien race". It is the Sheridans' 7th anniversary.
2256 11 Dec (23 Jul) The Icarus, dropped off in real space by the Explorer vessel DeSoto, begins to interact with the IPX probe from a distance.
2256 27 Dec (8 Aug) Official date of the Icarus' destruction.
2256 31 Dec (12 Aug) The Icarus arrives at Alpha Omega 3 (Z'ha'dum).
2256 Dec or 2257 Jan Miners' strike begins on Ganymede.
2257 1 Jan (2256 13 Aug) New Years' party aboard Icarus. All communication is cut off. The archaeological teams begin to explore the ruins. Dr. Chang is killed and his team vanish. They appear to have awoken the ancient evil on Z'ha'dum. [In "In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum", Sheridan says that the crew "awoke" the Shadows, and Delenn seems to agree. But this is uncertain. 308: Messages from Earth makes it clear that some Shadows were "awake" prior to the arrival of the Icarus.]
The Agamemnon stops a Homeguard cruiser from destroying Babylon 5.
The Gathering (Babylon 5 pilot movie)
2257 Vorlons make contact with Earth Alliance. The Vorlon Empire sends an ambassador, Kosh Naranek, to Babylon 5.
2257 3 Jan Babylon 5 is dedicated by President Santiago.
Del Varner arrives at Babylon 5 via the United Spaceway Delta-Gamma-Nine (from the Tigris Sector). Lyta arrives at B5 via the NG-27 (from Earth). Kosh arrives two days early (in the evening.) He is nearly killed by an assassination plot. Commander Sinclair is the prime suspect.
Universe Today Headlines:
  • "Narn Protests of EA's B5 Admin Heat"
  • "Vorlons To Make Contact"
  • "Oxygen Breather bias on B5? The debate continues"
  • "Minbari worlds gather for mult-world arts conference"
  • "Galactel matrix aquires EA - Centauri comm link"
  • "Two planets join Earth Alliance, Amador and Pepinia full members."
Ganymede strike is in its third month.
2257 4 Jan Sinclair turns station over to Takashima during the investigation. The B5 Advisory Council turn Sinclair over to Vorlon jurisdiction. Assassin tries to shut off Kosh's life support.
2257 5 Jan (Very early in the morning.)
The Vorlon Fleet arrives while Sinclair fights the assassin. A plot of Minbari, Narn, and Human agents is revealed.
2257 between Jan and Mar Lyta stops working for Xenocorp.
2257 Mar Babylon 5 officially "established".
2257 Early Mar Dr. Kyle is transferred to Earth Dome.
2257 Mid Mar Lyta is recalled to Earth (6 weeks after arrival).
2257 4 Jul Babylon 5 officially "opens".
2257 Sheridan finally learns the name of "Bureau 13" just before his informant dies.
Sheridan takes the Agamemnon out "onto the Rim".
Ms. Connally's father is killed during a strike on Ganymede.
Jason Ironheart and "Rick" begin a secret project for the Psi Corps.
Season One: "Signs and Portents"
103: Midnight on the Firing Line
2258 Jan* Narns invade Ragesh 3, allegedly because the Centauri inhabitants asked them to restore order in the colony.

A link is established between the Narn and the Raiders, giving Sinclair leverage to make the Narns withdraw from Ragesh 3.

Talia Winters and Vir Cotto arrive.

Luis Santiago re-elected President of Earth.

102: Soul Hunter
2258 Feb* Delenn is in danger when a soul hunter, an alien who captures the souls of the dying, arrives at the station.
2258 Feb* Dr. Kyle accepts the post of head of Xenobiological Research at EarthDome.
2258 1 or 2 Mar Dr. Franklin arrives aboard liner Asimov.
2258 2 Mar Dr. Franklin assumes control of Med Lab.
101: Infection
2258 Mar Second anniversary of B5 going on-line.
2258 8-9 Mar An archaeologist smuggles ancient artifacts onto the station, unleashing a living weapon.
2258 15 Mar Narn-Centauri Euphrates Treaty negotiations begin.
104: Born to the Purple
2258 23 Mar Londo is seduced by the slave Adira Tyree, in order to obtain "the Purple Files" from him.

Garibaldi discovers that Ivanova has been covertly abusing the Gold Channels. Her father, Andrei Ivanov, dies.

Centauri agree to negotiation about the Euphrates Sector.

Preliminary treaty between Narn and Centauri.

2258 Late Mar Ko'Dath, G'Kar's aide, dies in an unexplained airlock accident.
108: The Parliament of Dreams
2258 29 Mar Lennier arrives as Delenn's aide.
2258 31 Mar Na'Toth arrives as G'Kar's aide, in time to help him defeat an intended assassin.
107: The War Prayer
2258 3-7 Apr Radical pro-Earth group, the Homeguard, spread to B5 where they attack and disfigure Minbari poet Shaal Mayan.

Malcolm Biggs, Ivanova's old lover arrives, now as a member of Homeguard.

106: And The Sky Full Of Stars
2258 11-13 Apr The pro-Earth group, "Knights", kidnap and interrogate Sinclair regarding what happened at the Battle of the Line.

Universe Today Headlines:

  • HOMEGUARD LEADER CONVICTED: Jacob Lester Found Guilty In Attack on Minbari Embassy
  • PSI CORPS IN ELECTION TANGLE: Did Psi Corps Violate its Charter by Endorsing Vice-President?
  • SAN DIEGO STILL CONSIDERED TOO RADIOACTIVE FOR OCCUPANCY: A new study published by Earthforce Nuclear Regulatory Office declares San Diego, struck by the American States first act of nuclear terrorism over 100 years ago, still uninhabitable for the next 300 years.
2258 13 Apr Sinclair's old flame, Catherine Sakai, arrives.
2258 Late Apr* "Rick" contacts Dr. Franklin regarding the Underground Railroad.
2258 Late Apr* Faking his death in pursuit of a ship carrying rogue telepaths, Psi Cop Byron Gordon escapes, presumably through the underground railroad.
2258 Late Apr* Al Bester prepares a hunt of Jason Ironheart.
110: Mind War
2258 24-26 Apr Jason Ironheart, Talia's old Psi Corps instructor, the victim of a secret experiment, is the target of a manhunt involving the Psi Cops.

Catherine wants to survey a promising planet for possible mining, but G'Kar warns her to stay away.

Psi Cop Bester first visits the station.

Ironheart is transformed into a more evolved entity.

114: By Any Means Necessary
2258 May Dockers' Guild strikes illegally. The Senate invokes the Rush Act. Sinclair uses "any means necessary" to stop the strike.
113: Deathwalker
2258 May Warmaster Jha'dur is found to be still alive. She offers an immortality serum to the galaxy, but is killed by the Vorlons before she can reveal it.
105: Believers
2258 Jun Dr. Franklin asks Sinclair to intermediate with an alien family who, because of their religious beliefs, refuse to allow surgery that would save their dying child.

Raiders attack liner Asimov.

111: Survivors
2258 Jun President Santiago visits B5.

Zeta Squadron assigned to B5.

120: A Voice in the Wilderness, Part 1
2258 Jun The unrest on the Mars Colony intensifies.
121: A Voice in the Wilderness, Part 2
2258 Jun A Minbari, Draal, becomes the Guardian of Epsilon 3.

Mars Colony revolt is put down by Earth as President Santiago authorizes the use of Shock Troops.

2258 Jun Abel Horn killed in Mars Rebellion. His ship is destroyed in outer atmosphere combat skirmish Beta-9 as a result of a plasma burst from Earthforce star cruiser Pournelle. Bureau 13 recovers his near-lifeless body.
118: Babylon Squared
2258 Jul Space station Babylon 4 reappears from four years in the past. The command crew of Babylon 4, led by Major Kranz, discover Ivanova's planted indications of reactor instability and send out a distress call. This is picked up by B5, which sends out a Starfury to investigate.

