ALF: Episode Synopsis

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Season 1


The Tanner family's lives are changed forever when the last survivor from the planet Melmac crashes into their garage. The survivor, Gordon Shumway, is nicknamed ALF by the family (Alien Life Form) and they agree to take him in and hide him from the Alien Task Force.

Strangers in the Night

ALF tries to scare a nervous Mrs. Ochmonek when she comes to babysit Brian.

Looking For Lucky

When Lucky disappears, the Tanners assume ALF ate him.

Pennsylvania 6-5000

ALF talks to the president about nuclear weapons and ends up getting Willie arrested.

Keepin' the Faith

ALF decides to embark on a new career as a Terry Faith Cosmetics girl.

For Your Eyes Only

ALF makes his first friend outside the Tanner family - Jodi, a lonely blind girl.

Help Me, Rhonda

ALF takes an imaginary trip to Melmac to see Rhonda, his old girlfriend.

Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue?

ALF thinks he has a crush on Lynn and makes a music video to impress her.


After turning forty-five, Willie feels he hasn't lived a full life. ALF suggests he go skydiving.

Baby, You Can Drive My Car

When Lynn wants a Ferrari, but the family cannot afford it. ALF sells parts of his spaceship so he can buy it for her.

On the Road Again

Taking ALF on the family camping trip turns out to be a big mistake.

Oh, Tannerbaum

ALF wants a real Christmas tree for his first Christmas on earth. He convinces Willie to travel to the mountains to get one.

Mother and Child Reunion

ALF must hide in the garage when Kate's mother Dorothy comes for an extended visit.

A Little Bit of Soap

ALF submits transcripts of Kate and Dorothy's arguments to a soap opera.

I've Got a New Attitude

ALF tries to set Dorothy up with her new neighbor, Whizzer Deaver.

Try to Remember (1)

After a bad fall in the tub, ALF is convinced he is an insurance salesman.

Try to Remember (2)

The Tanners try to get ALF to remember that he is really an alien, not an insurance salesman. Unconvinced, ALF calls the police.

Border Song

Willie meets Luis, a recent immigrant from Mexico, at work and brings him home to meet the family.

Wild Thing

Every year, Melmacians go through a twenty-four hour period of strange behavior, regardless of what planet they are currently living on.

Going Out of My Head Over You

Willie feels living with ALF is destroying his mental health. He and ALF go to talk to a psychologist.

Lookin' Through the Windows

ALF thinks he sees someone murder the Ochmoneks.

It Isn't Easy ... Bein' Green

Brian is crippled with stage fright when he must play a piece of asparagus in the school play. ALF tries to make him less nervous.

The Gambler

ALF begins to gamble in order to help the Tanners' finances, but ends up getting them into more money troubles.

Weird Science

According to ALF, whose Melmacian knowledge of space is far greater than that of earthlings, there are two planets beyond Pluto: Alvin and Dave. Brian gets in trouble at school when he includes Alvin and Dave on his model of the solar system.

La Cuckaracha

ALF tries to kill a cockroach from outer space.

Come Fly With Me

The Tanners and the Ochmoneks go away for the weekend. Not wanting to be left behind, ALF sneaks on the plane.

Season 2

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Working My Way Back to You

When ALF gets on Willie and Kate's last nerves, he is forced to live in the garage.

The Ballad of Gilligan's Island

ALF becomes obsessed with "Gilligan's Island" and dreams he visits the castaways.

Take a Look at Me Now

Mrs. Ochmonek sees ALF. No one believes she has discovered aliens; she begins to fear she is insane and just imagined the entire thing.

Wedding Bell Blues

ALF discovers his parents were married before he was born, a sin on Melmac, and joins a monastery to make things right.

Prime Time

ALF's favorite polka TV show is about to be canceled. So, when the Tanner's become a TV rating's family, he rigs to box so his show becomes a hit.

Some Enchanted Evening

ALF is the most popular person at the Tanners' Halloween party.

Oh, Pretty Woman

When Lynn does not think she is pretty, so ALF enrolls her in a beauty pageant to help her gain confidence.

Something's Wrong With Me

ALF gets a severe case of the hiccups just before the Tanners host Dorothy and Whizzer's wedding.

Night Train

ALF convinces Willie to board a freight train and search for adventure.

Isn't it Romantic?

With the help of Lynn and Brian, ALF tries to recreate Kate and Willie's honeymoon.

Hail to the Chief

Kate has a dream that she and ALF are rival presidential candidates.

ALF's Special Christmas (1)

The Tanners get into fight with ALF on Christmas Eve. He runs away, is mistaken for a toy, and given to a girl in the hospital.

ALF's Special Christmas (2)

ALF tries to escape from the hospital, but he feels guilty leaving the sick girl who received him as a present.

The Boy Next Door

The Ochmoneks' nephew, Jake, comes to stay with his aunt and uncle. Jake and ALF become fast friends.

Can I Get a Witness?

After being accused of a crime he did not commit, ALF insists he has a right to a fair trial.

We're So Sorry, Uncle Albert

ALF believes it is all his fault when Willie's uncle dies.

Someone to Watch Over Me (1)

ALF catches a burglar in the act at the Ochmoneks' house.

Someone to Watch Over Me (2)

Willie must save ALF from a SWAT team.

We Gotta Get Out of This Place

ALF gets into a fight with the Tanners and moves in with his blind friend, Jody.

