Andromeda : Episode Synopsis

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Season 1

Under the Night (1)

Trapped in suspended animation for 300 years, Captain Dylan Hunt of the Starship Andromeda revives to find his loved ones dead, the Commonwealth disassembled and a galaxy in chaos. Not only that, but someone's trying to steal his ship.

An Affirming Flame (2)

The group of mercenaries aboard Andromeda try and take control of the vessel, but they have not taken into account her captain's determined attitude towards pirates. Double-crossed by Genentex, both crews must join forces to save their own lives.

To Loose the Fateful Lightning

Andromeda docks at a Guard Station, but all is not as it seems. The station houses children brought up in the ways of the High Guard who have honoured the traditions since the empire's fall. But Dylan makes a mistake, and the children are given access to power that could destroy a solar system.

D Minus Zero

Andromeda is attacked by a powerful unknown enemy, and the crew are put to their limit to get out of the situation alive. Yet the crew cannot even agree on one course of action, causing tension to rise and mutiny is only a short step away.

Double Helix

Dylan Hunt must try and save the Andromeda Ascendant from a colony of Nietzscheans whom Tyr has infiltrated. Yet can Hunt trust Tyr, a man now with his own people and offering him all that a Nietzschean desires?

Angel Dark, Demon Bright

Trance Gemini is learning to navigate the slipstream without Dylan's knowleadge,but she recks the Andromeda inside the slipstream and leave them stranded in the Witchhead Nebular,where a great battle between commonwealth and Nieztscheans is about to take place,but the battle was fought for over 300 years ago,now it's up to Dylan to decide if he wants to try and change the outcome of the battle allready lost.

The Ties That Blind

Answering a distress call from reknown Wayist Vikram Singh Khalsa. The crew saves him from attack and brings him aboard the Andromeda. Only when Khalsa steals the ship and takes it back to his homeworld. Does the crew learn who is really the power behind Khalsa.

The Banks of the Lethe

Andromeda is on a science mission near a black hole,Dylan is having trouble seeing a black hole again,and he decides to send a message to his long gone fiance Sara to ease his mind.But somehow Sara receives his message 300 years into the past.

A Rose in the Ashes

Rommie and Dylan are on a planet trying to negotiate for them to enter Dylan's restored Commonwealth, but they are both sent to a prison camp on another planet instead. That camp is run by androids and the inmates are not happy campers there. They meet a girl named Jesse who tries to help them escape, but Rommie can't reach her ship or their friends onboard, so it's up to themselves to find a way out.

All Great Neptune's Ocean

Dylan plans a formal dinner with the officials of Castalia to discuss their entry into the Commonwealth. Things take a turn for the worst when a recording of Tyr killing one of the officals turns up, along with the officials dead body and an unconscious Tyr.

The Pearls that Were His Eyes

When news of a merger between Trans-Galactic and Quantum Shipping reaches the ship. Beka and Trance goto investigate this mega merger and how Beka's loser uncle came to head such a large corporation. Upon arrival it becomes apparent that the most popular designer drug on the planet has a common link with Beka.

The Mathematics of Tears

Andromeda encounters her damaged sister ship, the Pax Magellanic, floating in space where a planet should be. Her crew haven't aged since the fall of the Commonwealth, and her computer seems to have gone mad...

Music of a Distant Drum

Tyr crash lands on the planet Midden but this is only the beginning of his problems. He emerges from his ship with no memories other than a hatred for the Drago-Kazov who rule the planet. Now Tyr must survive his enemies and deal with the emotions he feels for a lowly human woman and her son.

Harper 2.0

After finding a Perseid floating in a life pod the crew attempts to rescue and give medical aid to him. He returns this good gesture by forcing a pain-full beam of energy into Harpers neck. When Harpers knowledge increases ten-fold and a bounty hunter shows up to take Harper. The crew realizes that the Perseid may have done more than just attack Harper.