Sinclair is discovered to have aged. *Time Flash* Ivanova takes Zathras to a work area to repair Sheridan's time stabilizer. [During the next nine hours, Sheridan reappears at least once, and is seen by B4 personnel, including Kranz.]

At least nine hours after B4 arrives in this time, seven ships led by Garibaldi and Sinclair arrive from B5. Zathras is captured, and Major Kranz is alerted to his presence before Sinclair and Garibaldi arrive. [Kranz suggests that Zathras' capture took place before "all hell broke loose".] *Time Flash* (Garibaldi defending the station).

Delenn finds Sheridan and changes time stabilizers with him and dons the space suit. Zathras meets Sinclair and Sheridan. The disappearance of B4 is apparently explained by Zathras, who says the station was pulled through the time "to be used as a base in a Great War between Light and Darkness". Zathras claims to be from 4993 but does not know what year that is in Earth time.

Ivanova takes over C-and-C as the evacuation of the station proceeds. "The One" appears, and Zathras hands over the repaired stabilizer. (Zathras implies that "The One" is somehow focusing all the energies of the Time Transfer through his body, protected only by the stabilizer.) *Time Flash* (Garibaldi on Mars). Sheridan is found by Marcus.

Zathras is pinned beneath a beam, and reveals to Sinclair that he has "a Destiny". The evacuation ships depart. Sinclair tries to warn Garibaldi. Zathras is rescued by Delenn. B4 vanishes into the Time Stream. Delenn and Sinclair join up (her dress has changed colors!)

The evacuated crew of B4 land on B5.

Delenn turns down the leadership of the Grey Council, and is given a Triluminary: this Triluminary is the one which will come from Epsilon 3 via Zathras in two years, and will then go back to the time of Valen.
115: Legacies
2258 Jul The Corpse of the Shai Alyt Branmer is brought to B5 for a Minbar ceremony, but it vanishes.
109: Grail
2258 Jul Jinxo is barred from the station for five years because of pocket-picking. He meets Aldous Gajic, "a true seeker", and continues his search of Holy Grail after Gajic's death.
116: Signs and Portents
2258 3-5 Aug Raiders attack Babylon 5.

Morden visits B5 and talks to the various ambassadors.

The Raiders are destroyed by the Shadows.

The Centauri "Eye" is recovered. Morden gives it to Londo, but does not contact him again until the end of the year.

119: TKO
2258 Aug* The human, Walker Smith (old friend of Garibaldi's), fights in the Mutai.
2258 Aug* First new case of Drafa Plague discovered on Markab homeworld ("the Dark Angel of Drafa begins to walk among the Markab once more".)
122: Eyes
2258 Sep* Colonel Ari Ben Zayn comes to the station to conduct a special investigation of Babylon 5's command staff.
2258 Sep* Edgars Industries complete the engineering of a virus which is fatal to telepaths. The labs begin developing an anti viral drug to counter the effects of the virus.
117: The Quality of Mercy
2258 Nov Talia is involved in carrying out the sentence of a convicted murderer.

Dr. Franklin is running an unauthorized free clinic and investigates a possible medical scam in Downbelow. He finds the alien healing device.

2258 Nov - Dec Sometime during this month, Zack Allen is transferred to Babylon 5, as he mentions to Sinclair in 316: War Without End I.
Late 2258* Knowing the Shadows are on the move again, the Technomages decide to go into hiding to ensure their skills and knowledge do not fall in to wrong hands.
Late 2258* An alien ship destroys EAS Cerberus where Matthew Gideon serves as an ensign.

Technomage Galen saves Gideon's life.

112: Chrysalis
2258 30 Dec Morden confirms in a secret communication with Vice President Clark that the assassination of President Santiago has been arranged.
2258 30 Dec President Santiago leaves Mars Colony for the Io Jump-point on a "Goodwill Tour" in Earth-Force One. Vice President Clark remains on Mars due to a "viral infection".
2258 31 Dec Sinclair, Sakai, Ivanova and Garibaldi eat dinner together celebrating Sinclair's and Sakai's engagement.
Narn Base in Quadrant 37 is obliterated by Shadows.

Garibaldi shot while uncovering an assassination plot.

2259 1 Jan President Santiago is killed in an "accident" on his ship.
Delenn begins her transformation.
Catherine Sakai leaves on a survey tour.
Season Two: "The Coming of Shadows"
2259 1 Jan* Sinclair is recalled to Earth.
2259 4 Jan* Sinclair arrives on Earth.
2259 6 Jan Sinclair meets with President Clark; becomes ambassador to the Minbari.
201: Points of Departure
2259 6 Jan Ivanova's status report.
2259 8 Jan Sheridan is assigned to Babylon 5.
2259 9 Jan Sheridan starts paperwork to promote Ivanova.
2259 10 Jan Sinclair leaves Earth.
2259 Jan* On the orders of President Clark, the Earthforce investigation determines a jump engine malfunction was responsible for Cerberus's destruction.
202: Revelations
2259 17-19 Jan G'Kar battles Shadow ships, but manages to escape.

Sheridan's sister arrives on B5.

Londo meets with Morden (having heard of G'Kar's escape?)

Dr. Franklin uses Alien Machine on Garibaldi.

2259 20 Jan* Garibaldi awakes; Delenn hatches; Jack, Garibaldi's aide, is arrested.
2259 21 Jan* Narn ship destroyed at Z'ha'dum.

President Clark requests Jack and his files.

Delenn returns to the B5 Advisory Council.

Treason (Comic 2)
2259 22 Jan* Delenn leaves B5.
2259 25 Jan* Delenn meets with Solaris.
2259 27 Jan* Sinclair and Delenn reach Minbar.
In Harm's Way (Comic 3)
2259 27 Jan* The "Chosen One" is installed as new Minbari leader. Sinclair is arrested for assassination attempt.
The Price of Peace (Comic 4)
2259 27 Jan* Sinclair is tried by the Minbari: Neroon is prosecutor.
203: The Geometry of Shadows
2259 27 - 29 Jan Lord Refa meets with Londo.

Drazi ritual fight breaks out.

Ivanova is promoted and breaks her ankle.

Technomages visit B5 and then leave Known Space.

Garibaldi returns to duty.

Novel #1 Voices
2259 29 Jan* Explosion at the Royal Tharsis Hotel on Mars.
2259 30 Jan* Meeting with Sheridan.
2259 31 Jan* (Estimated date of Delenn's return.)
2259 1 Feb* 1st Psi Corps arrivals on B5.
2259 2 Feb* 1st day of Psi Corps convention (Delenn on B5.)
2259 3 Feb* Bombing.
2259 4 Feb* Talia leaves B5.
2259 7 Feb* Talia reaches Earth; Garibaldi and Gray leave B5.
2259 9 Feb* Garibaldi and Gray arrive in Boston.
2259 10 Feb* Talia, Garibaldi and Gray reach Mars.
2259 11 Feb* Garibaldi leaves Mars.
2259 14 Feb* Garibaldi returns to B5.
Garibaldi picks up an odd incoming message.
2259 15 Feb* Sinclair is asked to become Entil'Zha of the Anla'Shok (Rangers). After a major speech to the Minbari assembly, including the Council of Caste Elders and the Grey Council, Sinclair is allowed to become "Ranger One", but not given the title "Entil'Zha". Humans are permitted to join the Anla'Shok.
2259 18 Feb* Ivanova loses her cane.
204: A Distant Star
2259 19 Feb* The Cortez arrives at B5 after spending two years "on the Rim".

Delenn schedules a meeting to discuss events in Sector 19.

2259 20 Feb* Discussion of Shadows on the Rim.
2259 21 Feb* Delenn is questioned by the Minbari on the station.
2259 22 Feb* Cortez departs early morning.

Explosion on board the Cortez strands them in hyperspace.

2259 23 Feb* Zeta Squadron searches for Cortez.

Keffer sights a Shadow ship.

Dr. Franklin examines Delenn, who blows Garibaldi's secret about Bagna Cauda.

