Season One: Synopsis
1. Under the Night (1)
2. An Affirming Flame (2)
3. To Loose the Fateful Lightning
4. D Minus Zero
5. Double Helix
6. Angel Dark, Demon Bright
7. The Ties That Blind
8. The Banks of the Lethe
9. A Rose in the Ashes
10. All Great Neptune's Ocean
11. The Pearls that Were His Eyes
12. The Mathematics of Tears
13. Music of a Distant Drum
14. Harper 2.0
15. Forced Perspective
16. The Sum of Its Parts
17. Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way
18. The Devil Take the Hindmost
19. The Honey Offering
20. Star-Crossed
21. It Makes a Lovely Light
22. ... Its Hour Come Round at Last (1)

Season Two: Synopsis

23. The Widening Gyre (2)
24. Exit Strategies
25. A Heart for Falsehood Framed
26. Pitiless as the Sun
27. Last Call at the Broken Hammer
28. All Too Human
29. Una Salus Victus
30. Home Fires
31. Into the Labyrinth
32. The Prince
33. Bunker Hill
34. Ouroboros
35. Lava and Rockets
36. Be All My Sins Remembered
37. Dance of the Mayflies
38. In Heaven Now Are Three
39. The Things We Cannot Change
40. The Fair Unknown
41. Belly of the Beast
42. The Knight, Death, and the Devil
43. Immaculate Perception
44. Tunnel at the End of the Light

Season Three: Synopsis
45. If the Wheel Is Fixed
46. The Shards of Rimni
47. Mad to Be Saved
48. Cui Bono
49. The Lone and Level Sands
50. Slipfighter the Dogs of War
51. The Leper's Kiss
52. For Whom the Bell Tolls
53. And Your Heart Will Fly Away...
54. The Unconquerable Man
55. Delenda Est
56. The Dark Backward
57. The Risk All Point
58. The Right Horse
59. What Happens to a Rev Deferred?
60. Point of the Spear
61. Vault of the Heavens
62. Deep Midnight's Voice
63. The Illusion of Majesty
64. Twilight of the Idols
65. Day of Judgement, Day of Wrath
66. Shadows Cast by a Final Salute

Season Four: Synopsis
67. Answers Given to Questions Never Asked
68. Pieces of Eight
69. Waking the Tyrant's Device
70. Double or Nothingness
71. Harper/Delete
72. Soon the Nearing Vortex (1)
73. The World Turns All Around Her (2)
74. Conduit to Destiny
75. Machinery of the Mind
76. Exalted Reason, Resplendent Daughter
77. The Torment, the Release
78. The Spider's Stratagem
79. The Warmth of an Invisible Light
80. The Others
81. Fear Burns Down to Ashes
82. Lost in a Space that Isn't There
83. Abridging the Devil's Divide
84. Trusting the Gordian Maze
85. A Symmetry of Imperfection
86. Time out of Mind
87. The Dissonant Interval (1)
88. The Dissonant Interval (2)

Season Five: Synopsis
89. The Weight (1)
90. The Weight (2)
91. Phear Phactor Phenom
92. Decay of the Angel
93. The Eschatology of Our Present
94. When Goes Around...
95. Attempting Screed
96. So Burn the Untamed Lands
97. What Will Be Was Not
98. The Test
99. Through a Glass Darkly
100. Pride Before the Fall
101. Moonlight Becomes You
102. Past Is Prolix
103. The Opposites of Attraction
104. Saving Light from a Black Sun
105. Totaled Recall
106. Quantum Tractate Delirium
107. One More Day's Light (1)
108. Chaos and the Stillness of It (2)
109. The Heart of the Journey (1)
110. The Heart of the Journey (2)





























Dylan Hunt (Kevin Sorbo)
Species: Human, Heavy-Worlder, Paradine
Planet of Origin: Tarn-Vedra
Hometown/Country: Andromeda Ascendant
Home Universe/Reality: Milky Way
Ships Posting: Captain, Andromeda Ascendant
Rank: Captain
Current Status: Alive
Affiliation/Alligences: Systems Commonwealth,New Systems Commonwealth

Beka Valentine ( Lisa Ryder )
Species: Human
Hometown/Country: Eureka Maru, Andromeda Ascendant
Home Universe/Reality: No permanent galaxy
Profession(s): Smuggler
Ships Position: First Officer
Rank: Captain
Current Status: Alive
Affiliation/Alligences: New Systems Commonwealth

Seamus Harper ( Gordon Woolvett )
Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Earth
Hometown/Country: Earth, Eureka Maru, Andromeda Ascendant
Home Universe/Reality: Milky Way Galaxy
Profession(s): Engineer
Ships Position: Chief Engineer
Current Status: Alive
Affiliation/Alligences: New Systems Commonwealth