Forced Perspective

Dylan is captured on a parts buying mission for Andromeda. He's put on trial for crimes against the goverment commited 300 years ago.

The Sum of Its Parts

Andromeda encounters a debris field but out of it comes an escape pod that penatrates the hull of Andromeda. Calling himself HG he warns the crew of a mechanical entity known as the Collective and warns that the Collective is after Andromeda.

Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way

Gerentex, the nightsider whom the crew used to work for, comes to Andromeda asking for help locating a sacred artifact. Although when a deadly alien calling himself the reaper shows up the mission spins out of control.

The Devil Take the Hindmost

The crew once again responds to a plea for help from one of Rev. Bems Wayist friends. Upon arrival on the planet Dylan and Bem meet the people of Serendipity. They are being plagued by slavers wanting to enslave the people of the planet.

The Honey Offering

The marriage union of two rival Nietzschean Prides becomes the problem of the Andromeda. When Dylan ever seeking allies for the new Commonwealth agrees to ferry the bride to the wedding.


After meeting another AI, Rommie has to deal with an artificial version of love. Soon after the meet the question becomes what motives does Rommies new love interest have for her.

It Makes a Lovely Light

The crew aboard the andromeda celebrates dylan's birthday,Becka's gift is a slipstream map that shows the way to dylan's homeplanet Tarn-Vedra.
Dylan is not sure it can be done, but becka are sure she can get dylan home.

Its Hour Come Round at Last (1)

After Andromeda's core personality has been switched with a old backup personality she starts out on an old mission she never completed.This takes them straight into Magog territory.

Season 2

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The Widening Gyre (2)

Tyr and Harper has been taken to the Magog world ship,Dylan and Rommie goes after them leaving Becka in command of the Andromeda with orders to launch a nova-bomb if they do not return.

Exit Strategies

While Harper and Rommie try to cope with their recent 'violations' by the Magog, Dylan, Beka, Rev, and Tyr, pursued by a gang of Nietzscheans, are forced to make a crash landing on an icy planet, and must escape before Rev Bem's desire to feed either forces him to kill or causes his body to digest itself.

A Heart for Falsehood Framed

The crew must steal a jewel being fought over by a greedy Drift-owner and the Than to organize a peace treaty, but matters become complicated when Beka develops a relationship with the security chief on the station, who is a former thief known as 'Schrödinger's cat'.

Pitiless as the Sun

While Andromeda investigates mysterious attacks on an isolated, somewhat xenophobic Inari, Trance is interrogated by that same species as they try to determine her origins, blaming one of her kind for inciting a recent war.

Last Call at the Broken Hammer

Dylan and crew attempt to find a long-lost Commonwealth leader and bring her back into the fold, but the question of her identity proves more complicated than it initially appears.

All Too Human

While Rommie tries to save a defector from a planet that hates AI's, the Eureka Maru plunges deep into the ocean after being crippled, leaving Harper, Tyr and Rev struggling for survival as Dylan, Beka and Trance attempt to stop a Planet-destroying ship armed with Magog weapons.

Una Salus Victus

With a deadly plague on the loose, Andromeda, captained by the inexperienced Harper while Beka seeks stragglers from the convoy, escorts medical ships through Drago-Kazov space while Dylan and Tyr try to stop the missile batteries trained on them.

Home Fires

Andromeda discovers a planet of Commonwealth survivors and descendants gathered together by Dylan's former fiancé after the Commonwealth fell, including the genetic reincarnation of Dylan's first officer Rhade, but when the election to rejoin the Commonwealth goes against Andromeda's crew, an apparent Magog attack raises several questions.

Into the Labyrinth

Another agent of the Abyss tries to tempt Harper to join the Magog god by removing some of his larvae, as the crew battles more tesseracting villains

The Prince

Dylan and Tyr are appointed the aides to a Prince after the rest of his family is killed in a civil uprising on his planet, but they find themselves facing significant challenges from the revolting nobles while trying to reinstate his rule and negotiate a peaceful settlement.