Garibaldi's Birthday.

Estimated arrival of first "Rangers" on Babylon 5: two humans and two Minbari arrive to begin setting up logistics.
205: The Long Dark
2259 25 Feb* The USS Copernicus homes in on B5.

First clear Ranger sighting.

2259 26 Feb* Mariah awakens and looks around. Dr. Franklin has her stay in his room.
2259 27 Feb* Alien is murdered by the dark creature.

Council meeting.

2259 28 Feb (early morning)* Garibaldi and Amis hunt the dark creature. (The first real contact with the Shadows?)
206: A Spider in the Web
2259 7 Mar* Abel Horn awakens and kills Taro Isogi, a Mars businessman. Senator Voudreau speaks to Sheridan.

Abel Horn speaks to Bureau 13 "Control".

2259 8 Mar* Abel Horn dies.

Sheridan tells Garibaldi of his two-year long investigation into the mysterious Bureau 13.

With Friends like These (Shadows Past and Present I) (Comic 5)
2259 10 Mar* Shadows try to kill Garibaldi.
Against the Odds (Shadows Past and Present II) (Comic 6)
2259 10 Mar*  
Survival the Hard Way (Shadows Past and Present III) (Comic 7)
2259 10 Mar*  
Silent Enemies (Shadows Past and Present IV) (Comic 8)
2259 11 Mar*  
207: A Race Through Dark Places
2259 Mar* Number of military transports passing through Babylon 5 increases.
2259 14 Mar The presence of an Underground Railroad on B5 is revealed to Bester after an interrogation on Mars.
2259 17 Mar* Bester on B5.

Sheridan dines with Delenn.

2259 18 Mar* Talia breakfasts with Bester. She is kidnapped. Bester "fights" with the Rogues; Talia seems to join with him in his fight. Bester leaves B5.

Talia learns that the powers that Jason Ironheart gave her are greater than she realized.

Talia needs to talk to someone and Ivanova was the only one she could think of.

Novel #3 Blood Oath
2259 21 Mar* G'Kar receives data crystal from Mi'Ra. He appears to be killed in a transport accident.
2259 22 Mar* K'sha Na'vas docks at B5. Memorial service for G'Kar.
2259 23-24 Mar* Garibaldi and Ivanova are in transit to Narn.
2259 25 Mar* Garibaldi and Ivanova arrive on Narn. Second Memorial Service. They meet with Da'Kal.
2259 26 Mar* Garibaldi and Ivanova in the Border Zone. They leave Narn by old freighter.
2259 29 Mar* Garibaldi and Ivanova arrive back at B5.
Duet for Human and Narn in C Sharp (Laser-Mirror-Starweb I) (Comic 9)
2259 10 Apr* G'Kar appears to leave B5 just as his Ini-Darka arrives. He and Garibaldi are trapped in the station's core.
Duet for Human and Narn in B Flat (Laser-Mirror-Starweb II) (Comic 10)
2259 10 Apr*  
208: Soul Mates (formerly "Pestilence, Famine and Death").
2259 Apr* Londo Mollari's 30th Anniversary of his Ascension. He is nearly murdered.

Talia's ex-husband arrives on the Station.

209: The Coming of Shadows
2259 Apr* The Centauri Emperor, Turhan, visits Babylon 5.

Londo and Refa plot to expand their power.

The Narn Colony in Quadrant 14 is eradicated by the Shadows.

Garibaldi and Delenn each make contact with the Rangers and receive messages from Sinclair.

Emperor Turhan dies and is succeeded by his nephew, Cartagia.

The Narn declare war on the Centauri.

Novel #2 Accusations
2259 18 Apr J.D. Ortega is murdered.
2259 23 Apr Yang's body is discovered.
2259 26 Apr Garibaldi is attacked.
2259 28 Apr Khatib is murdered.
2259 29 Apr Ivanova discovers Ortega's secret. She is reinstated.
2259 Sometime in Spring* Psi Corps And You (Comic 11)
2259 May Induction Ceremony of the first Humans as full Rangers.
2259 Jun Akdor Crisis. Rebels at Matok fight against the Sh'lassen Triumvirate.
2259 Jun Operation Sudden Death. Earthforce Marines aid Sh'lassen Triumvirate against Rebels.
2259 Jun The underground railroad helps Lyta to escape from the Psi Corps to Mars. She joins Mars resistance.
2259 Early Jul Catherine Sakai encounters a Shadow Fleet on her way back to Babylon 5.

The Mining Colony at Arisia 3 is destroyed by Shadows. Marcus Cole is the sole survivor, after his brother William is killed. Marcus travels to Babylon 5.

211: All Alone in the Night
2259 Early Jul Delenn is removed from the Grey Council.

General Hague makes an unofficial visit to the station.

The Streib attack shipping in Sector 92.

A fleet, led by the Agamemnon and Delenn, pays a visit to the Streib homeworld.

While Sheridan is a prisoner of the Streib, Catherine Sakai arrives at Babylon 5. She converses with Delenn (presumably just after Delenn's return from Streib).
2259 Jul Catherine Sakai arrives on Minbar.
212: Acts of Sacrifice
2259 Jul The Lumati ally with the Earth Alliance.

G'Kar asks Sheridan to intervene militarily on behalf of the Narns. Sheridan says that they can get medical aid and food delivery to the Narns and help get some Narn civilians to safety.

Novel #6 Betrayals
2259 Jul*  
213: Hunter, Prey
2259 Aug A fugitive, Dr. Everett Jacobs, President Clark's former physician, with sensitive information about the Earth government flees to Babylon 5.
2259 Aug Marcus Cole arrives on Minbar.
216: Knives
2259 Aug An alien lifeform from Sector 14 presents Sheridan with nightmares.

Urza Jaddo, Londo's old friend, challenges him to a duel to the death to save Urza and his family from dishonor.

215: There All the Honor Lies
2259 Aug Sheridan is accused of murdering a Minbari.

The Station briefly opens a Merchandising shop.

2259 Early Sep Jenimer, the Minbari "Chosen One", dies.

Sinclair is elevated to the position of Entil'Zha.

214: And Now For a Word
2259 Early Sep The station is visited by a ISN news team.

Centauri are discovered to be smuggling "weapons of mass destruction" through the station.

2259 Mid Sep Londo is recalled to Centauri Prime for "consultations on the war effort".
2259 16 Sep "36 Hours" airs its Babylon 5 story.
217: In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum
2259 24-26 Sep Sheridan discovers a connection between Morden and the death of his wife, and speaks to Delenn and Kosh. He learns of the Shadows.

The Ministry of Peace (Nightwatch) begins to recruit on B5; both Talia and Zack express interest.

2259 9 Oct The Tuchanq nuMir Ru slaughters the Narn administration of the Tuchanq homeworld. She renames herself D'Arc.
2259 Oct* Working for Mars resistance Lyta meets Theresa Halloran, codenamed Number One.
218: Confessions and Lamentations
2259 Nov The outbreak of a disease, "Drafa", among the Markab population prompts a panic on the station; Dr. Franklin races against time to find a cure. Disease wipes out the Markab.
2259 Nov Catharine Sakai begins training Rangers as pilots.

Sakai, Sinclair and Marcus travel to Sector 14 to foil a Shadow attempt to gain control of the Time Vortex. Catharine Sakai is lost in the Vortex.

220: Divided Loyalties
2259 24 Nov - 2 Dec Lyta Alexander, the station's first telepath, returns with a warning that one of Babylon 5's officers is an operative for a top-secret government organization.

Talia is forced to stay with Ivanova while her air recycler system is refurbished.

Lyta is attacked while she is held by Security.

Ivanova reveals to Sheridan she is a latent telepath.

After Lyta probes most of the Command staff, Talia is revealed to be "Control".

2259 4 Dec After leaving the station Lyta returns to Mars.
219: The Long, Twilight Struggle
2259 3-10 Dec Londo has misgivings about the war, but Refa eggs him on.