You Ain't Nothin' But a Hound Dog

When the Tanners take in a stray dog, ALF gets jealous.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Willie wonders if it is really wrong to hit children after meeting the father of one of Brian's classmates.

Movin' Out

The Tanners try to sell their house, but ALF keeps playing pranks on potential buyers.

I'm Your Puppet

ALF buys a ventriloquist's dummy, and the dummy comes to life.


Kate's friend, an alcoholic, thinks ALF is a hallucination from too much tequila.

We Are Family

ALF thinks that if he revealed himself to the world, he would become a celebrity. Willie tries to convince him otherwise.

Varsity Drag

ALF feels guilty when he discovers the Tanners cannot pay for Lynn to go to college.

Season 3

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Stop in the Name of Love

ALF goes along with Lynn on a date.

Stairway to Heaven

ALF's guardian angel shows what the Tanners would be like if ALF had not crashed into their garage.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Trevor stays with the Tanners after a he has a nasty fight with Raquel.

Tonight, Tonight (1)

ALF hosts "The Tonight Show."

Tonight, Tonight (2)

ALF hosts "The Tonight Show."

Promises, Promises

Lynn becomes upset with ALF after she confides some secrets with him which are later revealed.

Turkey in the Straw (1)

The Tanners go to Thanksgiving dinner at the Ochmoneks'.

Turkey in the Straw (2)

One of the Ochmoneks' relatives sees ALF, and he calls the Alien Task Force.


Kate must go back to work when Willie gets laid off.

My Back Pages

Willie dreams he is back in school . . . and ALF is his roommate.

Alone Again, Naturally

After reading an article in the National Inquisitor, ALF thinks his cousin is living in Barstow.

Do You Believe in Magic?

ALF thinks he made Brian disappear with a mail-order magic kit.

Hide Away

ALF thinks Willie's coworker is hiding from gangsters.

Fight Back

When ALF signs up to go on David Horowitz's consumer advocate show, Willie must take his place.

Suspicious Minds

ALF thinks the Tanners' neighbor is Elvis.

Baby Love

ALF realizes he is allergic to babies.

Running Scared

An extortionist sees ALF and thinks he is an "illegal alien" from across the border.

Standing in the Shadows of Love

ALF writes love letters for Jake.


ALF is sure Melmac superstition is responsible for his recent bout of bad luck.

Torn Between Two Lovers

When ALF mixes up the phone messages, Lynn has two dates for a dance.

Funeral for a Friend

Desperately wanting a pet of his own, ALF gets an ant farm.

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

ALF and Jake bring Brian camping to help him get over his fear of the dark.

Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadow?

Jake's kleptomaniac mother comes to visit and steals from the Tanners.

Like an Old Time Movie

ALF dreams that he and the Tanners are silent-movie stars.

Shake, Rattle and Roll

ALF experiences his first earthquake and becomes obsessed with preparing for future ones.

Having My Baby

Kate has her baby, a boy named Eric Tanner.

Season 4

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Baby, Come Back

The Tanners let ALF babysit Eric, but the baby disappears.


Disaster strikes when tabloid photographers capture ALF on film. The Tanners must try to get the film back.

Wanted: Dead or Alive

When ALF sees a criminal resembling Willie on a crime-stopper TV show, he must try to hide Willie from the police.

We're in the Money

ALF discovers the stock market.

Mind Games

ALF sees a psychoanalyst and becomes intrigued. He invites many other psychoanalysts to the Tanner home in order to study them.

Hooked on a Feeling

When ALF becomes addicted to eating cotton, Willie holds a support group meeting to try to cure him.

He Ain't Heavy, He's Willie's Brother

When Willie's brother Neal visits, ALF is forced to hide in the garage.

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Neal stays with the Tanner's for longer than an outraged ALF expected.

Live and Let Die

ALF sees kittens for the first time and gets a whole new attitude about cats.

Break Up to Make Up

Dorothy and Whizzer get into a fight, and an angry Dorothy runs away. Whizzer meets ALF while searching for her.

Happy Together

Neal lets ALF stay with him after ALF gets into a fight with the Tanners.


ALF gets his first earth cold.

It's My Party

The Tanners throw a Hawaiian Luau. ALF must hide from their guests.

Make 'em Laugh

ALF has a new ambition - to be a stand-up comic.

Love on the Rocks

ALF is suspicious when Neal's ex-wife Margaret reconciles with him. ALF goes out of his way to prove his suspicions are correct.

True Colors

ALF takes the art world by storm when he creates an award winning still life out of food.

Gimme That Old Time Religion

ALF attempts to preform a Melamacian religious ceremony on earth.

Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

ALF wonders about his future with the Tanners, who will age quickly compared to him.

When I'm Sixty-Four

ALF sneaks into a retirement home and discovers senior citizens who want nothing more than to be young again.

Mr. Sandman

ALF and Willie discover an old treasure map and follow it to Death Valley in order to find the treasure.

Stayin' Alive

ALF is astounded and morally outraged at the amounts of pollution a local company is producing.

Hungry Like a Wolf

ALF tries to go on a diet, but fails after he discovers he can find free food in the park.

I Gotta Be Me

All of the Tanners but ALF are nervous about Lynn moving in with her boyfriend.

Consider Me Gone

ALF announces to the Tanner family he is leaving earth to settle on another planet with Skip and Rhonda. However, the Alien Task Force catches him before he can board their spaceship.

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