Bunker Hill

Dylan and his makeshift Commonwealth fleet, consisting of the Sabra-Jaguar pride, engage the Drago-Kazov fleet while Harper and Rommie return to Earth to start an insurrection, but matters are complicated when Dylan finds the fleet to be larger than he expected.


After Rev Bem departs to try to find himself, Harper, running out of time before the Magog hatch, must build a Teseract Machine to remove them with Houne's help, unintentionally triggering 'ripples' from the future that cause parts of Andromeda to start shifting to other time periods and culminate in Trance being replaced by her future self.

Lava and Rockets

Dylan outruns dangerous mercenaries by kidnapping a Tourist barge and her pilot, while Tyr and Rommie must put aside their differences to find Dylan before the mercenaries do, leaving Harper to try to adapt to the "new" Trance.

Be All My Sins Remembered

When Dylan, Beka and Harper are called to identify the body of Beka's lost crewmate Bobby Jensen, they discover that he is actually alive and seeks to force the Andromeda to help end a revolution that he started after he left the Maru.

Dance of the Mayflies

The Andromeda is pursued by the Than after they rescue dying people from a drift, but when the victims come back as the walking dead, it is revealed that they are under the control of a hive-mind-entity known as the Bokur that infects and kills its victims. With Beka infected and Trance being used as a vessel to communicate, Dylan, Rommie and Harper must race against time to discover a defence and save their friends before they are all infected.

In Heaven Now Are Three

Dylan, Beka, and Trance attempt to attain the mystic 'Engine of Creation', capable of rewriting the universe according to the designs of whoever possesses it, before someone else gets it, resulting in a brief encounter between Trance and another of her species.

The Things We Cannot Change

During an investigation of a black hole, Dylan is blown out into space and finds himself married with a son in a world where there are no Magog and the Commonwealth is still intact (albeit falling from prolonged war). Episode is a clip show

The Fair Unknown

Dylan, Trance and Rommie must rush to save a Vedran, the long-lost founders of the Commonwealth, from the deadly Caldarens, but her demands after her rescue place Dylan in a difficult position.

Belly of the Beast

A mythical Planet-eating space creature turns out to be fact when it attempts to eat the Andromeda, with only Dylan and Trance in the Eureka Maru available to save the day as Rommie begins to shut down and the ship begins to dissolve.

The Knight, Death, and the Devil

While Dylan embarks on a quest to liberate captured ships of the High Guard from imprisonment with the help of their AI's, hampered by their unwillingness to become the slaves that they feel they would become if they gained captains once more, Beka is forced to convince the potential fiftieth planet in the New Systems Commonwealth to sign the charter without Dylan to win them over.

Immaculate Perception

When Tyr races to save his wife and her colony from attack by the Genites, humans opposed to genetically-engineered humans (a particular problem as that includes almost all of the crew of Andromeda), he discovers that not only is he a father, but that his son may be the foretold genetic reincarnation of Drago Mussevni.

Tunnel at the End of the Light

Mysterious beings begin attacking delegates at the final Commonwealth Charter signing that will determine the First Triumvant, but when Trance reveals that this crisis resulted in the destruction of Dylan's dream of a renewed Commonwealth, the crew must find a way to win a fight that they lost against in Trance's future.

Season 3

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If the Wheel is Fixed

When Beka and Tyr are taken over by the energy from a dimensional tunnel, they attempt to force Andromeda into the tunnel, leaving Dylan, Trance and Harper to stop them before the ship is destroyed.

The Shards of Rimni

After Dylan receives a strange map in the mail, he is framed for the murder of the contract killer who sent him the package, leaving him and Harper in a race against time to clear their names before Commonwealth Security catches them, as well as to find the pieces of a mythical vase said to grant the owner the 'blessings of the cosmos'... a piece of which Dylan acquired before his trip to the black hole.