G'Kar meets with G'Sten.

Sheridan meets with Draal, still living inside the Machine in Epsilon Three. Draal offers assistance in the coming war

Narn attack Gorash 7 but are destroyed by Shadows; Centauri fleets bombard the Narn homeworld.

End of the Narn / Centauri War. Narn surrenders.

G'Kar asks Sheridan for sanctuary. Meeting with the Advisory Council. Sheridan meets with the Rangers.

2259 10 Dec  
Novel #4 Clark's Law
2259 12 Dec Tuchanq delegation arrives on Babylon 5. Londo tries to convince the Tuchanq to accept Centauri assistance in exchange for permitting a Centauri force to remain on their moon. The Tuchanq are suspicious and decide to wait a bit. One Tuchanq, D'Arc, is stunned and goes insane, killing a visiting human. Earthdome decides that this is to be the first time death sentence is applied, and sends an executioner.

G'Kar attacked in core shuttle by Lurkers wearing Changeling nets to look like Tuchanq. He defeats them and kills all but one. Executioner killed accidentally. EarthGov makes Sheridan judge, jury and executioner.

G'Kar tries to kill Londo, after learning he was behind the attack. Morden saves both Garibaldi's and Londo's lives.

2259 13 Dec D'Arc is sentenced to death. Sheridan and Garibaldi fake the execution and send D'Arc onto the Tuchanq ship. A riot breaks out during the execution: hundreds wounded and more than 50 people are killed. The Tuchanq decide to accept the Centauri offer.
2259 15 Dec Lyta finds a transport to take her into the Vorlon space. She hangs out on the edge of Vorlon space for three days, and then stays behind in a life pod. Five days later, she is found and brought to the Vorlon homeworld.
2259 17/18 Dec  
221: Comes the Inquisitor
2259 19-20 Dec G'Kar tries to rally the Narn resistance on Babylon 5.

Kosh tests Delenn's allegiance by summoning an ancient inquisitor.

2259 Mid to Late Dec Morden talks to Refa and arranges for Zagros 7 to be secured.
2259 22 Dec The arrival of the Centauri on Tuchanq.
222: The Fall of Night
2259 23 Dec Sheridan receives word of the Centauri's invasion of the Drazi and Pak'ma'ra spheres of influence.
2259 24 Dec Lantz and Welles arrive on B5.

The Narn warcruiser G'Tok arrives very late at night and seeks sanctuary at Babylon 5.

The EAS Eratosthenes, A Wells Fargo jump-gate laying ship, under Captain Johannes Varese, is destroyed by Shadow ships in Sector 913.
2259 25 Dec Ivanova is approached by Welles.

Sheridan tells G'Kar about the G'Tok.

Meeting of the Nightwatch.

In response to the execution of D'Arc, the EA Senate votes to end capital punishment.
2259 26 Dec The Centauri learn about the G'Tok and send a Battlecruiser. The Battlecruiser is destroyed by the Station.

While escorting the G'Tok to safety, Keffer finds a trace of a Shadow Ship. Keffer is killed, but not until he ejects his flight recorder.

On his way to make an official apology to the Centauri, Sheridan is almost blown up. Kosh reveals himself to save Sheridan.

2259 27 Dec Earth-Centauri Non-Aggression Pact announced.
2259 28 Dec End of Hanukah (if this is in fact WHY Ivanova is lighting her menorah).

The contents of Keffer's flight recorder are revealed on ISN.

Season Three: "Point of No Return" (formerly "I am become Death, Destroyer of Worlds")
301: Matters of Honor
2260 1 Jan* Marcus Cole leaves Zagros 7.

Kosh meets with Sheridan.

2260 5 Jan* Endawi arrives on the Station.

Morden and Londo "reconsider their relationship".

Endawi meets with Delenn and Sheridan ("We have been studying this footage for the last ten days".)

Marcus meets with Delenn and Sheridan. They leave the station to go to Zagros 7. White Star is presented to Sheridan.

Endawi meets with ambassadors.

2260 7 Jan* Delenn and Sheridan return to the station, just as Endawi is leaving.
2260 8 Jan* War Council established.
2260 11 Jan* Endawi reports to Senator.
2260 11 Jan Engineering and Maintainance hire Richard Carlson.
2260 ???? Novel #5 The Touch of Your Shadow, the Whisper of Your Name
302: Convictions
2260 16 Jan* Various alien missionaries arrive at the station.

Brother Theo and his monks arrive.

A series of bombs rock the station. Lennier is nearly killed by a bomb when he saves Londo and Delenn's lives.

2260 17 Jan* Sheridan and Garibaldi catch Richard Carlson, the Bomber.

Londo and G'Kar are freed from their elevator.

303: A Day in the Strife
2260 20 Jan* Transport Pilots' Association complaining about increased time for inspection, due to increased weapons searches.

Narn Councillor Na'Far arrives to replace G'Kar, because the Centauri think he's building a resistance. Ta'Lon is with him, as his bodyguard.

Garibaldi notices indications of Dr. Franklin's stim habit in Earhart's.

An alien probe arrives and gives them 24 hours to provide answers to a 'test'.

Londo asks Delenn to help arrange for Vir to be sent to Minbar to work in the Centauri Diplomatic mission, empty for several years.

Na'Far tries to convince G'Kar to leave.

2260 21 Jan* A group of Narns meet Na'Far. They attempt to kill him, and G'Kar stops them by agreeing to go back to Narn.

With all the answers ready, Sheridan figures out that the probe is actually there to destroy anyone who might be advanced enough to be a threat.

Ta'Lon and the others convince G'Kar to stay.

Garibaldi and Dr. Franklin meet in Earhart's again. Franklin lies about not having used stims during the whole probe incident.

Sheridan meets with the Transport Pilots' Association.

Vir leaves for Minbar.

305: Passing through Gethsemane
2260 25 Jan* Theo beats Sheridan in a chess game.

Lyta returns to the station. She'll be working for Kosh from now on.

2260 26 Jan* Brother Edward discovers a Black Rose in his bag. Edward returns to his quarters, and finds 'Death Walks Among You' painted in what looks like blood on his wall. He brings Garibaldi in to see it, but it is gone.

Brother Edward interviews Delenn and Lennier about their beliefs. He heads back to his room, and after bumping into a Centauri, he has flashbacks of memories about things he doesn't remember doing.

2260 27 Jan* Edward disappears. Lyta probes the Centauri and finds out where they are. One of the humans attempts to kill Edward.
2260 7 Feb* Lyta returns from Kosh's mission.

"Brother Malcolm" is sent to Earth.

304: Voices of Authority
2260 13 Feb* The War Council decides to try to contact the First Ones with the help of Draal.

G'Kar starts prying into Ranger activities.

Captain meets with Julie Musante, his political officer.

Ivanova meets with Draal and comes up with evidence of Clark's complicity in President Santiago's death.

2260 14 Feb* Ivanova and Marcus meet the "Walkers of Sigma 957". Sheridan turns the evidence over to General Hague.
2260 15 Feb* Musante recalled to Earth as the evidence is revealed; Senate hearings are beginning.

G'Kar gives Garibaldi the Book of G'Quon.

306: Dust to Dust
2260 21 Feb* Sheridan receives the "fourth report" of sedition "in two days" (implying that it's about day five or six of 304: Voices of Authority.)

Bester contacts Garibaldi.

Dust user goes nuts down-below.

War Council meeting.

2260 22 Feb* Vir returns to the station (from Minbar).

Bester arrives at B5. He takes "the sleepers".

G'Kar attacks Londo. G'Kar's revelation.

2260 27 Feb* G'Kar's trial. G'Kar sentenced to no less than 60 days (8 1/2 weeks) incarceration for assaulting Londo.
2260 29 Feb* Vir recalled to Minbar.

Bester leaves.

2260 4 Mar* Mary Kirkish is called in to a dig on Ganymede, where a Shadow vessel has been dug up.
307: Exogenesis
2260 11 Mar* Lt j.g. David Corwin is promoted to full Lieutenant.

