Season One: Synopsis

1. A.L.F.
2. Strangers in the Night
3. Looking For Lucky
4. Pennsylvania 6-5000
5. Keepin' the Faith
6. For Your Eyes Only
7. Help Me, Rhonda
8. Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue?
9. Jump
10. Baby, You Can Drive My Car
11. On the Road Again
12. Oh, Tannerbaum
13. Mother and Child Reunion
14. A Little Bit of Soap
15. I've Got a New Attitude
16. Try to Remember (1)
17. Try to Remember (2)
18. Border Song
19. Wild Thing
20. Going Out of My Head Over You
21. Lookin' Through the Windows
22. It Isn't Easy ... Bein' Green
23. The Gambler
24. Weird Science
25. La Cuckaracha
26. Come Fly With Me

Season Two: Synopsis
27. Working My Way Back to You
28. The Ballad of Gilligan's Island
29. Take a Look at Me Now
30. Wedding Bell Blues
31. Prime Time
32. Some Enchanted Evening
33. Oh, Pretty Woman
34. Something's Wrong With Me
35. Night Train
36. Isn't it Romantic?
37. Hail to the Chief
38. ALF's Special Christmas (1)
39. ALF's Special Christmas (2)
40. The Boy Next Door
41. Can I Get a Witness?
42. We're So Sorry, Uncle Albert
43. Someone to Watch Over Me (1)
44. Someone to Watch Over Me (2)
45. We Gotta Get Out of This Place
46. You Ain't Nothin' But a Hound Dog
47. Hit Me With Your Best Shot
48. Movin' Out
49. I'm Your Puppet
50. Tequila
51. We Are Family
52. Varsity Drag

Season Three: Synopsis
53. Stop in the Name of Love
54. Stairway to Heaven
55. Breaking Up is Hard to Do
56. Tonight, Tonight (1)
57. Tonight, Tonight (2)
58. Promises, Promises
59. Turkey in the Straw (1)
60. Turkey in the Straw (2)
61. Changes
62. My Back Pages
63. Alone Again, Naturally
64. Do You Believe in Magic?
65. Hide Away
66. Fight Back
67. Suspicious Minds
68. Baby Love
69. Running Scared
70. Standing in the Shadows of Love
71. Superstition
72. Torn Between Two Lovers
73. Funeral for a Friend
74. Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
75. Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby,
Standing in the Shadow?
76. Like an Old Time Movie
77. Shake, Rattle and Roll
78. Having My Baby

Season Four: Synopsis
79. Baby, Come Back
80. Lies
81. Wanted: Dead or Alive
82. We're in the Money
83. Mind Games
84. Hooked on a Feeling
85. He Ain't Heavy, He's Willie's Brother
86. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
87. Live and Let Die
88. Break Up to Make Up
89. Happy Together
90. Fever
91. It's My Party
92. Make 'em Laugh
93. Love on the Rocks
94. True Colors
95. Gimme That Old Time Religion
96. Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades
97. When I'm Sixty-Four
98. Mr. Sandman
99. Stayin' Alive
100. Hungry Like a Wolf
101. I Gotta Be Me
102. Consider Me Gone

Project: ALF










Gordon Schumway (ALF) (Paul Fusco (voice)
Birthplace: Planet Melmac (Lower East Side)
Born: October 28, 1756
Favorite food: Cats
Occupation: Orbit Guard (on Melmac)
First Job/Worst Job: Apprentice Lint Brush
Most Irrational Fear: Rhode Island
Parents: Bob and Flo Shumway
Siblings: Curtis (Brother), Augie (Sister)

Willie Tanner ( Max Wright)
Role in Household: Father
Occupation: social worker at the Social Services Department of Los Angeles County
Birthplace: Decatur, Illinois
Shortwave Radio callsign: K726 XAA

Kate Tanner ( Anne Schedeen )
Role in Household: Mother
Occupation: real estate


Lynn Tanner ( Andrea Elson)
Role in Household: eldest child
Age: 15/16 (being of show)
Love interests: Lizard, Robert Sherwood and Danny Duckworth


Brian Tanner
( Benji Gregory )
Role in Household: Youngest Child (until season 4)
Nicknames: B and B+.
Age: 6 (being of show)

Trevor Ochmonek ( John LaMotta )
Role in Household: neighbor
Wife: Raquel Ochmonek
Nephew: Jake Ochmonek

Raquel Ochmonek ( Liz Sheridan )
Role in Household: neighbor
Husband: Trevor Ochmonek
Nephew: Jake Ochmonek

Jake Ochmonek ( Josh Blake )
Role in Household: neighbor
Uncle: Trevor Ochmonek
Aunt: Raquel Ochmonek
Father: Name unknown (In prison for
fixing horse races)
Mother: Elaine Ochmonek (kleptomaniac)


Location: six parsecs past the Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster
Features: green sky, blue grass and a purple sun.
Destroyed on: Gary 71st, 45-7 (1985 Earth calendar)
Planetary Motto: Are you going to finish that sandwich?
Melmacian Anthem: "Dance till you drop"
National Flower: Roger the Turnip
National Mascot: Buster, the Groundhog
National pastime: mining for yogurt.

Currency: Wernick (equal to ten American dollars)
also lint, gravel, and foam are as precious on
Melmacas gold is on Earth

Object Rank Value

Foam 1st $1,000
Bronze 2nd 950
Carpet 3rd 800
Grass 4th 750
Coal 5th 600
Silver 6th 500
Rust 7th 425
Dirt 8th 300
Cat Hair 9th 250
Foam Bottle caps 10th 100
Bronze Bottlecaps 11th 75
Silver Bottlecaps 12th 50
Bottlecaps 13th 1-25
Gold 14th 0