Mad to be Saved

After rescuing a group of refugees fleeing an oppressive dictatorship, the Andromeda crew face serious problems when the refugees are revealed to be severely mentally unbalanced due to government experiments, each of them brainwashed to believe that they're the doctor responsible for the condition of the others.

Cui Bono

Andromeda transports Beka's Uncle Sid when he runs for the top government office in the newly reformed Commonwealth, but matters are complicated when a seemingly failed assassination attempt puts him in a coma and his company opens up a revenge account that sends bounty hunters after everybody likely to have put out the hit in the first place.

The Lone and Level Sands

After an attack by pirates, Dylan, Tyr, Harper and Rommie encounter a spacecraft from Earth that set out to explore deep space hundreds of years ago, but tensions between the ship's captain and crew result in the Andromeda crew getting caught up in a mutiny as they try to repair the slipstream drive on the Eureka Maru

Slipfighter the Dogs of War

The Andromeda crew must stop the evil rulers of the planet Marduk from making weapons of mass destruction.

The Leper's Kiss

Dylan goes on a mission to seek out "The Leper" in order to prevent Marshall Man Ka-Lupe's assassination.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

The Andromeda is haunted by a crew member who died over 300 years ago.

And Your Heart will Fly Away

Tyr encounters a long lost love and the man who had hired him to kill her.

The Unconquerable Man

In an alternate universe where Dylan died before being trapped in the black hole, Gaheris Rhade sets out to restore the Commonwealth, but his increasingly strained relationship with his crew, to say nothing of his negative views on the Nietzschean prides, make this a seemingly impossible task.

Delenda Est

The mysterious race that attacked the first Commonwealth Charter signing returns, and it's up to the Andromeda crew to stop them again.

The Dark Backward

Trance runs through a series of possible outcomes in order to save the crew from a deadly intruder.

The Risk-All Point

Dylan, Tyr and Beka fight to rescue the crew of a new, "More powerful than Andromeda", Commonwealth ship when it explodes, forcing the crew to suspect sabotage.

The Right Horse

Beka puts her feelings for a past love ahead of the safety of her crew and endangers an entire planet.

What Happens to A Rev Deferred?

The crew receives a cry for help from the long lost Rev Bem.

Point of the Spear

The crew battles against the Pyrians in order to save the planet Samsarra and avoid a galactic war.

Vault of the Heavens

Dylan is beckoned to a far off planet by the voice of a mysterious woman.

Deep Midnight's Voice

Dylan and the crew search for a Nietzschean slip-scout probe that enables one to map every meter of the slipstream.

The Illusion of Majesty

Dylan and the crew take a wrong turn, ending up in the Prolon System, where they discover a princess who is not what she appears to be.

Twilight of the Idols

Andromeda and her crew set out to find a colony of Nietzscheans that have disappeared. Unknown to them, they aren't the only ones looking.

Day of Judgement, Day of Wrath

The Balance of Judgment returns, taking over a new High Guard ship and Rommie. Its revealed that when it was destroyed, it transfered a copy of itself into Rommie as well as Gabriel. Using Rommie, the AI takes over the Resolution of Hector and forces Harper to build it a new Avatar it names Remiel. Andormeda tracks down the ship and disables it while Dylan and Hector, the Avatar of the Resolution board the ship to stop Remiel and the AI. They free Rommie, but are unable to defeat Remiel who kills Hector. However, Rommie manages to break through to the Balance AI and convince it to stop, reminding it of its original purpose as a High Guard ship. Remiel refuses to give up and tries to escape, but Rommie and Dylan blow him into space. Later all traces of the Balance AI are removed from the Resolution and Rommie.

Shadows Cast by a Final Salute

The Drago-Kazov clan begin a war against the Commonwealth and others. Tyr shows his true intentions. The Commonwealth fleet is lured into an ambush and destroyed.

Season 4

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Answers Given to Questions Never Asked

Dylan receives a message from a collector claiming to have a hostage, and finds the remains of the Commonwealth fleet, leading them to the All Forces nullification point.