Marcus and Dr. Franklin combat an invasion by Vindrizi, parasitic aliens that attach themselves to humans.

Sheridan asks Ivanova to find out whether or not they can trust Corwin enough to bring him into the War Council.

Marcus receives info from a Ranger. "Ranger One" recommends that the Rangers go on heightened state of alert and pull back from Earth space, due to what's happening back home. A 'package' Marcus wants just left Mars, and should arrive in a week.

2260 12 Mar* Marcus talks Franklin into going with him to investigate disappearances of people. Marcus and Franklin are taken prisoner by the Vindrizi.

Corwin visits Ivanova.

Franklin and Marcus agree to let the Vindrizi go on with their mission.

2260 13 Mar* Ivanova tells Sheridan Corwin won't work out.

Duncan decides to leave B5, to try and see the things he saw when joined with the Vindrizi.

308: Messages from Earth
2260 18 Mar* Mary Kirkish arrives on B5 and reveals info about Shadow vessel on Ganymede.
2260 19 Mar* Sheridan leaves to reach the White Star.
2260 21 Mar* Sheridan and the White Star reach Ganymede just as the Shadow vessel is activated. Sheridan encounters the Agamemnon.
2260 23 Mar* Sheridan returns to B5.
2260 2 Apr General Hague disappears from contact.
2260 8 Apr President Clark declares Martial Law in "Earth Central", in the late evening.
309: Point of No Return
2260 8 Apr Londo and Vir learn of both the Martial Law and of Lady Morella's visit.
2260 9 Apr Communications blackout (0800).

Lady Morella arrives on B5.

G'Kar is released.

Command Staff communicate with General Smitts (1100).

Nightwatch takes over Security on B5; Lady Morella's Tour (evening).

Executive Order for Martial Law announced during a Riot.

2260 10 Apr Nighwatch Security are captured (0315).

The Narn assist security.

Lady Morella prophesies.

G'Kar insists on being let "in" on the "New Alliance".

2260 10 Apr: 310: Severed Dreams -- opening battle scene.
  General Hague's ship, the EAS Alexander, is ambushed by the Earth-loyal ship EAS Clarkstown after leaving Orion 7. Hague is killed; Major Ryan takes command. Ryan destroys the Clarkstown.
2260 11 Apr: 309: Point of No Return -- final scene.
  Vir leaves again for Minbar. Delenn returns.
2260 12 Apr* Mars refuses to implement President Clark's order of martial law.
310: Severed Dreams
2260 13 Apr President Clark orders the bombardment of the Mars Colony.

The Alexander arrives at B5 carrying General Hague's body.

Human colonies on Orion 7 and Proxima 3 declare independence from the Earth Alliance.

Babylon 5 declares independence from the Earth Alliance.

2260 14 Apr Major battle for control of Babylon 5.
2260 30 Apr* G'Kar's estimated date of release from jail.
311: Ceremonies of Light and Dark
2260 ???? Remants of Nightwatch try to kill Delenn.

Londo orders Refa to break all contact with Morden.

2260 14 May Date of Sheridan's tape, in which he describes his feelings towards Delenn.
2260 20 Jun* Bester becomes involved with Carolyn Sanderson.
313: Sic Transit Vir
2260 3 Jul Vir returns to B5 from Centauri Prime to find that he's been married to Lyndisty.

Vir is removed from his position at Minbar because he has been helping Narns escape slaughter.

312: A Late Delivery from Avalon
2260 12 Jul* "Arthur, King of the Britons" comes to Babylon 5 to give Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake.

The Babylon 5 Treaty, for the mutual defense of Babylon 5, is signed by a number of members of the former League of Non-Aligned Worlds.

David McIntyre is sent to work with the Narn resistance.

314: Ship of Tears
2260 20 Jul* ISN comes back on-line, now a propaganda arm of the Earth government.

Bester arrives at B5 wanting to stop a shipment of weapons components being shipped to the Shadows. These components consist of biotechnologically altered telepaths.

2260 20 to 22 Jul* Bester and the crew capture frozen telepaths (including Carolyn) from the Shadows.
2260 24 Jul The Shadows begin to invade a number of alien systems.
2260 27 Jul Kosh "goes to ground".
2260 28 Jul Earthforce begins campaign to "liberate" Mars.
315: Interludes and Examinations
2260 3 Aug The Shadows continue their attacks, this time in Brakiri space.

Londo prepares for a visit from Adira.

2260 4 Aug Sheridan convinces Kosh to arrange for a Vorlon fleet to help defeat the Shadows.

Vorlon fleet destroys the Shadow fleet in Brakiri space.

2260 5 Aug (Early morning:) Morden and three shadows kill Kosh.

Adira is poisoned before her ship arrives at Babylon 5. Londo agrees to work with Morden again.

Dr. Franklin "takes personal leave of absence".

Kosh's body is returned to his ship, and launched into the Sun.

316: War Without End, Part 1
2260 13 Aug Jeffrey Sinclair and Delenn receive messages from out of the past. Sinclair travels from Minbar to Babylon 5.

[It should take more than a few hours for Sinclair to arrive from Minbar, but apparently it doesn't.]

Sinclair, Sheridan, Delenn, Zathras, and others use the machine on Epsilon 3 to take the White Star into the past to steal Babylon 4. Sheridan is lost in time.

317: War Without End, Part 2
2260 13 Aug  
2260 Oct* Shadows begin herding refugees into Sector 83.
318: Walkabout
2260 Mid Nov New ambassador Kosh arrives.

Sheridan and Lyta verify that telepaths can block Shadow vessels.

Dr. Franklin goes on a journey to discover his place in life, and meets a singer Cailyn in Downbelow.

Cailyn has six, maybe seven months to live.

319: Grey 17 Is Missing
2260 Late Nov Delenn becomes the new Entil'Zha ("Ranger One").

Garibaldi investigates Grey 17, a secret level of the station.

320: And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place
2260 7 Dec Telepaths of many races are being recruited.

A group of religious leaders from Earth arrive on B5 smuggling information what's really happening on Earth.

Sheridan is consumed by his analysis of the Shadows' strategies.

Lord Refa and Minister Virini arrive to discuss Centauri politics with Londo.

2260 8 Dec G'Kar on Narn. Refa finds "no hiding place" on Narn.
2260 11 Dec Londo talks to Minister Virini.

The existence of the fleet of White Star type ships is revealed to Sheridan.

321: Shadow Dancing
2260 14 Dec Delenn appeals to the League of Non-Aligned Worlds to assist in the war.

Ivanova and Marcus leave with the White Star to scout the area around Sector 83.

2260 15 Dec Battle in Sector 83. A Shadow fleet is destroyed, counterpointing Dr. Franklin's fight for his life in Downbelow.
2260 17 Dec The wounded begin arriving at B5.
2260 18 Dec Dr. Franklin begins directing the medical efforts from his wheelchair and accepts his job back.
2260 19 Dec Early Morning: Anna Sheridan arrives on B5.
322: Z'ha'dum
2260 19 Dec Anna asks Sheridan to go with her to Z'ha'dum.
2260 21 Dec Sheridan and Anna leave for Z'ha'dum.
2260 26 Dec Sheridan and Anna arrive at Z'ha'dum and speak with Morden and Justin.

Shadow vessels threated Babylon 5.

Londo is recalled to Centauri Prime.

Sheridan attacks Z'ha'dum.

Garibaldi apparently abducted by a Shadow vessel.

Season Four: "No Surrender, No Retreat"
401: The Hour of the Wolf
2261 2 Jan Morden, who has survived Sheridan's attack to Z'ha'dum, tells Londo that Cartagia has permitted the Shadows to use Centauri Prime as a base of operations.

G'Kar decides to search for Garibaldi.

Ivanova, Delenn, and Lyta decide to seek for Sheridan at Z'ha'dum.