Andromeda and Rommie ( Lexa Doig )
Species: Android
Hometown/Country: Andromeda Ascendant
Ships Posting: Ship's Avatar
Current Status: Alive
Affiliation/Alligences: New Systems Commonwealth

Trance Gemini (Laura Bertram )
Aliases/Other Names: The Purple Princess
Species: Solar Avatar
Date of Birth: Billions of years ago
Ships Position: Arms Master Officer (emergency position),Medic, but serves de facto in many other positions
Current Status: Alive
Affiliation/Alligences: New Systems Commonwealth, Lambent Kith Nebula

Tyr Anasazi ( Keith Hamilton Cobb)
Species: Nietzschean
Hometown/Country: Kodiak Orbital Habitat
Date of Birth: CY 10050 on Kodiak Asteroid
Profession(s): Assassin, Mercenary, Crew member aboard the Andromeda Ascendant, Leader of the New Nietzschean Empire
Ships Posting: Andromeda Ascendant
Rank: Weapons officer
Current Status: dead
Affiliation/Alligences: Andromeda Ascendant Crew(former), Nietzschean Prides, Pish, Spirit of the Abyss

Rev Bem ( Brent Stait )
Species: Magog
Affiliation/Alligences: Andromeda Ascendant, Eureka Maru,New Systems Commonwealth

Doyle ( Brandy Ledford)
Species: Android
Ships Posting: Ship's Avatar, Andromeda Ascendant
Current Status: Alive
Affiliation/Alligences: Andromeda Ascendant

Andromeda Ascendant

Class: Glorious Heritage Class
Registry Designation: Serial No. XMC-10-284
Length: 1301m
Decks/Sections: 50 Inhabitable Decks, 13 Uninhabitable Decks
Commissioned: 12th day of Kalends, CY 9772
Launched: C.Y. 9772
Years Active: 320 Years
Current Status: Active
Manufacturer: Systems Commonwealth
Construction Yard: Newport News Orbital Shipyards, Earth
Affiliation/Alligences: Systems Commonwealth
Ships Navy/Fleet: High Guard
Ships Role/Purpose: Central Assault Ship

Auxiliary Craft:
16 ES-115 Oracle heavy sensor/attack drones
8 ES-14 Janus light sensor/attack drones
36 RF-42 Centaur tactical fighters
76 RA-26 Shrike strike fighters
12 AF/A-29 Phoenix atmospheric attack craft

Armor Complement:
4,000 GUA Units
2 Planetfall Defense (OEBots)
Multi-purpose Shipboard Robots
GMR Nanobot
NBC Nanobot
IC Nanobot
Nanobot Inhibitor

Crew Compliment: 4,500 living crew
Skeleton Crew: 6 living
Commanding Officer: Fatima Novarro (original),Perim(former), Dylan Hunt (CY 9781 to present

Ships Systems:
Main Computer System: Andromeda (AI)
Main Navigation System: Andromeda (AI)
Main Sensor Systems:

PAS-37Q System Search Sensor (Phased Array)
HSS-114D Hyper-Spectral Scanner (EO)
AIS-117M Advanced Imaging Sensor (Synthetic Aperture/Moving Target Indicator)
AIS-117I Advanced Imaging Sensor (Inverse Synthetic Aperture)
ES/A-9R Electronic Support and Attack Measure Suite

Drive Systems
Power Systems: AP Fusion Generator
Sub-Light Engines: Navigational Thrusters
Main FTL Engines: Gravity Field Generator Mark VIII Slipstream Engines
Max Sub-Light Speed: At least 40 PSL without killing the inhabitants using her MPDs

Offensive Systems
Kenetic Projectile Weapons:
OM-5 standard Offensive kinetic kill missiles
DM-5 standard Defensive kinetic kill missiles

Missle Systems:
40 ELS missile tubes
PM-6 Star Arrow smart anti-ship missiles
PM-6L Strategic Star Arrow smart anti-ship missiles (extended range variant)
PM-6LII Strategic Star Arrow multiple independent kill vehicle (MIKV) variant
SAPM-6III Strike Arrow surface attack variant

Particle Beam Weapons:
12 PDL 50Mw turrets
12 AP cannons

Primary Heavy Weapons systems: Nova Bombs

Defensive Systems
Hull Composition: Reactive Armour,Polymer Sheath
Countermeasures: Combat drones, 6 Radiating Counter Measure generators
Basic Defense Systems: High Tension Armor, Ablative Armor, Reactive Armor
Special Defense Systems: Battle Blades