Pieces of Eight

Citizen 8 threatens to replace members of the Commonwealth, including Dylan, with help from his foreseeing slave.

Waking the Tyrant's Device

Andromeda encounters the builder of the Worldship and has to stop him before he launches another invasion by the Abyss. Ultimately the new World Ship is destroyed, but the bad guy manages to escape.

Double or Nothingness

Dylan is kidnapped and forced to play mind games for the amusement and monetary gain of weapon dealers.


"File D", a flexy that can erase people's minds, is in the hands of two warring siblings, with Andromeda and Harper trying to prevent its activation.

Soon the Nearing Vortex

Tyr Anasazi joins with the Collectors to find the Route of Ages, thinking it will stop the Abyss. Rhade, who lost Tyr as his prisoner, joins the Andromeda crew.

The World Turns All Around Her

Beka and Tyr are pulled through the Route of Ages, where the crew of the Andromeda pursue and confront Tyr as he prepares to offer Dylan to the Abyss in exchange for Nietzschean safety in the upcoming war. Dylan and Rhade rescue Beka, but are forced to kill Tyr as they escape. After Andromeda gets trapped in the Route of Ages, Trance reveals her true nature as the Avatar of a Sun and saves the crew, though only Dylan is aware of the truth.

Conduit to Destiny

Fate brings Dylan full circle to fulfill a planet’s destiny three hundred years in the making when the crew return to a planet where a a woman is supposed to merge with a power source. Dylan helps her do so and defeats the person trying to use her for her own gain and reveals that he was the mysterious soldier that had saved her life three hundred years before and never returned despite his promise because he got trapped in the black hole.

Machinery of the Mind

The crew thwarts an assassin’s attempt to steal the minds of the Commonwealth’s most brilliant scientists.

Exalted Reason, Resplendent Daughter

Dylan hunts down a notorious outlaw who has kidnapped a Commonwealth leader’s daughter. Things are revealed to not be what they seem: the daughter was set up to be murdered by her insane father and the outlaw is actually more of a Robin Hood type charchter rather than a villian. After stoppin the woman's attempted assassination by her own father, Dylan invites the outlaw and his coalition of more than 1,100 planets to join the Commonwealth in exchange for his freedom and allowing him to marry the woman.

The Torment, the Release

Dylan is arrested and tried by the Collectors and Triumvirs for high crimes against the Commonwealth.

The Spider's Stratagem

When the Andromeda intercepts a shipment of Living Armor, Dylan goes in search of its creator and learns a deadly secret.

The Warmth of an Invisible Light

While trying to escape pursuing ships and low on fuel, Andromeda ends up in a dead galaxy and try to use a new device of Harper's, which accidentally transfers Dylan to an alternate universe where he died a hero after stopping the Nietzchean rebellion three hundred years ago and Andromeda has been turned into a museum. In the new reality, the Commonwealth never fell, but Harper, now part cybernetic and manipulated by the Abyss, has taken it over with Rhade as his second in command and Beka the general of the rebellion. Dylan teams up with the alternate Rommie and a part of Trance that enters that reality looking for him to stop Harper. With the help of Beka, Dylan leads a counter-rebellion on board Andromeda and tries to reach out to Harper, believing he still has good in him. Alternate Rommie and Beka defeat Harper's forces, but Rhade activates Andromeda's self-destruct. Harper, who Dylan did reach, decides to surrender, but Rhade kills him as the self-destruct reaches zero. However, Andromeda reveals she tricked him and orders Rhade to surrender as Harper's rule has now been overthrown. Beka and Rommie plan to work together to restore the Commonwealth to its former glory with the help of the Andromeda and Dylan has Trance return him to his world with Harper's device. Before she does, Trance gives him a "gift," the word "Almathea" and upon his return, Dylan finds out he has only been gone thirty seconds. There, he learns that by rigging up the Eureka Maru to the Andromeda, the ship can now reach a nearby star, but unless one goes supernova, they won't be able to refuel. Dylan learns that one of the stars is Almathea and orders Andromeda to it. Almathea goes supernova and Andromeda is able to refuel. Trance mourns the loss of Almathea as the star sacrificed itself for Andromeda.