The next day:
Londo asks Vir to come to Centauri Prime, to help assassinate Cartagia.

402: Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi
2261 4 Jan G'Kar searches for Garibaldi but is captured by Centauri.

Delenn urges the Rangers to attack Z'ha'dum in "one week".

Garibaldi is given to the Psi Corps by the Shadows. They take him to a secret facility on Mars, where Bester programs him to gather information about the threat to the Psi Corps and when the opportunity arises, signal Bester.
403: The Summoning
2261 7 Jan? Ivanova and Marcus depart to go in search of First Ones.
2261 9 Jan? Zack discovers Garibaldi.

Ivanova and Marcus discover the Vorlon fleet.

Delenn's plan to attack the Shadows runs into trouble.

2261 9 or 10 Jan? Sheridan returns from the dead, bringing with him the alien Lorien.
2261 Jan* Lise Hampton meets William Edgars.
2261 Mid Jan: Novel #8 Personal Agendas
404: Falling Toward Apotheosis
2261 Mid Jan The Vorlons begin step up their battle against the Shadows.

Sheridan asks Garibaldi and Lyta to remove Kosh from the station, leading to the death of the second Kosh.

Delenn learns that Sheridan has twenty years to live.

Cartagia orders the guards to pluck out one of G'kar's eyes.

405: The Long Night
  Three days later:
The Army of Light prepares to strike against the Vorlons and the Shadows.

Cartagia, Londo, Vir, and G'Kar reach Narn. Assassination of Cartagia.

Londo is nominated to the position of Prime Minister.

Ivanova and Lorien look for more First Ones.

406: Into the Fire
  Three days later:
Lorien and Ivanova briefly stop at Babylon 5. Londo and Vir reach Centauri Prime.

The next day:
Londo destroys the Shadow base on Centauri Prime, and has Morden executed.
The Army of Light mounts its final assault. They meet the Vorlons, the Shadows, and the First Ones at Coriana 6. One Vorlon Planet-Killer destroyed by the First Ones; another reaches Centauri Prime.

Lorien promises to go with Vorlons, Shadows and the other First Ones beyond the Rim. End of the Shadow War. End of the Second Age of Mankind.

407: Epiphanies
2261 Late Jan* Londo returns to Babylon 5, leaving Minister (name?) in charge as Regent.

Garibaldi resigns. Zack becomes head of Security.

Bester arrives with news of an Earth Alliance plan to further isolate Babylon 5.

Z'ha'dum is destroyed to keep its technology from falling into the wrong hands.

Centauri Regent acquires a "Keeper".

408: The Illusion of Truth
2261 30 Mar* ISN news team arrives to do a stroy about Babylon 5.
2261 5 Apr* Sheridan's family farm burns down. Sheridan's father vanishes.
2261 12 Apr ISN News program airs.

Newly reconstituted Senate begins hearings on anti-Earth activity.

Day 259 of fighting on Mars ends with freeing of New Vegas and Flinntown.

2261 May* Cailyn, the signer from Downbelow dies.
Thirdspace (TNT movie and novel)
2261 Early Jun The crew finds an alien artifact in hyperspace.
409: Atonement
2261 Early Jun Delenn is recalled to Minbar to resolve a problem concerning her relationship with Sheridan, and must finally face up to her role in the Earth - Minbari War.

Sheridan sends Marcus and Dr. Franklin to Mars on a secret mission.

410: Racing Mars
2261 Mid Jun Marcus and Dr. Franklin meet Captain Jack and land on Mars.

Sheridan confronts Garibaldi about his behavior.

Garibaldi meets Wade.

411: Lines of Communication
2261 Mid Jun Marcus and Dr. Franklin try to convince the leaders of the resistance to go along with Sheridan's plan to unseat Clark.

Sheridan prepares to broadcast news with Ivanova on the "Voice of the Resistance", the resistance's counter-propaganda broadcasts.

Delenn investigates a series of attacks on Minbari allies. She discovers the Drakh.

Minbar begins to slide toward civil war.

412: Conflicts of Interest
2261 Early Jul Ivanova visits Epsilon 3, meets another Zathras.

Garibaldi meets Lise Hampton Edgars. He begins working for William Edgars.

Sheridan proposes a plan to protect the League of Non-Aligned Worlds from raiders.

"Voice of the Resistance" begin broadcasts.

413: Rumors, Bargains and Lies
2261 Mid Jul Sheridan tricks the League of Non-Aligned Worlds into accepting his proposed defense pact.

The League of Non-Aligned Worlds agreeds to give the White Star Fleet authority to operate as a police force along its borders.

Delenn tries to work with Neroon to defuse a brewing Minbari civil war.

414: Moments of Transition
2261 1 Aug* The warrior caste demands Delenn's surrender to end the Civil War.

Bester makes an offer to an increasingly desperate Lyta.

A Starfury squadron defects to the Resistance at Proxima 3.

Delenn survives the Starfire Wheel, Neroon is killed in it.

2261 3 Aug Delenn forms a new Grey Council, with the worker caste holding five of the nine positions. The position of leader is reserved for "The One who is to come."

Unable to find work, Lyta rejoins the Psi Corps "in name only".

Sheridan is compelled to act after receiving a recording of an Earthforce Destroyer destroying refugee ships from Ivanova.

415: No Surrender, No Retreat
2261 2 Sep Londo tries to enlist G'Kar's aid in backing Sheridan against Earth.

Sheridan's forces liberate Proxima 3.

Garibaldi leaves the station for Mars, intending to never return.

2261 Mid Sep* Sheridan's forces have liberated the colony at Beta Durani, as well as a midrange military outpost.
416: The Exercise of Vital Powers
2261 Mid Sep* Garibaldi arrives on Mars to meet with Edgars.

Lyta accidentally awakens one of the implanted telepaths rescued from the Shadows.

Garibaldi is interrogated by Edgars and a telepath.

The next day:
Dr. Franklin and Lyta test her ability to wake up the implanted telepaths. After observing the effect of her mental contact with them, Franklin devises an artificial equivalent.

Sheridan explains his plan about the frozen telepaths to Franklin, who tells Lyta they have to go to Mars.

417: The Face of the Enemy
2261 Late Sep* Lyta and Dr. Franklin arrive on Mars with their gargo. Lyta warns Franklin of an impending clash between telepaths and mundanes.

Sheridan's search for his father leads him into Garibaldi's trap. He is imprisoned on Mars.

Garibaldi learns of Edgars' plan, which threatens all telepaths.

Bester's people wipe out Edgars and his threat.

Garibaldi gets his mind back.

Ivanova takes command of the rebel fleet in Sheridan's absence.

418: Intersections in Real Time
2261 Late Sep or Early Oct* Sheridan faces an inquisitor from Earthdome.
419: Between the Darkness and the Light
2261 Oct* Garibaldi is captured by the Mars Resistance.
Ivanova and the White Star fleet defeat the Orion and the Damocles, and learn that Clark has set a trap at the rendezvous point in Sector 300.

Londo and G'Kar convince the League of Non-Aligned Worlds to help Sheridan.

Few days later:
Garibaldi, Dr. Franklin and Lyta rescue Sheridan.
Ivanova and the White Star fleet battles Clark's "advanced destroyer" forces (built from Shadow technology). Ivanova is mortally injured.
Few days later:
Sheridan reaches the fleet rendezvous point, and visits Ivanova. She asks him to lead the final battle for Earth from the bridge of the Agamemnon.
420: Endgame
2261 1 Nov [1 Dec] Sheridan and his fleet disable the Mars Fleet by unleasing the Shadow-modified telepaths. They then proceed towards Earth.

Marcus learns of the alien healing device. He abandons the fleet and takes White Star to Babylon 5.

The next day:
Sheridan and his fleet arrive at Earth (1.45 AM Earth Standard Time).

President Clark turns the Planetary defence grid towards Earth and commits suicide (2.53 AM EST).

Earth Government is re-established.