The Others

The crew steps in to mediate an apocalyptic war in order to halt genocide and cure a fatal disease.

Fear Burns Down to Ashes

The Collectors trap Dylan in a life or death test using former crew member Rev Bem as bait.

Lost in a Space that isn't There

The crew discover that Beka's behavior is being influenced by the Abyss after a Restorian attack, forcing Dylan to carry out a dangerous plan to rid her of its influence by travelling into Beka's mind. Dylan ultimately manages to trap the Abyss in a VR matrix, but it starts to take over Andromeda so Trance enters the matrix and uses her powers to defeat it.

Abridging the Devil's Divide

Harper is captured by the Patriarch to build a bridge across time so he can bring an army of the future to the present, but the future is not what it seems.

Trusting the Gordian Maze

The Triumvirate sends a beautiful spy to tempt Dylan and retrieve the Star Map.

A Symmetry of Imperfection

Rommie’s emotional decisions sever her connections with the ship’s systems, leaving the Andromeda vulnerable to a Magog attack.

Time Out of Mind

The Abyss sends agents to murder the True Collectors and find their hidden library.

The Dissonant Interval (Part 1)

Andromeda saves a transport from Arkology, a peaceful society on a space station, who is now the target of the Worldship. Dylan also learns of his true heritage as a Paradine.

The Dissonant Interval (Part 2)

When Dylan can't move the Arkology, he chooses a stand off which he can't win. Things go badly: Rhade is surrounded, Rommie is destroyed, Harper is found by a Magog and Beka is presumably killed while Arkology is destroyed and Andromeda is invaded by Magog and severely damaged with the only survivors being Trance and Dylan. Dylan tries to destroy the World Ship by firing every Nova Bomb Andromeda has at it, but does little damage. Andromeda repels the Magog by venting her atmosphere and Trance convinces Dylan to abandon ship in a Slipfighter for the Route of Ages while she deals with the World Ship. As Dylan heads into the Route of Ages, Trance pilots Andromeda into the center of the World Ship, firing every missile the ship has as she goes to clear the way, saying her goodbyes. As Andromeda loses power, the ship enters the center of the World Ship and Trance goes supernova apparently destroying the World Ship. Dylan enters the Route of Ages where he encounters another version of himself. The two Dylan's stare at each other for a moment before the other one walks away.

Season 5

    Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5

The Weight (Part 1)

Upon discovering the truth about planet Seefra-1, Dylan must free its people and reunite his crew. In the end, Dylan reunites with Rhade and sets out to find the others, having learned that Seefra-1 is actually Tarn Vedra, his long missing homeworld.

The Weight (Part 2)

Dylan and Rhade pick up a distress signal from Beka, only to find her scheming with a trade mogul who has claimed Andromeda for himself. The mogul tries to destroy Andromeda in the end, but Rhade sabatoges his ship and Dylan realizes that the Core Creature is actually Trance in her sun form. Trance restores enough power to Andromeda for the ship to fire a counter-missile, but Beka is unhappy with Dylan leaving her in Seefra for what seemed like years and holds little loyalty to him anymore. Also, Trance regains her usual form, but seems younger than when she went supernova at Arkology, but not as young as when they first met her. However, she only holds a vauge recolection of the crew and doesn't remember anything.

Phear Phactor Phenom

The crew reunites with Harper and the mysterious 'Doyle' when they confront a geneticist bent on an idea of a Vedran re-birth. In order to eliminate the tech ban that prevents her from realizing her goal, she plots to use fear to control the Seefra system.

Decay of the Angel

For all of her life, Doyle has been plagued by amnesia and nightmares. When Argent, a "revolutionary" android from the future, arrives, Doyle discovers the truth about her life. Its discovered that Doyle is actually an android herself, created by Harper to hold Rommie's core programing when he was unable to rebuild her. Argent tries to entice Doyle to join him, but Doyle refuses and Harper destroys him and his men as well as their tesseract, but in doing so also destroys a possible way out of Seefra for the Andromeda crew.

The Eschatology of Our Present

Beka is offered a mysterious prize by Virgil Vox, Seefra's only DJ, and must confront the tech police leader, Ard Barton, who wants it for himself. With the guidance of Virgil Vox, Beka learns the truth about the Seefra System and locates the mysterious Meethus Diagram, but is left with no clue as to its purpose.

When Goes Around...

Dylan and the crew encounter an officer of the original Commonwealth, who is trapped in a time loop. Its revealed that she was one of the scientists who pulled Tarn Vedra into the Seefra System and she helps correct the mistake that causes Seefra to be a desert. When the time loop is broken, she leaves and its unclear what happens to her, but on Seefra it finally rains.

Attempting Screed

Flavin returns to teach Dylan about his abilities as a Paradine, and a gang war over his ship and its technology ensues.

So Burn the Untamed Lands

Harper discovers a crystal that can restore Andromeda to full power. In order to obtain some of the crystal, however, Dylan must become muscle for Cutter, the mine's owner, who uses slaves to extract it. The crew get the crystal they need, but are forced to use it as a bomb to destroy the mines as they free the slaves.

What Will be Was Not

The crew encounters Orlind, a man who maintains a series of tunnels on Seefra-1, who leads them to a Vedran chamber containing portals that can be used to tesseract to the other eight Seefra planets.

The Test

After an old man named Prysis is slain, a mysterious man arrives through the Route of Ages to find his killer. Beka, Rhade, and Harper are the main suspects, and Dylan strikes a deal: the stranger will return Andromeda and its crew to the known worlds, in exchange for Dylan executing Prysis' murderer. In the end Dylan is killed, but its revealed that the stranger and Prysis are the same person after Dylan revives. Dylan realizes that the Stranger is a Paradine sent from the future to bring the crew back together as they used to be and he leaves behind a cube that has the potential to repower Andromeda.

Through a Glass Darkly

The crew helps rebels on Seefra-5 who are battling a local warlord. In order to help them escape, Harper attempts to rebuild the quantum teleporter with assistance from another scientist thought to have been dead for years. This ultimately causes power to go out all across the planets and is restored when the scientist sacrifices himself to shut down the teleporter. The lack of power allows the rebels, led by Rhade, to defeat the warlord who flees the planet, but after he targets Andromeda, Dylan destroys his ship. Harper mourns his friend's death and discovers a message from him.

Pride Before the Fall

Beka's new boyfriend, Peter, places the entire crew in danger with a series of tests, culminating in a startling discovery that may help the crew – if they can escape the Seefra system. Peter is defeated by Dylan while Andromeda, now restored to full power, saves Beka. Peter leaves through the Route of Ages and Dylan reveals the startling truth: Peter was Drago Musevini, the progenitor of the Nietzchean race. He used Beka's DNA to create the Nietzcheans which makes her their Alpha Matriarch. If the Andromeda ever returns to the Known Worlds, this will give them an advantage over the Nietzcheans.

Moonlight Becomes You

Searching for answers, Trance encounters a man claiming to be a sun god. Meanwhile, searching for treasure, Beka and Rhade become trapped together and must face a test that will either bestow wealth on them – or drive them to insanity. The man turns out to be the Avatar of Tarn Vedra's moon and his and Trance's meeting causes Trance's sun, the original Vedran sun, to return to the Seefra System. Trance and the man, Ione, rescue Beka and Rhade, but he and Trance can never be together so he tesseracts away.

Past is Prolix

Trance falls ill when she attempts to stall her sun, which threatens to destroy the outer eight Seefra planets and kill millions.