Marcus hooks himself and Ivanova into the alien healing device.

421: Rising Star
2261 2 or 3 Nov [2 or 3 Dec] Susanna Luchenko of the Russian Consortium becomes Earthgov President. She and Sheridan come to an arrangement.

Vir tells that the Regent is dying, and Londo is requested to return to Centauri Prime.

Delenn presents to the League of Non-Aligned Worlds a proposition for an Interstellar Alliance.

Garibaldi continues to search for Lise Hampton-Edgars.

The next day:
EarthGov grants Sheridan's officers amnesty. Sheridan resigns from Earthforce.

Delenn announces the formation of the Interstellar Alliance to EarthGov and invites them to join.

Sheridan is named President of the new Alliance.

2261 7 Dec Sheridan negotiates an agreement to free Mars from Earth rule.
2261 Dec ?? Ivanova is promoted to Captain and is assigned to a new Warlock Class destroyer.

Sheridan and Delenn are married in a private ceremony on a White Star ship heading back to Babylon 5.

422: The Deconstruction of Falling Stars
2261 Dec ?? Sheridan and Delenn arrive on Babylon 5 and are greeted as a newly married couple. Londo, G'Kar, and Garibaldi are all present.
Season Five: "The Wheel of Fire"
2262 2 Jan ISN program "Night Side" discusses the recent events, including the fall of President Clark and the formation of the Interstellar Alliance.
502: No Compromises
2262 Jan* Captain Elizabeth Lochley arrives on Babylon 5, to take command of the (still independent) station.

A group of telepaths lead by Byron come to Babylon 5 seeking sanctuary.

President Sheridan is nearly assassinated at his inauguration by Major John Clemens, former commander of the Beta 7 prison under Clark.

Sheridan names Garibaldi the head of the Alliance's covert operations division.

Hidden Agendas (Short story by JMS in B5 Magazine #22)
2262 Jan*  
503: The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari
2262 Jan* Londo suffers a serious heart attack and nearly dies.

Lennier leaves Delenn's service to join the Rangers.

504: The Paragon of Animals
2262 Early Feb* G'Kar drafts a Declaration of Principles for the Alliance.

Garibaldi convinces Sheridan to ask Byron's refugee telepaths to join his intelligence operations.

The Raiders attacking the Enphili world on the edge of Drazi space are destroyed by the White Star Fleet. The Drazi complicity is uncovered.

505: A View from the Gallery
2262 Early Feb* An unknown alien species attacks the station.
511: Day of the Dead
2262 Early Jun* Some of the crew are caught with the Brakiri as they celebrate their "Day of the Dead," a remembrance of the recently deceased.

Rebo and Zooty, a pair of famous entertainers, visit the station.

Universe Today Headlines:

  • Interstellar Alliance Talks to Resume
  • Londo Mollari to Become Centauri Emperor
  • Reclamation of San Diego Wasteland gets Underway
  • Narn Consulate Opens on Mars amid Controversy
  • Earth Senate Votes More Money for Titan Terraforming
  • Meet Rebo & Zooty Up Close and Personal
  • Babylon 5 will air Rebo & Zooty Movie Marathon
506: Learning Curve
2262 ???? Turval and Durhan, Ranger Masters, bring two Ranger-trainees to the station.

The two telepaths supplied by Byron to Garibaldi begin their work.

507: Strange Relations
2262 ???? Franklin gets a new assignment to catalog any diseases of various races which might be able to cross species.

Bester arrives with a "bloodhound unit" to try to retrieve the refugee telepaths.

Delenn chooses G'Kar as a bodyguard for Londo.

508: Secrets of the Soul
2262 Early Jun* Franklin discovers the Hyachs' secret about the Hyach-doh.

Byron learns of the Vorlons' interference with telepath evolution from Lyta.

509: In the Kingdom of the Blind
2262 Early Jun* Unknown enemy is attacking Alliance shipping lines.

Byron present the Interstellar Alliance with an ultimatum about own homeworld.

Londo and his bodyguard G'Kar visit Centauri Prime.

A militant faction of Byron's telepaths leaves the group.

510: A Tragedy of Telepaths
2262 16 Jun The telepath situation continues to deteriorate. Lochley calls Bester for help.

The attacks on Alliance ships continue.

Londo and G'Kar find Na'Toth in the underground cells in the Imperial Palace.

2262 17 Jun Londo and G'Kar help Na'Toth to escape.

The telepaths begin to fight.

2262 18 Jun (night)

Bester's "bloodhound unit" arrives.

512: Phoenix Rising
2262 18 Jun The telepath situation becomes critical and Bester attempts to take control.

Garibaldi and Franklin are taken hostage by the telepaths.

Byron and the militant telepaths are killed; the remaining telepaths leave station.

The next day:
ISN: The main headquarters of the Psi Corps was bombed and the message 'Remember Byron' was left at the scene.

Garibaldi crawls back into the bottle because he was not able to kill Bester.

513: The Ragged Edge
2262 Late Jun* Londo and G'Kar return to the station.

G'Kar finds out that some Narns have taken his book and made copies of it. As a result many Narns now consider G'Kar a holy figure.

Another attack on an Alliance ship brings Garibaldi to the Drazi homeworld to search for a witness.

514: The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father
2262 Late Jun* Psi Cop student Jonathan Harris murders another telepath. Bester and two Psi Cop interns follow Harris to Babylon 5.
515: Meditations on the Abyss
2262 Early Jul* Lennier is assigned to Whitestar 27 to investigate possible Centauri involvement in the attacks on Alliance Ships.

Londo selects Vir to succeed him as Ambassador to B5.

516: Darkness Ascending
2262 Early Jul* Lennier uncovers hard evidence that Centauri ships are behind the attacks on Alliance Ships.

Lyta strikes a bargain with G'Kar for money and ships for her telepath rebels, in exchange for telepath DNA.

517: And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder
2262 Early Jul* The evidence of a Centauri connection to the cargo ship attacks is revealed to the Alliance.

Zack discovers Garibaldi's drinking problem, which again leads to a disaster.

Londo and G'Kar leave Babylon 5 and return to Centauri Prime, where they are both imprisoned.

The Interstellar Alliance declares war on the Centauri Republic.

518: Movements of Fire and Shadow
  The next day:
Sheridan authorizes the White Star fleet to engage the Centauri if they attack any Alliance ships. He asks the Grey Council to release White Star technology to to Earth so they can help supplement the fleet.

Delenn and Lennier are attacked, and the remains of their ship are left to drift in space.

Lyta and Franklin visit the Drazi homeworld at Vir's request. It is determined that the Centauri ships attacking the Alliance have been uninhabited, piloted by Shadow technology.

The Drazi and Narn mount an assault on the Centauri homeworld. The Regent leaves left the planet defenseless.

519: The Fall of Centauri Prime
  Beginning at the next moment:
Centauri Prime is decimated by the combined Narn/Drazi fleet.

The Regent... dies. Londo is made Emperor, and lays the blame on the whole war on the Regent.

He voluntarily takes a "keeper" under the threat that the Drakh will destroy the planet if he doesn't.

The Centauri surrender. Londo is enthroned as Emperor.

Londo officially appoints Vir as the new ambassador.

Delenn and Lennier are rescued.

520: Wheel of Fire
2262 Aug-Sep* Sheridan places Garibaldi under suspension until he can overcome his drinking problem.

A number of Psi Corps facilities are attacked by rogue telepaths leaving the message "Remember Byron". Lyta is placed under arrest. She makes a deal with Garibaldi for his assistance.

Delenn is pregnant.

G'Kar and Lyta prepare to leave Babylon 5 together.

Lise convinces Garibaldi to return home to Mars with her to help run Edgars Industries as her husband.

521: Objects in Motion
2262 Dec* An assassin is sent to kill Lise Edgars and Garibaldi.

Lise and Garibaldi get married and leave B5.

The Martian rebel leader "Number One", whose real name is Theresa Halloran, replaces Garibaldi as head of security for the Interstellar Alliance.

Lyta and G'Kar leave B5.
522: Objects at Rest
2262 Dec* Ta'Lon is named as G'Kar's successor as Ambassador to B5.

The headquarters of the Interstellar Alliance moves to Minbar. Lennier has a moment of weakness, and flees in humiliation.

Dr. Hobbs becomes Chief of Staff of Med Lab.

Garibaldi takes over the day-to-day operations of Edgars Industries.

Londo gives a gift to Sheridan and Delenn for their son: an urn containing a hidden Keeper.

Franklin leaves for Earth to start his new jos as head of Xenobiological Research in Earthdome.

The future that almost was . . . . .

2260 21 Aug The Shadows, in an alternate future, attack Babylon 5.
Garibaldi forces Sinclair to leave B5, as it is about to be overrun by "evil creatures". Sinclair escapes, while Garibaldi remains behind to fight them while the self-destruct is engaged.
Babylon 5 explodes, with only one ship escaping.

Between "Babylon 5" and "Crusade"

Novel "Legions of Fire #1: The Long Night of Centauri Prime"
The River of Souls (TNT movie and novel)
2263 11 Jun A group of Soul Hunters threaten Babylon 5 to recover a number of souls stolen from Ralga.
2263* Sheridan and Delenn become the parents of David.
2264 Lyta removes Garibaldi's inhibition from harming Bester.
2264 to 2265 The Telepath War leads to the disbanding of the Psi-Corps.
Lyta sets some kind of trap and Bester is almost killed in the telepath war.

Bester and Alisha are divorced during or after the war.

Some time later Lyta dies and Bester is responsible for that.

2266 Many trials against telepaths.
A Call to Arms (TNT movie and novel)
2266 Nov The Excalibur and the Victory are launched.

The Drakh launch a Shadow "Planet Killer" towards Earth. The Victory destroys itself to save the Earth.

The Drakh manage to infect the planet with an old Shadow disease.

2267 Earth is quarantined. Doomsday cults are born and mass rioting breaks out.
2267 Garibaldi's daughter, Mary, is born.


In the following table episodes have been ordered according to a message posted in newsgroup which listed the intended airing order.

108: War Zone
2267 Captain Matthew Gideon is given command of the Excalibur.

The crew of the Excalibur comes together to start battling the Drakh plague.

107: The Long Road
2267 A mineral found on the planet Regula 4 may contain a solution to the Drakh virus. A renegade technomage stands in the way of a mining operation and Gideon is called to help.
106: The Well of Forever
2267 "Mr Jones" arrives aboard the Excalibur to evaluate Matheson's performance regarding the new rules for telepaths.

Galen convinces Gideon to take the Excalibur to find the Well of Forever, a mausoleum deep in hyperspace.

109: The Path of Sorrows
2267 The crew discovers a mysterious alien living in a bubble. The alien gives a vision to Gideon, Matheson and Galen about their experiences in the past.
113: Appearances and Other Deceits
2267 A couple of propaganda specialists visits the Excalibur to try to improve its public image.

The Excalibur encounters a crippled ship filled with dead aliens, save one. The crew is exposed to a force which threatens to take over the ship.

103: Racing the Night
2267 The crew discovers a planet that was devastated by a plague similar to the one threatening Earth.
102: The Memory of War
2267 As the planetary quarantine enters its fourth month, mass rioting continues in many countries.

Galen warns Gideon about exploring a new planet that once housed life similar to humans.

Dr. Chambers discovers a programmable nanovirus that can be used as a temporary shielding against the Drakh plague.

101: The Needs of Earth
2267 The Rangers provide information about an alien refugee from Miradi 7 holding records that may hold useful secrets about the Drakh plague.
104: Visitors from Down the Street
2267 13 May In Eridani Sector the Excalibur encounters a pair of aliens who are convinced that humans have visited their world and their government has conspired to cover the contact up.
111: Ruling from the Tomb
2267 15 Jun Gideon is assigned to Mars to assist Captain Elizabeth Lochley with the running of a conference on the Drakh plague.
105: Each Night I Dream of Home
2267 An Earth senator comes aboard to direct the Excalibur on a secretive new mission to sector 100, Earth.

Gideon rescues a heavily damaged Starfury piloted by Captain Elizabeth Lochley.

On Earth orbit they pick up Dr. Stephen Franklin who wants to study how the Drakh virus infects and spreads in human body.

The Drakh attack the ship but the Excalibur manages to destroy their mothership.

Gideon returns Lochley back to Babylon 5. "Life goes on".

114: To the Ends of the Earth
2267 3 Sep Gideon plans a horrible laundry accident that destroys their grey uniforms.

Excalibur encounters an alien ship similar than what destroyed Gideon's ship nine years ago.

110: Patterns of the Soul
2267 Gideon is diverted to Theta 49 to bring human colonists back to Earth. It is suspected that they are infected by the Drakh plague.

Dureena finds a small group of her people living on Theta 49.

112: The Rules of the Game
2267 The Excalibur visits Babylon 5. Gideon and Lochley try to negotiate access to Lorka 7.

Eilerson meets his ex-wife Cynthia Allen, who has trouble with her debts.

116: The End of the Line
2267 End* Gideon learns about a secret Earthforce research and development facility.

The secret about technomages and Galen is revealed to Gideon.

After "Crusade"

Novel Final Reckoning
2271 15 Feb Garibaldi gets a call that Bester has escaped a patrol Metasensory Division sent after him.
2271 Spring Bester returns to Paris to find a hiding place. He rents a room in a small boarding house and begins to develop a relationship with Louise, the owner.
2271 Summer Garibaldi arrives in Paris and hunts Bester with French cops. Eventually he finds Bester.
2271 Summer Bester is tried and sentenced to spend the rest of his life in Teeptown which now holds war criminal telepaths. He must take sleepers once a week.
???? The Drakh War.
2278 Sheridan and Delenn are interrogated by Emperor Londo on Centauri Prime but kept separate. The time-travelling Sheridan enters the future Sheridan's body while being interrogated. Londo locks Sheridan up with Delenn; they reunite while he begins drinking.
Londo tells the story of "In the Beginning" to Urza Jaddo's niece and nephew.
Londo continues to drink, subduing his "keeper". He allows Sheridan and Delenn to escape.
Before Londo can be controlled again by his "keeper", he asks for his "old friend" G'Kar to kill him. Londo and G'Kar kill each other.
2278 After Londo dies, Vir becomes emperor.
2279 Sheridan stops being re-elected as President of the Interstellar Alliance. He is succeeded by Delenn, and begins to focus more attention on the Rangers.
523: Sleeping in Light
2281 John Sheridan dies as the life force he gained from Lorien on Z'ha'dum fades. He is taken by Lorien beyond the Rim.
Bester is writing his memoirs in prison when he heards the news about Sheridan's death. Few days later he dies while sleeping.
Babylon 5 is destroyed.
General Susan Ivanova becomes head of the Rangers.
Zack becomes a Minister on Centauri Prime.
422: The Deconstruction of Falling Stars
2362 2 Jan A stellarcast discusses the 100th anniversary of the Interstellar Alliance. Delenn appears to refute the historians' opinions of Sheridan.
2762 2 Jan Two factions vie for control of Earth: one is in favor of breaking away from the Interstellar Alliance; the other wishes to remain in the Alliance. The break-away faction attempts to holographically "deconstruct historical figures revered by the Prole Sector". This results in the the triggering of a terrible war that will later be known as The Great Burn. This war renders the surface of the Earth nearly uninhabitable.
3262 2 Jan An order of monks is attempting to find, record and restore the knowledge of the past, helped secretly by agents of the Rangers.
c 1,000,000 Humans have apparently evolved into noncorporeal entities (like Lorien, 406: Into the Fire) and will make use of Vorlon-style encounter suits and organic ships.
The Rangers apparently still exist and are involved in the building of something called "New Earth".
The Earth's sun goes nova.