The Opposites of Attraction

Harper builds a giant parabolic reflector in an attempt to slow down the Tarn-Vedran sun and delay its collision with Seefra's planets, while a mysterious entity threatens Andromeda and its crew. Its revealed that the entity is the Avatar of the black hole Andromeda had been stuck in for three hundred years and that she and Dylan had a relationship while he was stuck which he doesn't remember. Ultimately Dylan is forced to trap her in a data file while Harper's reflector fails to work.

Saving Light from a Black Sun

As Trance's sun approaches, the crew journeys inside the artificial Methus-2 sun to repair it and fix the braking system that is supposed to guide Trance's sun into position. They also go in for more fuel for Andromeda. The crew succeeds in fixing the sun and getting the fuel, but Trance is replaced by a doppleganger.

Totaled Recall

After a lab explosion, Dylan finds himself travelling through a series of alternate realities.

Quantum Tractate Delirium

Rommie turns on the crew after she is rebuilt to help evacuate Seefra's planets.

One More Day's Light

The crew's efforts to save the population of Seefra-5 are stymied when the warlord who controls most of the planet convinces his fanatical followers that the approaching sun is a technological deception designed to drive away the planet's inhabitants and leave the planet open to be looted.

Chaos and the Stillness of It

The crew struggles to rescue Trance from Methus-2 and Harper from General Burma, Seefra-5's warlord, who the crew discovers is in league with the Abyss. Dylan and Rhade succeed in rescuing Trance who defeats her evil counterpart and drives her away while Dylan and Beka manage to kill Burma.

The Heart of the Journey (Part 1)

Trance's 'family' of sun avatars decides to destroy the Abyss – by expanding the All Forces Nullification Point until it consumes the Abyss and the three galaxies that make up the known worlds. Dylan also receives a message from Flavin who reveals that all of the Paradines have been killed and Dylan is the only one left. With the help of the leader of Trance's family, Maura, Andromeda finally returns to the Known Worlds only to discover that its only been four days since they left. They also learn that the Nietzcheans are planning an attack on Tarazed and the World Ship wasn't destroyed at Arkology as believed, just badly crippled. Andromeda heads to Earth where Harper secretly plans to stay, but the planet is destroyed by the Nietzcheans guided by the Abyss.

The Heart of the Journey (Part 2)

The final battle to save the New Systems Commonwealth begins as the Nietzscheans destroy Earth and attack Tarazed. Rhade chooses to stay on Tarazed with his family while the rest of the crew choose to remain behind on Andromeda to fight despite Maura offering them a chance to return to Seefra through the Route of Ages which the Avatars have no intention of destroying. Andromeda manages to hold its own, but is no match for the fleet. Maura confronts Dylan and attacks him, revealing herself to be an Avatar of the Abyss and the one that murdered the Paradines. Trance intervenes and orders Dylan to take the ship through the Route of Ages to Seefra. Dylan complies and the Abyss destroys Maura for failing it. At Seefra, Dylan realizes that the Meethus Diagram is designed to show how to destroy the Abyss: burn it with Trance's sun. However, another Trance tesseracts in and demands they kill the first Trance, revealing that one of them is an imposter. After a brief hesitation, Dylan shoots the first Trance as the second Trance was crying and the Abyss has no emotions. The first Trance reveals herself to be the mysterious Virgil Vox and taunts the crew before Dylan kills her. The crew pilot Andromeda into the Route of Ages with Trance's sun being pulled along by her. The Abyss starts to emerge from the portal as they approach, but Andromeda is able to fly through it, pulling the sun in with it. Andromeda makes it out safley while the Abyss is destroyed. As the crew celebrate, the Route of Ages turns into a Slipstream portal, reuniting Tarn Vedra with the Known Worlds. A Commonwealth fleet arrives, Rhade among them, and Rhade reveals that the battle is over and his family is fine. As the rest of the crew leave to their tasks, Dylan celebrates the victory and the fact that after so long, he is home.

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